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FilteRx6100 - Liquid Coagulant Blend Of Ferric Sulfate and Organic Polymer

by H2O Innovation     based in Quebec, QUEBEC (CANADA)

FilteRx  6100 was developed to improve the efficiency of direct filtration processes to increase the removal colloidal solids and to remove dissolved organics. Direct filtration processes include clarifiers, multi-media filter systems and micro-filters.

DAFCO - Clarifier Technology

by DAFCO Inc.     based in Lenoir, NORTH CAROLINA (USA)

Clarifiers are a highly efficient in removing heavy metals, ink and other heavy contaminants from wastewater. Flocculation refers to the process by which fine particulates are caused to clump together into floc. The floc may then float to the top of the liquid, settle to the bottom of the liquid, or can be readily filtered from the liquid. ...


by Hrushikesh Water Sciences Pvt. Ltd.     based in Pune, INDIA

We classify water impurities in three categories: suspended solids, colloidal particles (less than 1 micron) and dissolved substances (less than several nanometers). The coagulation-flocculation processes facilitate the removal of suspended solids (SS) and colloidal particles. Coagulation is the destabilization of colloidal and other suspended ...

Matec - Bifloc - Flocculant metering system

by Matec S.r.l.     based in Massa (MS), ITALY

Bifloc is the Matec plant for the preparation of the flocculant, the polyelectrolyte which speed up the decanatation process of solids inside the decanter. The accessories of the metering plant make the setup process even more complete and automatic by reducing the consumption of the product and elimnating the need for an operator. Matec’s ...

Bifloc - Flocculant Metering System

by Matec America LLC     based in Walnut Cove, NORTH CAROLINA (USA)

Bifloc is the Matec plant for the preparation of the flocculant, the polyelectrolyte which speed up the decanatation process of solids inside the decanter. The accessories of the metering plant make the setup process even more complete and automatic by reducing the consumption of the product and elimnating the need for ...

Slant Plate Clarifier Wastewater Treatment Systems

by SkimOil Inc.     based in Carrboro, NORTH CAROLINA (USA)

SPC Series Slant Plate Clarifiers are designed for efficient removal of readily settleable solids. The SPC’s compact, footprint design requires less installation space than conventional or tube type clarifiers. The SPC design incorporates slant plate settling surfaces pitched at a 55° angle from the horizontal with uniform plate spacing. ...

ASTIM - Potable Water Treatment Plants

by ASTIM A.S.     based in Gebze - Kocaeli, TURKEY

Modular design, low power consumption, plug & operate installation and easy operation makes CPWTP a compact and well accepted choice for water treatment applications. CPWTP unit uses the fundamental water treatment processes; such as coagulation, flocculation, clarification and filtration. This enables simple and most economical procedures for ...

Liquid Solid Sepeartion

by Tons Per Hour Inc.     based in Newcastle, CALIFORNIA (USA)

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RoQuest 6000 Reverse Osmosis Membrane Compatible Coagulant Chemical

by Avista Technologies     based in San Marcos, CALIFORNIA (USA)

RoQuest® 6000 contains a blend of organic coagulants and ferric sulfate and is designed for use as a coagulant and flocculation aid in flocculator-clarifiers. This product will enhance performance by removing colloids, silt, and many organic molecules, producing an effluent that is a more acceptable feedwater quality to downstream reverse osmosis ...

SAMCO - Raw Water Clarification System

by SAMCO Technologies, Inc.     based in Buffalo, NEW YORK (USA)

Inclined plate clarifiers (IPCs) and solids contact clarifier units (SCUs) are often utilized in a wide variety of applications for the removal of suspended solids from water by gravity settling (sedimentation), flocculation, and various methods of coagulation. By neutralizing the suspended solids, the finer particles, often colloidal in nature, ...

Aluminum Sulfate

by Chemtrade     based in Toronto, ONTARIO (CANADA)

Aluminum Sulfate (Alum) is a widely-used and versatile industrial chemical, playing an important role in the production of many essentials seen and used every day in the home and industry. Most of the alum produced today is used in the pulp & paper industry as well as water and wastewater treatment. It is inexpensive and effective for a broad ...

ChitoVan - Chitosan Lactate Cartridge

by Dungeness Environmental     based in Bothell, WASHINGTON (USA)

Developed for Passive Treatment The ChitoVan Chitosan Lactate Cartridge is a high quality industrial grade chitosan salt containing lactic acid encased within a permeable cartridge. Installed in a pipe, trough, conveyance channel or atop a berm, the chitosan salt slowly dissolves as the water flows over and through the cartridge. Once in solution, ...

EKE - Pre-treatment & Filtration System

by Eke Indutry Ltd. (Eke Endüstri Tesisleri Ltd. Şti)     based in Sisli, TURKEY

Nowadays, the increasing water demand should be evaluated according to the field of water use ,water treatment  processes are “Iron and manganese removal, coagulation, flocculation, Sedimentation ,Softening (hardness removal) ,decarbonisation  and process follows with filtration  and disinfection .All this processes are ...

Decanter Silos

by Matec America LLC     based in Walnut Cove, NORTH CAROLINA (USA)

MATEC decanter silos are specifically designed for the perfect clarification of wastewater. Thanks to the use of a proper polyelectrolyte (flocculant) that speed up the natural precipitation of suspended solid particles and the special design of the cone, MATEC guarantees the quickest clarification time for any type of wastewater.

Clariflocculation Plants

by WTEC srl     based in Trani (BT), ITALY

The technology of clariflocculation is a necessary process required to treat water containing a high level of suspended solids and other contaminating substances. The technologies applied have been successfully tested for many years and lots of investments have been made into research of new chemical products to be dosed. Chemical products ...

One Chemical` WWT

by Simran Canada - Water Treatment Co     based in Surrey, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA)

The Floccin products have proven to be more cost effective than the conventional steps of pH adjusting, coagulation, flocculation, and the use of dewatering aids such as pearlite or diatomaceous earth. The Floccin products usually replace 3 chemistries with 1 and in many cases replaces 5 products. This greatly simplifies the wastewater treatment ...

HUBER - Model RoS3 - Screw Press


The HUBER RoS3 Rotary Screw Press is a high performance sludge dewatering system in heavy duty construction, designed for industrial applications.

Napier-Reid - Package Water Treatment Plants

by Napier-Reid Ltd.     based in Toronto, ONTARIO (CANADA)

Multi-Stage protection for difficult-to-treat surface water, groundwater, industrial process water, and tertiary wastewater. Pre-assembled and factory-tested package systems available for various treatment processes complete with all piping, instruments and controls. Can be design for installation into modified shipping containers or modular ...

RECYCLO-SEP - Model 2000 & 2800 - Wastewater Treatment Systems

by Compass Water Solutions (CWS)     based in Tustin, CALIFORNIA (USA)

The RECYCLO-SEP is a fully automatic wastewater recycler that processes dirty water created by cleaning equipment into water that is clean enough to be reused. The process flow rates are 6 GPM for the RECYCLO-SEPModel 2000 and 12 GPM for the RECYCLO-SEP Model 2800.

S.K Euromarket - Separation & Clarification System

by S.K. Euromarket Ltd     based in Lemesos, CYPRUS

Our products portfolio includes a number of systems that remove particles, fats, oils, grease and other impurities from water or wastewater by applying physical or physic-chemical processes. These systems incorporate the principles of our systems design philosophy: low ownership cost, limited space requirements, long lasting and reliable ...

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