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Model AMI Trides - Microprocessor Controlled System

by SWAN Analytische Instrumente AG     Office in Pune, INDIA

Microprocessor controlled system for the automatic and continuous measurement of disinfectants in potable water and swimming pools

Chematest - Model 25 - Hand-Held Instrument

by SWAN Analytische Instrumente AG     Office in Pune, INDIA

Hand-held instrument for the determination of disinfectants, dissolved iron, dissolved aluminium, pH-value and ORP/redox-potential.

Model AMI Trides -Compact - Microprocessor Controlled System

by SWAN Analytische Instrumente AG     Office in Pune, INDIA

Microprocessor controlled system for the automatic and continuous measurement of disinfectants in potable water and swimming pools

Dosing Units and Preparation for Chlorine Dioxide

by sera GmbH     Distributor in Saif Zone, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES

sera Chlorine dioxide Preparation and Dosing Units are dosing units for an efficient preparationand exact dosing of 2% and 0,2% chlorine dioxide solutions. Chlorine dioxide solutions are mainly used for combating legionella in the drinking water in public buildings such as, e.g. hospitals, swimming pools, hotels and sports facilities. They are ...

Disinfection -Ultra Violet / Ozonation / Chlorination

by GET Water Solutions Pvt Ltd.     based in Chennai, INDIA

Disinfection is the process in which all bacteria, virus and pathogens in the water are eliminated to make the water / liquid fit for Drinking / Bottling / Process GET recommends and supplies disinfection systems based on Ultra Violet, Ozonation, Chlorination or any other method tailor made to suit customers requirements.

Gas Sensors

by Dr. A. Kuntze GmbH     Distributor in UNITED ARAB EMIRATES

Amperometric 3 electrode sensor elements to measure Chlorine, Chlorine dioxide or Ozone gas.

Water Treatment System

by Canadian Crystalline Waters India Ltd     based in UAE, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES

Water Treatment System; Complete Purification system comprising of Raw Water feed Pump, Chlorine Dosing system, Multi Media Filtration for Coarse filtration, Activated Carbon Filtration, Water Softening / Anti Scalent Treatment Process, Reverse Osmosis Or Nano / Ultra Filtration, Purified Water Storage in Stainless Steel tank, Transfer Pump in ...

ProFeeder - Dry Calcium Hypochlorite Feeder

by TreatMent     based in Tel Aviv, ISRAEL

The Constant ProFeeder Briquette Chlorinator is designed to prepare and automatically deliver a consistently accurate dose of available chlorine for disinfection applications. This patented chlorinator can supply up to 65 pounds of AvCI2/day.The chlohnator uses solid dry calcium hypochlorite briquettes. The reservoir is filled with approximate ...

Ourui - Model RN - Skid sodium hypochlorite generator

by OURUI Industry CO., LTD.     based in Jinan, CHINA

Skid sodium hypochlorite generator is designed for large chlorine capacity requirement application, the skid electro chlorinator is applied transparency electrolyzer, heat exchange module, hydrogen degassing module, PLC controlled cabinet, hydrogen sensor for safety operation.

Chemical Dosing System

by Water Treatment Equipments (WTE)     based in Pune, INDIA

These systems are designed to do se accurate quantity of dosing chemical in to the stream. These systems are used for chemical dosing like Chlorine, Acids, ALK ali, AntiScalent, Alum, SBS, Polyelectrolyte etc.

cooling tower water treatment chemical

by PROPHYLAXIS     based in Surat, INDIA

stable chlorine dioxide in liquid form with purity 99%,.and generates NO harmful by products.Our product is highly effective for the inhibition of all type of microorganism,including bacteria and viruses as well.It also removes algae and bio film effectively.

Tertiary Treatment And Recycling

by Global Water Engineering (GWE)     based in Bangkok, THAILAND

AQUACLEAR: Continuous Sand Filtration. Sand Filtration. Membrane Filtration (micro-ultra). Reverse Osmosis (demineralization, desalination). Neutralization. Softening (ion exchangers, decarbonation). Demineralization (ion exchangers). Stripping (CO2) and aeration. Iron- and manganese removal (chemical and biological oxidation). Activated Carbon ...

On-line Ozone Water Treatment

by Air Tree Ozone Technology Co.     based in Sijhih City, TAIWAN

Water from tap water, rain, river, lake, well or groundwater, for domestic or agricultural use could be disinfected by one of the following methods such as filtration, distillation, ultraviolet lamp and boiling. However, those methods have the drawbacks of limited output quantity, and the water can¡¦t be used on line immediately. ...

Model OT-1003 - Ozone Toothbrush Sterilizing Box

by O3 Technologies Co., Ltd     based in Binjiang District, CHINA

Battery-operated toothbrush sterilizing box 1 minute of irradiation lasts 24 hours! Deodorizing & sterilizing effect of ozone: Sterilizing power of ozone is about 6 times of chlorine. Streptococcus mutansu, which is a cause of cavity can be sterilized 98% of them by raying for a minute.

Chemical Feed Systems - Calcium Hypochlorite Briquette Feeder

by Lutz-JESCO America Corp.     Office in UNITED ARAB EMIRATES

This highly precise and efficient System uses dry calcium hypochlorite briquettes to prepare and automatically deliver a consistently accurate dose of available chlorine for disinfection. The dry briquettes contain an inhibitor to significantly reduce the potential for carbonate scale.

Arun - Model PURICEL - Electorchlorinator

by Arun Electrochemical Systems Pvt Ltd     based in Chennai, INDIA

Sodium hypochlorite is generated from common salt. We manufacture Electorchlorinator, PURICEL from 5g/hr to desired capacities of active chlorine.  The concentration varies from 0.8% for disinfection purpose to 12% for industrial applications.

Electronic Metering & dosing pumps

by Pure Pro Water Purifying Technollogies     based in Lahore, PAKISTAN

For Chlorine dosing.Chemical dosing.Liquid dosing.Mineral dosing etc.Pulse Stroke bracket assembly for highly accurate / consistent dosing performance.Advanced control options for simplified system integration (pulse multiply / divide, on/off).5-level speed control option to reduce system shock and extend the life of the pump.External packing for ...

Dosing System

by Verderflex Peristaltic Pumps - part of the Verder Group     Office in Chinchwad, INDIA

Constant Dosing: Constant pumps (C) can be adjusted manually via frontal keypad or just turning a knob. The number of strokes per minute have to be set manually by the operator and do not vary automatically during the entire dosing process, until the next manual input. Fixed flow rate and speed regulation peristaltic pumps fall into this category.

Corodex - Chemical Injection

by Concorde – Corodex Group     based in Dubai, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES

Used for pH adjustment, Chlorination, Dechlorination. For various applications that need chemical injections with manual and/or automatic injection rate controls, Corodex Industries provides complete injection packages. The package includes all necessary dosing pumps, controllers, solution tanks, mixers, level switch all mounted on a frame. Tanks ...

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