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RWL Water - Model Tipton Series - Packaged Wastewater Treatment Plants

by RWL Water LLC     based in Minneapolis, MINNESOTA (USA)

RWL Water prefabricated packaged wastewater treatment plants provide complete solutions for on-site treatment.

RWL Water - Wastewater Treatment

by RWL Water LLC     based in Minneapolis, MINNESOTA (USA)

RWL Water has decades of e experience treating complex, industrial and municipal wastewater. Industrial and municipal wastewaters contain various types of pollutants, such as dissolved organic matter, fats and oils, nitrogen compounds, suspended solids, heavy metals, surfactants, and more.

Equaris - Total Household Water Recycling and Wastewater Treatment Systems

by Equaris Corporation     based in Afton, MINNESOTA (USA)

The patented Equaris Water Recycling System combines the most recent state-of-the-art technologies and highest quality filtration, disinfection and membrane components to produce the finest environmental, cost effective and efficient water treatment system available on the market today.

Tornado - Surface Aspirating Aerator

by RWL Water LLC     based in Minneapolis, MINNESOTA (USA)

With thousands of units in operation around the world, Tornado sub-surface aerators have a solid record of maximizing performance while minimizing energy consumption. Tornado sub-surface aerators deliver excellent oxygen transfer and high mixing efficiency to a wide range of wastewater treatment processes in any climate. From extended aeration and ...

RWL Water - Model DAF - Dissolved Air Flotation Systems

by RWL Water LLC     based in Minneapolis, MINNESOTA (USA)

Our dissolved air flotation systems provide high-quality, efficient clarification for suspended matters such as solids, oil, and grease. Dissolved air flotation (DAF) is a water clarification process for the separation of solids, grease, and oils. The advantages of DAF systems are in wastewater sludge thickening and in the ability to treat a wide ...

Activated Sludge Wastewater Treatment Plant

by Aquarius Technologies Inc.     Distributor in Minneapolis, MINNESOTA (USA)

Completely customizable circular plants with central circular clarifier. The annular portion of the plant can be designed with integral flow equalization, series or parallel anoxic or aerobic zones, digestion or sludge storage. RAS, WAS and Scum Air Lift Pumps provide process control. Individual plants can be designed for peak flow rates of ...

Lime Slakers For Water And Wastewater Treatment

by Merrick Industries, Inc. / MERRICK Environmental Technology     Distributor in MINNESOTA (USA)

Lime slakers are an important tool for converting calcium oxide (CaO), which is also known as quicklime or pebblelime, into a calcium hydroxide (Ca(OH)2) slurry. Quicklime is a popular alternative to purchasing hydrated lime because it is more affordable and requires around 75 percent less of the chemical by weight as hydrated lime, meaning less ...

ALDEC - Model G3 - Decanter Centrifuges

by Alfa Laval     Distributor in Golden Valley, MINNESOTA (USA)

The ground-breaking ALDEC G3 decanter is the result of a rethink of the basic parameters of decanter centrifuge design and performance.

ALDEC - Decanter Centrifuges

by Alfa Laval     Distributor in Golden Valley, MINNESOTA (USA)

Smaller, low-tech ALDEC decanter centrifuges are ideal for loads of smaller wastewater treatment facilities looking for reliable, low-cost sludge dewatering.

RWL Water - Twister Low-Speed Surface Aerator

by RWL Water LLC     based in Minneapolis, MINNESOTA (USA)

The Twister aerator provides outstanding mixing anddurability for wastewater treatment and supplementalaeration.

Tank Mixing Systems

by Environmental Treatment Systems, Inc.     Distributor in MINNESOTA (USA)

ETS designs and manufactures tank mixing systems for a number of applications, including: Wastewater flocculation prior to dissolved air flotation (DAF). Sludge flocculation prior to dewatering. Polymer solution preparation. Wastewater pH control.

PE 12x30

by Calgon Carbon Corporation     Distributor in MINNESOTA (USA)

12x30 Mesh, coconut base virgin activated carbon used for water and wastewater treatment (Product Bulletin)

Carbsorb - Model 40 - Coal-Based Granular Activated Carbons

by Calgon Carbon Corporation     Distributor in MINNESOTA (USA)

12x40 Mesh, coal base virgin activated carbon used for potable water and wastewater treatment.

Series 61 | Tneme-Liner

by Tnemec Company, Inc.     Distributor in Shakopee, MINNESOTA (USA)

Tightly cross-linked epoxy with excellent corrosion and chemical resistance. Principally used for immersion service, including fuel storage, chemical containment and wastewater treatment.

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