Ceramic Membrane Filtration

Articles & Whitepapers

  • Fine Bubble Aeration

    Fine Bubble Aeration

    Fine bubble aeration systems are inherently more efficient in oxygen transfer than coarse bubble aeration systems. Overall, a fine bubble aeration system configured in a grid configuration will operate at approximately 50% the energy consumption of coarse bubble systems. Because of this high operating efficiency and corresponding reduction in energy consumption, fine bubble aeration systems have ...

  • Disc Diffuser Specification Guidelines

    Disc Diffuser Specification Guidelines

    Disc diffusers are an excellent way to deliver aeration for many wastewater facilities.For maximum benefit owners and engineers must make a decision between 2 competing philosophies.Do I want the ...


  • Membranes Tech Dive: Seeking the Holy Grail

    Membranes Tech Dive: Seeking the Holy Grail

    Membrane development has reached a plateau of productivity, yet commercial products still face quality and performance issues in the field. What impact are new entrants having on a mature and competitive playing field?

Equipment & Solutions

  • Catalytic Filter Systems

    Catalytic Filter Systems

    Tri-Mer UltraCat Catalytic Filter Systems are state-of-the art for removing particulate (PM), SO2, HCl, mercury and heavy metals at high temperatures up to 1650°F, in one single system. Simultaneously, the ceramic catalyst filters destroy NOx, cement organic HAPs, and dioxins. Systems can be configured for any combination of the pollutants. This hot gas ...