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Model VP PRO CL - Peristaltic Chlorine Dosing Pump

by Verderflex Peristaltic Pumps - part of the Verder Group     Office in İçerenköy - İstanbul, TURKEY

Digital peristaltic tube pump with integrated chlorine reader (ppm).

Dosing System

by Verderflex Peristaltic Pumps - part of the Verder Group     Office in İçerenköy - İstanbul, TURKEY

Constant Dosing: Constant pumps (C) can be adjusted manually via frontal keypad or just turning a knob. The number of strokes per minute have to be set manually by the operator and do not vary automatically during the entire dosing process, until the next manual input. Fixed flow rate and speed regulation peristaltic pumps fall into this category.

Chlorination Unit For Wastewater Treatment Process

by Miranda Water Treatment Systems     based in Ankara, TURKEY

After biological treatment, chlorination dosing plays a key role in the wastewater treatment process by removing pathogens and ending the biological activities. Chlorine is dosed to system continuously.

Dosing Units and Preparation for Chlorine Dioxide

by sera GmbH     Distributor in TURKEY

sera Chlorine dioxide Preparation and Dosing Units are dosing units for an efficient preparationand exact dosing of 2% and 0,2% chlorine dioxide solutions. Chlorine dioxide solutions are mainly used for combating legionella in the drinking water in public buildings such as, e.g. hospitals, swimming pools, hotels and sports facilities. They are ...

Chemical Preparation Systems Compact Unit

by ENTA Treatment Systems Engineering Contracting LTD     based in Istanbul, TURKEY

All types of industries for dosing chemicals such as:, Sulphuric Acid - pH, Correction/Control, Caustic - pH Correction/Control, Sodium Hypochlorite - Disinfection, Aluminum Sulphate - Coagulation, Ferric Sulphate - Coagulation, Ferric Chloride - Coagulation, Synthetic Polymers - Used water, effluent and sludge treatment, Organic Coagulants ...

Chemical Preparation Units

by BAŞTÜRK MÜHENDİSLİK     based in Serdivan, TURKEY

Automatic polyelectrolyte preparation unit consists of three compartments; dissolution, ripening and storage. Dry powdered polyelectrolyte in the polyelectrolyte automation control by setting the desired amount of the mixture in the chamber is supplied with pressurized water to the tank. The stirrer speed in the dissolution chamber is provided ...

Ozonization Systems

by Rotatek Arıtma ve Çevre Teknolojileri San. Tic. Ltd. Şti.     based in Istanbul, TURKEY

High concentration and ozone production are fulfilled in an strong electrical area by passing ‘rich-in oxygen gas’ (Corona Discharge Method). As a result of dense energy, some oxygen molecules are cut, and occurring oxygen atoms combine with other oxygen molecules thus they constitute ozone molecule with 3 oxygen atoms. Since ozone is ...

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