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Membrane Fouling (Ceramic Membrane Filtration) equipment

  • LiqTech - Model Q2/Q3 - Flat Sheet Membranes & Modules (FSM)

    The high flux Flat Sheet Membrane (FSM) from LiqTech International is designed for Industrial waste water treatment, ground water filtration and RO pre-treatment. LiqTech’s FSM carrier, as well as the selective layer, are made of silicon carbide which gives the product some unique advantages such as high flux, total chemical resistance (pH ...

    By LiqTech International A/S based in Ballerup, DENMARK. from Membrane Product line

  • Ceramic Membranes

    Ceramic membranes provide high flows, minimizing the fouling phenomena. Furthermore, they are susceptible of being regenerated with a wide range of chemicals, and chemical cleaning conditions. Moreover, they are resistant to solvents, oxidizers and other chemical products; they support all the pH range and temperature up to 100°C. Because of ...

    By Likuid Nanotek S.L. based in San Sebastián, SPAIN. from Membranes & Cartridges Product line

  • SpinTek - Speedy Rotary Membrane System

    Speedy by SpinTek solves filtration problems associated with high temperature, highly alkaline process streams and metal working fluids. This compact, high shear Rotating Ceramic Ultrafilter (RCU) significantly extends bath life in a typical metalworking or parts shop. Speedy features a rapidly spinning eleven-inch ceramic membrane disk to ...

    By SpinTek Filtration, Inc. based in Los Alamitos, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Membrane Filteration Products Product line

  • SpinTek - Model ST-II - Rotary Membrane System

    A next generation rotary membrane system is now available from SpinTek Systems for filtration and fractionation of high fouling and viscous feed solutions. The patented rotary membrane device provides a high shear force to prevent membrane fouling with a wide variety of feed solutions containing moderate to high solids levels. The ST-II is ...

    By SpinTek Filtration, Inc. based in Los Alamitos, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Membrane Filteration Products Product line

  • SpinTek - Stainless Steel Membranes

    The SpinTek Td ceramic membrane offers a new tool for the separation of micro-sized solids from liquid, gas and air influent. The unique Td membrane starts as a 185 micron thick stainless steel substrate and then a thin (15 micron) nanopowder coating of ceramic is bonded to the substrate. The ceramic coating has a smooth surface that resists ...

    By SpinTek Filtration, Inc. based in Los Alamitos, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Membrane Filteration Products Product line

  • SpinTek - Model STC - Static Test Cell Lab System

    The SpinTek Static Test Cell (STC) is a high-shear, high-capacity membrane filtration system that provides valuable time and cost advantages in testing feed solutions and membrane filtration viability. The STC system provides more efficient assessment of membrane suitability for filtering a wide range of liquid products using small volumes of feed ...

    By SpinTek Filtration, Inc. based in Los Alamitos, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Membrane Filteration Products Product line

  • Sterlitech - Ceramic Disc Filters

    Ceramic membrane filters are ideal for use with extreme operating processes that require longevity, resistance to aggressive solvents, and superior pressure/temperature tolerance.

    By Sterlitech Corporation based in Kent, WASHINGTON (USA). from Filters - Membrane Disc Filters Product line

  • Isoflux - Tubular Ceramic Membranes

    Tubular ceramic membranes entirely made for food processing & bio-industries.The ISOFLUX membrane improves performances of existing separations and allows separations which were difficult or impossible to make before.

    By Tami Industries based in Nyons Cedex, FRANCE. from Industrial Products Product line

  • CeraQ - Ceramic Ultrafiltration Membranes Module

    Due to the rigid material of construction, CeraQ ceramic ultrafiltration membranes offer high quality filtration in virtually any environment. The ceramic membrane has various applications, mostly in treating very difficult to treat water and wastewater, or where high temperature operation is involved. The ceramic membrane is a very viable ...

    By QUA Group LLC based in Canonsburg, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from QUA Products Product line

  • CERA~DUR - Model UF/MF - Ceramic Hollow Fiber Membrane

    We extended our ceramic hollow fiber membrane portfolio to suit specific filtration needs covering the ultrafiltration and the microfiltration! In addition to the standard 30 nm pore size, we now have 80 nm, 100 nm and 130 nm pore sizes available. Our ceramic UF/MF membranes, CERA~DUR, separate aggressive solids, organics, and emulsified oils from ...

    By i2m LLC - a MANN HUMMEL Company based in Raleigh, NORTH CAROLINA (USA).

  • AQUA SMART - Waste Water Treatment Plant with MBR Process

    Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) System combines a conventional activated sludge treatment with a membrane liquid-solid separation process.

    By Ideal Solutions Company Limited based in Bakırköy/Yeşilköy, TURKEY.

  • Ceramic Nanofiltration

    Characteristics: Ceramic membranes offer specific advantages in separation techniques: Chemical, mechanical and thermal stability, Ability of steam sterilization and back flushing, High abrasion resistance, High fluxes, High durability, Bacteria resistance, Possibility of regeneration, Dry storage after cleaning, Our worldwide unique ...

    By inopor GmbH based in Hermsdorf, GERMANY.

  • Ultrafiltration Systems (UF)

    Our UF systems are usually operated in a pressure range of 10 to 50 psig and they remove particulate via size exclusion down to as low as 0.02 µm. Typical flux (rate of finished water permeate per unit membrane surface area) for UF is 10-100 gallons per square foot per day (gfd).

    By Wigen Water Technologies based in Chaska, MINNESOTA (USA).

  • Likuid - Model CBR Series - Filtration System

    Likuid-CBR filtration system has been conceived for small MBRs up to 500m3/d, that treat industrial wastewater, compact depuration systems, decentralized wastewater treatment plants and any depuration system in which it is important to achieve high quality treated water in robust treatment systems, with minimum operation and maintenance ...

    By Likuid Nanotek S.L. based in San Sebastián, SPAIN. from Wastewater - Filtration Systems for MBRs Product line

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