Chloramine Disinfection

Articles & Whitepapers

  • Gas Detectors Can Ensure Chlorine Safety in Swimming Pools

    Gas Detectors Can Ensure Chlorine Safety in Swimming Pools

    In April 2019, six people became sick after being exposed to chlorine gas at a hotel pool in India, because one of the chlorine gas cylinders, which had been stored improperly, began to leak, exposing swimmers to chlorine gas.  In June 2019, some 50 pool patrons became ill after a pump malfunction leaked chlorine gas at an indoor pool in Utah. These are not isolated events.  According ...


  • Does RO Waste Water?

    If you use 20 gallons of water to hand wash your dishes after a meal, is that wasting water? If you have dirt on your hands and use water to rinse off the dirt, are you wasting water? Most would say, "no", but simply using water to wash off ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Water UV System

    Water UV System

    Flow up to 569 m3/h. The UV system Dulcodes MP for water treatment and disinfection in swimming pools. Combined chlorine is broken down and the typical swimming pool odour is eliminated: no more irritation for eyes, nose and skin. A manual stage switch permits adaptation to the required capacity requirement.