Brackish water desalination

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  • Containerized Brackish Water Desalination Plant
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    Containerized Brackish Water Desalination Plant

    By Fluence Corporation

    Nirobox BW lets you tap into previously unusable groundwater sources.NIROBOX BW is a modular, highly efficient desalination solution for brackish water. It delivers potable water, industrial process water, and ...

  • Reverse Osmosis System
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    Reverse Osmosis System

    By ProMinent GmbH

    Permeate output 2,000 – 50,000 l/h. Reverse osmosis system Dulcosmose BW is the standard model for the modern desalination of brackish water. Equipped with the latest generation of "high rejection low-pressure" ...

  • Reverse Osmosis Desalination Technology
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    Reverse Osmosis Desalination Technology

    By Genesis Water Technologies, Inc.

    Genesis Water Technologies is dedicated to providing sustainable, innovative, and specialized reverse osmosis desalination solutions for both sea water desalination and highly brackish well water desalination. To ...

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  • Membratec SA

    Membratec SA

    Membratec projects, builds and commercialises treatment plants using membrane technology for the production of municipal drinking water. Membratec ...

  • Aqua-Life


    Aqua-Life Ltd. Partnership specializes in the production of unique equipment for desalination of seawater and brackish water. The main objectives of ...

  • Zhuhai Weilan Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd

    Zhuhai Weilan Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd locates in romantic seaside City-----Zhuhai in China, our company is one of the biggest ...

  • EPECO - epeco group

    EPECO - epeco group

    epeco,the Environmental Projects & Engineering Company, was incorporated in the state of Nevada, USA in 1993 as epecoUSA, by Mr. Magdi el Beheiri, ...

  • Hidritec


    Hidritec manufactures water treatment plants for drinking water designed in modules in containers. These plants are easy to transport, install and ...