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  • Proper Submergence of Inlet to Avoid Vortex

    Proper Submergence of Inlet to Avoid Vortex

    If a pump suction is not placed an acceptable distance from the surface of the liquid, the pump can experience vortexing. Similar to cavitation, with the loss of efficiency and damage that can occur to the pump, vortexing is the result of too much water relative to the pit/sump depth being drawn into the suction line. A depression forms on the surface of the water and is commonly seen as a ...

  • Cavitation and its types

    Cavitation and its types

    Hydrodynamic cavitation is a process of generation of cavities (bubbles) filled with gas and vapor dissolved in fluid. The cavities appear when fluid flows around obstacles or vice versa, the ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Acoustic Bubble Spectrometer(ABS )

    Acoustic Bubble Spectrometer(ABS )

    The Acoustic, Bubble Spectrometer is a commercially available acoustics based device that measures bubble size distributions and void fraction of bubbles in liquids. The initial efforts to develop the technology were funded by Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) awards from the National Science Foundation. Continued developments were funded by institutions and companies in both public and ...