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  • Mirror Plating Wastewater Treatment

    Mirror Plating Wastewater Treatment

    In the manufacturing of certain mirrors, a strong copper solution at low ph is used to apply a thin coating to the glass surface. After adhesion, the excess is washed off and collected as wastewater. The wastewater at this facility is treated using 4 chemicals: caustic to raise the pH to 8.5, DTC (dithiocarbamate) as a metal precipitant, an organic based coagulant, and an anionic flocculant. The ...


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  • Mixed Bed Internal Regeneration Unit

    Mixed Bed Internal Regeneration Unit

    Mixed bed polishing is a well understood ion-exchange based polishing technology and comprises a resin bed of cation and anion resins, intimately mixed, housed within a cylindrical vessel. The intimate mixture of resins provides a perfect environment for removal of dissolved ionic contaminants. Mixed beds are also somewhat tolerant to suspended solids (crud) within the feed water and can ...