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  • Tilapia`s Role in Wastewater Treatment

    Tilapia`s Role in Wastewater Treatment

    Because of its resistance to low oxygen concentrations, the farmed fish is sometimes used as a first step in treating wastewater The mild, white meat of the tilapia fish, along with its low fat content and high protein, vitamin, and mineral content, has made it an increasingly common food choice globally. Additionally, as an herbivorous fish, tilapia doesn’t accumulate mercury at ...




    The ANUBIXTM-T reactor (EGSB) installed by Global Water & Energy (GWE) at Papelera Nacional, one of the main Kraft paper producers in Ecuador, has been in operation for more than 2 years with outstanding performance The COD removal efficiency ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Wastewater Aspirator Aerator

    Wastewater Aspirator Aerator

    Uniform oxygen dispersion. Complete basin circulation. The Aire-O2 Aspirator Aerator produces a horizontal and circular flow pattern, providing whole basin circulation. Improve your wastewater treatment with higher removal rates of Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) and suspended solids.