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Caustic wastewater equipment for Water and Wastewater

  • Babbitt - Model LG-Series - Liquid Level Gauge

    The Babbitt LG-Series magnetic level gauge consists of a float chamber, a float, and an external indication device. The float chamber is basically a column of 2 1/2 inch pipe with process connections to match those of the storage tank, reactor, drum, column or other equipment where level is to be measured. These connections may be side couplings ...

    By Babbitt International, Inc. based in Houston, TEXAS (USA). from Liquid Level Gauge Product line


    ALKEN CLEAR-FLO 7050 is a specialized formula created to degrade 'spent-phenolic caustic wastewater' and 'wood preserving wastewater'. ALKEN CLEAR-FLO 7050 contains six spore forming Bacillus strains and twelve vegetative, gram-negative strains. For wastewater applications, it is wise to bench test this formula and our Alken Clear-Flo 7037 to see ...

    By Alken-Murray Corporation based in Flint Hill, VIRGINIA (USA).

  • Sonic - Model Pro S1 - Clamp-on Ultra Sonic Flow Meter

    The Sonic Pro Series ultra-sonic flow meter provides the ultimate solution to non-invasive flow measurement. The S series is configured for Doppler or Transit time providing the user with ultimate flexibility when the fluid condition is uncertain. The Sonic Pro S1 ultrasonic flow meter is a blind unit and is factory programmed for specific pipe ...

    By Premier Control Technologies Ltd (PCT) based in Wymondham, UNITED KINGDOM. from Clamp-on Ultra Sonic Flow Meter Product line

  • Intermediate Bulk Containers

    Acidic and caustic storage and transport for refineries, chemical facilities, and wastewater treatment plants. All wetted surfaces are made of stainless steel. Stackable and suited for storage of flammable materials.

    By BakerCorp based in Shafter, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Intermediate Bulk Containers Product line

  • Specialty

    If your needs require the storing or hauling of extremely caustic or acidic materials, there's a Baker solution that is right for you. BakerCorp is the first choice for environmentally sensitive liquid and solid containment challenges, and the broader needs of construction and industrial companies. Baker solutions are cost effective, labor ...

    By BakerCorp based in Shafter, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Specialty Product line

  • Switch-Tek - Model LZ12 - Vibration Liquid Level Switch

    APPLICATION: The general purpose vibration liquid level switch provides high or low liquid level detection of dirty liquids or those with light to medium coating or scaling characteristics with a 1A relay output. Media examples include wastewater, diluted caustic soda and copper sulfate. For optimum performance, the sensor automatically adjusts ...

    By Flowline Inc. based in Los Alamitos, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • LabDELTA - Concentrated pH Adjustment System

    The LabDELTA Concentrated pH adjustment system is a skid-mounted system designed for neutralizing smallvolumes of concentrated laboratory wastewater. This system includes holding tanks for storing both acidic and caustic wastewater. The wastes are alternately added in small increments to a reaction tank containing a heel of water. Once level is ...

    By Wastech Controls & Engineering, Inc. based in Chatsworth, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Concentrated pH Adjustment System Product line

  • Carbon Adsorption of Gas Phase Treatment

    Activated carbon has a complex pore structure with a very large surface area.  Odorous compounds are transferred from the air being treated to the surface of the carbon as the air is forced through the carbon bed.  There is a physical attraction between the compound and the carbon once contact is made which causes a bonding.  The ...

    By Webster Environmental Associates, Inc. based in Louisville, KENTUCKY (USA). from Carbon Adsorption of Gas Phase Treatment Product line

  • Teledyne Isco - Model QC-DT-1 - Hybrid Ultrasonic Flowmeter

    The QC-DT-1 Hybrid Ultrasonic Flow Meters can measure fluid flow in virtually any fluid in which sound waves can travel. The QC-DT-1 meters are considered 'hybrid' because they can measure fluid flow using either the Doppler or Transit Time methods. The QC-DT-1 ultrasonic sound transducers are clamped to the outside of the pipe wall and include no ...

    By Teledyne ISCO based in Lincoln, NEBRASKA (USA). from Hybrid Ultrasonic Flowmeter Product line

  • Babbitt - Model Radar - Liquid Level Transmitters

    RADAR level transmitters allow simple and reliable non-contact level measurement of fluids in a metal tank. The microprocessor-controlled electronics transmit a 6.3 GHz electromagnetic pulse at the fluid's surface, which is then reflected back to the antenna. The 'round trip' time of flight is then calculated to determine the fluid level in the ...

    By Babbitt International, Inc. based in Houston, TEXAS (USA). from Liquid Level Transmitters Product line

  • Babbitt - Model LS2000 - Low Cost Liquid Level Sensor / Solid Level Sensor

    The LS2000 is a low-cost level switch that can measure virtually any liquid, dry material or interface of electrically conductive or non-conductive products. The proprietary radio frequency (RF) balanced impedence bridge has exceptional temperature stability, thus eliminating the need to recalibrate the unit from season to season.

    By Babbitt International, Inc. based in Houston, TEXAS (USA). from Low Cost Liquid Level Sensor / Solid Level Sensor Product line

  • Ovivo - Mixed Bed Internal Regeneration Unit

    Mixed bed polishing is a well understood ion-exchange based polishing technology and comprises a resin bed of cation and anion resins, intimately mixed, housed within a cylindrical vessel. The intimate mixture of resins provides a perfect environment for removal of dissolved ionic contaminants. Mixed beds are also somewhat tolerant to suspended ...

    By Ovivo (Formerly Eimco Water Technologies) based in Salt Lake City, UTAH (USA). from Mixed Bed Internal Regeneration Unit Product line

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