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Chlorine Dioxide Generation (Chemical Water Treatment) equipment available in Kazakhstan

  • Derwent - Brominators & Chlorine Dioxide Generators

    Derwent's range of brominators are designed to provide a safe and simple method of controlling the dissolving of bromine-based tablets into a liquid form. The resultant liquid bromine solution is then used for micro-biological control in typically open evaporative cooling systems and process systems contaminated with micro-organisms.

    By Derwent Water Services Ltd based in Alfreton, UNITED KINGDOM. from Water Treatment Plant Product line

  • Envron - Ozone Generators System

    Ozone is the unstable, highly reactive triatomic form of Oxygen. Oxygen is O2 while Ozone is O3. In order for Oxygen to form into Ozone, Oxygen molecules must be “pulled apart” and reformed. This takes energy in the form of electrical excitation of Oxygen which pulls apart Oxygen molecules. This is usually accomplished with High ...

    By Envron Environmental Ltd. based in Regina, SASKATCHEWAN (CANADA).

  • cooling tower water treatment chemical

    stable chlorine dioxide in liquid form with purity 99%,.and generates NO harmful by products.Our product is highly effective for the inhibition of all type of microorganism,including bacteria and viruses as well.It also removes algae and bio film effectively.

    By PROPHYLAXIS based in Surat, INDIA.

  • Premium

    DULCOTEST - Sensors for Ozone

    Measuring range 0.02 – 2 mg/l. Measuring ozone in oxidation and disinfection applications: DULCOTEST sensors offer precise, reliable, application-specific measured values in real time.

    By ProMinent Group - ProMinent GmbH based in Heidelberg, GERMANY. from Measuring, Control and Sensor Technology Product line

  • Premium

    Lenntech - Ozone Measurement

    Lenntech offers a range of ozone measuring modules. The range covers ambient ozone measurement, high concentration ozone measurement and dissolved ozone analysers. The advantage of these compact ozone analysers is that at low cost the area around the ozone generator is continuously controlled against any ozone leakage and ozone concentrations. ...

    By Lenntech Water Treatment based in Delft, NETHERLANDS. from Ozone Systems Product line

  • Premium

    UV DOAS Open Path For Fenceline and Ambient Monitoring

    An ideal monitoring system should be configured as a barrier placed in proximity of the industrial perimeter (fence-line), able to embrace all plants at risk of accidents or leaks, and capable of detecting a wide range of gaseous compounds. At present the technique that is closest to the ideal solution is represented by area monitoring systems ...

    By ETG Risorse e Tecnologia S.r.l. based in Montiglio, ITALY. from Open Path Product line

  • Pool INSITU Ozone Systems

    Ozomax INSITU Ozone Pool treatment systems consist of two (2) components: INSITU Ozone generator: Produces ozone and mixed oxidants from the pool water itself. INSITU Power Supply: Provides DC power to the INSITU ozone generator.

    By OZOMAX Inc. based in Shefford, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Residential Products Overview Product line

  • PCS - Wastewater Treatment Package Plants

    Pollution Control Systems is recognized worldwide for its products and technologies to treat wastewater to a safe sanitary water effluent quality discharge meeting and/or exceeding effluent standards recommended by the US Environmental Protection Agency.

    By Pollution Control Systems, Inc. (PCS) based in Milford, OHIO (USA). from Other Product line

  • ENVIROTECH - Waste Water Treatment Plants Technology

    ENVIRONMENT COMMERCE Company has been established in 1990 as a typical engineering and building private company specialized in water management field. The company has followed up waste water treatment research and development positive trends the roots of which grow from the TGM State Institute of Water Management in Prague. ENVIRONMENT COMMERCE ...

    By Environment Commerce CZ s.r.o. based in Prague, CZECH REPUBLIC.

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