hypochlorite generation Equipment available in Lithuania

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    SANILEC - Model 6 - Portable Sodium Hypochlorite Generators

    As transporting bulk chlorine on crowded highways and into residential areas becomes an increasing safety concern, more stringent regulation of toxic gases and accidental releases of chlorine have required industry professionals to seek alternative methods of disinfection. For disinfection of both drinking water and wastewater, the ClorTec® ...

    By De Nora Water Technologies based in Colmar, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Water & Wastewater Treatment - Disinfection Product line

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    ClorTec On-site Hypochlorite Generating Systems

    The ClorTec® systems generate a 0.8% sodium hypochlorite disinfection solution, a chlorine equivalent, using three common consumables: salt, water and electricity. ClorTec units range in capacity from 2 lb/day (1 kg/day) to 3000+ lb/day (1,360+ kg/day), while ClorTec systems are engineered and offered to meet any specifi ed application demand. ...

    By De Nora Water Technologies based in Colmar, PENNSYLVANIA (USA).

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    Scienco SciCHLOR - Sodium Hypochlorite Generator

    SCIENCO SciCHLOR Sodium Hypochlorite Generator is a fully integrated, simple, and compact designed system. The SciCHLOR system with SciCELL technology uses a recirculating method to produce 0.8% strength sodium hypochlorite solution in 10 lb (4.5 kg), 20 lb (9 kg), 40 lb (18 kg) and 60 lb (27 kg) NaClO/day sizes. Featuring a multi-pass scouring ...

    By Bio-Microbics, Inc. based in Shawnee, KANSAS (USA). from Scienco/FAST Systems & Products Product line

  • Ourui - Model RN - Skid sodium hypochlorite generator

    Skid sodium hypochlorite generator is designed for large chlorine capacity requirement application, the skid electro chlorinator is applied transparency electrolyzer, heat exchange module, hydrogen degassing module, PLC controlled cabinet, hydrogen sensor for safety operation.

    By OURUI Industry CO., LTD. based in Jinan, CHINA.

  • Klorigen - Model K-Series - On-Site Sodium Hypochlorite Generators

    Klorigen modularized generators safely and cost effectively produce chlorine gas, sodium hydroxide and sodium hypochlorite at the point-of-use in system configurations with output volumes ranging from 100 to 2,500 lbs per day. Eliminate the dangers associated with liquefied and pressurized chlorine gas and bulk sodium hypochlorite and the ...

    By Electrolytic Technologies LLC based in North Miami Beach, FLORIDA (USA).

  • MIOX - Model HYPO - Sodium Hypochlorite Generator

    MIOX HYPO on-site chemical generators produce the absolute lowest cost per unit of sodium hypochlorite chemical between 25 – 3,000 lbs/day.

    By MIOX Corporation based in Albuquerque, NEW MEXICO (USA).

  • Klorigen - Model M-Series - On-Site Sodium Hypochlorite Generators

    The Klorigen M-Series Sodium Hypochlorite Generator is a smaller scale electrochemical system specifically intended for on-site remote applications and designed for safe and cost effective production of high purity, commercial-strength sodium hypochlorite solution using food grade salt. These systems can be configured to produce bleach at ...

    By Electrolytic Technologies LLC based in North Miami Beach, FLORIDA (USA).

  • Microclor - Onsite Hypochlorite Generation System (OSHG)

    Microclor On-Site Hypochlorite Generation (OSHG) is the safe, reliable and sustainable solution for water or wastewater disinfection. As concerns mount regarding the safety and security of using chlorine gas for water disinfection, many utilities are choosing sodium hypochlorite (bleach) as a safer alternative. In weighing the implications of ...

    By Process Solutions, Inc. (PSI) based in Campbell, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Chlorogen - Model CLG/CLGH Series - On-Site Off-Line Electrolysers / Sodium Hypochlorite Generators

    The CLG/CLGH series of Chlorogen on-site off-line electrolysers / sodium hypochlorite generators (chlorinators) produces chlorine from salt + water (seawater) and electricity; Compared to the delivery and storage of concentrated dangerous and expensive chlorine chemicals, Chlorogen provides a safe and cost-effective way of treating water. This ...

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    Marprene - Long Life Process Tubing

    Marprene is a long life thermoplastic elastomer with resistance to a wide range of chemicals. Marprene is highly resistant to oxidising agents such as ozone, peroxides and sodium hypochlorite.

    By Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group based in Falmouth, UNITED KINGDOM. from Watson-Marlow Tubing Product line

  • PureLine - Model 3 Series - Generator

    PureLine’s Pure3 generator line combines affordability with optimal efficiency and safety. Utilizing three precursors (sodium chlorite, sodium hypochlorite, and hydrochloric acid), the Pure3 system gives our customers the best in high efficiency, medium to high volume, and safe generation. With low maintenance cost and reliable operation, ...

    By PureLine based in Bensenville, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Water ClO2 Generation Product line

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    LiquidChem Chiller - Chemical Chill System

    The new LiquidChem™ Chiller liquid chemical chill system offers municipal and industrial users a safe and stable means for chilling and storing any liquid chemical, including ammonia and sodium hypochlorite.

    By De Nora Water Technologies based in Colmar, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Water & Wastewater Treatment - Disinfection Product line

  • Ozone Generator Water Mixing Device

    We use iodide, chloride or liquid chlorine for swimming pool treatment for a long time.  Till the development of ozone technology of 20th century, have made ozone enter the field of water treatment, and more and more show its superiority. But there are still some problems in operation: Because thinking about the cost of ozone generator & ...

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    OMNIPURE - Marine Sewage Treatment System

    OMNIPURE™ systems are the only marine sewage systems that oxidize sewage in the electrochemical cell as well as generate NaOCl for the disinfection of the marine waste streams. OMNIPURE marine sewage treatment units provide effective electrolytic treatment of both black and grey water, meeting personnel treatment capacities ranging from one to ...

    By De Nora Water Technologies based in Colmar, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Water & Wastewater Treatment - Marine/Offshore - De Nora Product line

  • Compact Electrochlorinator

    Compact Electrochlorinator is a Batch type disinfectant generator which produces Sodium Hypochlorite, a strong disinfectant, by the process of electrolysis from salt and water. With is equipment the need for buying and storing Liquid chlorine or Bleaching powder is totally eliminated. All you need is Salt and Electricity. The disinfectant ...

    By Pristine Water based in New Delhi, INDIA.

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    Crossed Linked Poly Tanks

    Sulfuric Acid to 98% Concentration. HDLPE resin # 880046, natural in color, 1.9 specific gravity, 600 psi, meets. ASTM D1998-97 standards and is warranted for a FULL 3 YEARS for storage at ambient temperatures.

    By Sierra Sales Double Wall Plastic Tanks based in Perkasie, PENNSYLVANIA (USA).

  • Chemical Preparation Units

    Automatic polyelectrolyte preparation unit consists of three compartments; dissolution, ripening and storage. Dry powdered polyelectrolyte in the polyelectrolyte automation control by setting the desired amount of the mixture in the chamber is supplied with pressurized water to the tank. The stirrer speed in the dissolution chamber is provided ...

    By BAŞTÜRK MÜHENDİSLİK based in Serdivan, TURKEY.

  • Beverage Production Disinfection

    The Aquadron is GUARANTEED to improve hygiene in beverage and bottling lines.  It can also reduce energy and water use and save time on clean-in-place (CIP) cycles. The Aquadron can provide continuous disinfection during a running bottling process. This reduces the risk of microbiological contamination of the beverage and ensures that a ...

    By Aquadron based in Birmingham, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Chemical Dosing Equipment

    We make and supply an extensive range of dosing equipment for applications such as boiler water treatment, cooling water systems and effluent chemical dosing. As well as standard chemical dosing equipment, we have the capability to design and supply bespoke dosing systems to meet your needs.

    By Feedwater Ltd based in Moreton, UNITED KINGDOM. from Water Treatment Equipment Options Product line

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