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  • Cavitation and its types

    Hydrodynamic cavitation is a process of generation of cavities (bubbles) filled with gas and vapor dissolved in fluid. The cavities appear when fluid flows around obstacles or vice versa, the obstacles (blades) move in liquid.The cavities explode into tiny bubbles, which can burst under certain conditions.  The burst bubbles release local pressure up to 103 Pa, with subsequent jet formation ...


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  • Ethanol Blending System

    Ethanol Blending System

    Ethanol Blending is used in a hydrodynamic blender “USB”. This process allows to present all components at the same time in coordination to a formula.The benefit of this technology is in the following: each element dosing accurate control, substantial reduction of batching process duration, no need in batching vessels for finished product homogenization. In the Ethanol Blending ...