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Chlorine Dioxide Dosing System (Chlorine Dioxide Dosing) equipment

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    Lenntech - Chlorine Dioxide Systems

    Lenntech ClO2 generators can produce up to 150 g/h of ClO2 for horticulture, bottled water disinfection or CIP applications.

    By Lenntech Water Treatment based in Delft, NETHERLANDS. from UV Disinfection Systems Product line

  • Duo Dose - Model DDPPM - Chlorine Dioxide Measuring Panel

    Wall-mounted, water out-of-line samples through measuring the water, the Duo according to the measuring accuracy what Dose Chlorine Dioxide Generator plays-stop command can, 0-20 ppm measuring range, RS485 digital signal is 4-20 mA analog signal and double set point and relay output has the IP65 protection class, featuring, 110-230 VAC 60-50 Hz. ...

    By Duo Dose Engineering Treatment Ltd. based in Istanbul, TURKEY.

  • Chlorine Dioxide Water Treatment Systems

    We are pleased to introduce our new range of dosing and control equipment for use with our chemical and biological products. As with all our other products, we have taken care to work with industry specialists in completing a range that is both innovative and effective. Scotmas has specifically designed dosing units to suit all purposes – ...

    By Scotmas Group based in Kelso, Borders, UNITED KINGDOM. from Chlorine Dioxide Product line

  • Kleiber - Model 1010 - Single Chemical Dosing System

    Dosing Unit for Single Chemical. Basic Chemical Dosing System for the addition of a single chemical to a system. Fully adjustable pump allows correct calibration for almost any chemical. May be controlled via a water meter or timer. The tank has a purpose built chemical resistant level switch to ensure that the pump does not run dry.

    By Kleiber UK Ltd based in Wakefield, UNITED KINGDOM. from Chlorine Dioxide Units Product line

  • Chlorine Dioxide Dosing

    Chlorine dioxide analyzer M 1053 ClO2 on-line chlorine dioxide measurement. PI regulation included, galvanicaly separated current outputs, easy assembling and management, IP 65 housing.

    By Controlmatik ABW d.o.o. based in Dom┼żale, SLOVENIA. from Dosing Fluids - Chlorine Dioxide Dosing Product line

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    Chlorine Dioxide Technology - Chlorination Technology - Biofilm Control

    Chlorine dioxide(ClO2) is a technology which has been historically applied at large scale (recirculation) cooling water systems. Additionally, chlorine dioxide generators are being increasingly used as an alternative to chlorine generators in water treatment/disinfection processes, as they release lower quantities of toxic impurities into the ...

    By H2O Biofouling Solutions B.V. based in Bemmel, NETHERLANDS.

  • Activ-Ox - Chlorine Dioxide Generators - ClO2 Dosing Systems

    The range of Activ-Ox Chlorine Dioxide Generators and dosing systems are the simplest, safest and most cost-effective way to produce a controlled dosage of ClO2 for a wide range of commercial, industrial and water treatment applications.

    By Feedwater Ltd based in Moreton, UNITED KINGDOM. from Chlorine Dioxide Products and Information Product line

  • sera - Chlorine Dioxide Preparation and Dosing Units

    sera Chlorine dioxide Preparation and Dosing Units are dosing units for an efficient preparationand exact dosing of 2% and 0,2% chlorine dioxide solutions. Chlorine dioxide solutions are mainly used for combating legionella in the drinking water in public buildings such as, e.g. hospitals, swimming pools, hotels and sports facilities. They are ...

    By sera GmbH based in Immenhausen, GERMANY. from Dosing Units and Dosing Systems Product line

  • Chlorine Dioxide Dosing Stations

    Application of chlorine dioxide as disinfection or oxidation material gaining more and more importance as an alternative to chlorine (drinking water treatment ) or per-acetic acid (food and beverage industry).

    By Hidrofilt Ltd. based in Nagykanizsa, HUNGARY. from Chemical Dosing Systems Product line

  • Model DSD Series - Multipoint Chlorine Dioxide Generators

    Multipoint system allows the dosing of the solution of chlorine dioxide in more points, with different flow rates, by avoiding the use of multiple dedicated generators. The system consists of chlorine dioxide producer, complete with digital electromagnetic pumps for the dosing of the solution in more points. Also available in closet.

    By Tecme srl based in TRENTO, ITALY. from Chlorine Dioxide Generators Product line

  • Model DXT DP Series - Chlorine Dioxide Generators

    Producer utilizing reagents such as dilute hydrochloric acid (HCl) at 9% and sodium chlorite (NaClO2) at 7.5%. Dilution System and safe carriage of the solution produced. Quality and purity guaranteed by the chlorine dioxide reactor in alimentary PVDF and dosing pumps controlled by fieldbus. Controller onboard with a programmable microprocessor ...

    By Tecme srl based in TRENTO, ITALY. from Chlorine Dioxide Generators Product line

  • Colberge - Model CLOS Series - Chlorine Dioxide Generator

    Chlorine dioxide generator using the sodium chlorite/hydrochloric acid process, diluted to 2% upon leaving the reactor.

    By Colberge Water Systems based in Rio de Mouro, PORTUGAL. from Chlorine Dioxide Generator Product line

  • Activ-Ox - Stabilised Chlorine Dioxide

    Why Stabilised Chlorine Dioxide is a poor substitute for Activ-Ox Stabilised Chlorine Dioxide is a marketing term coined in the 1990s to sell a new generation of chemical products which deliver chlorine dioxide in small quantities and low concentrations.

    By Feedwater Ltd based in Moreton, UNITED KINGDOM. from Chlorine Dioxide Products and Information Product line

  • Chlorine Dioxide Dosing Unit

    Chlorine Dioxide is a very powerful oxidant most commonly used as a disinfectant in the water. Used commercially in aqueous solution rather then gas due to its explosiveness when exposed to rising temperatures, exposure to light or allowed to come into contact with organic substances and will not react chemically with water, as would chlorine.

    By Central Chemical Services based in Warwick, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Monochloramine - Chlorine Dioxide Generator

    GRUNDFOS EXCLUSIVELY FOR BIOH created un'impianto for the preparation and dosing of monochloramine. The compact and automatic system for dosage of chloramines Bioh Filtration is an effective system for the disinfection of drinking water and wastewater. The plant produces Monochloramine, a mixture of sodium hypochlorite and ammonium with a strong ...

    By Bioh Filtration Srl based in Cinisello Balsamo (Milan), ITALY. from Disinfection Systems Product line

  • Oxiperm - Model PRO - Chlorine Dioxide Generator

    GENERATOR CHLORINE DIOXIDE Oxiperm PRO is a useful tool for water sterilization. The high germicidal power, high solubility, the ability oxidant and the effectiveness against biofilms make it particularly suitable chlorine dioxide for water disinfection. The use of chlorine dioxide has recommended in recent guidelines issued by leading experts ...

    By Bioh Filtration Srl based in Cinisello Balsamo (Milan), ITALY. from Disinfection Systems Product line

  • AppOx - Model D-3000 - Chlorine Dioxide

    AppOx D-3000 comes in a two-component powder mixture that, when added to a set volume of water, produces a 0.3% (3,000ppm) solution of chlorine dioxide. AppOx D-3000 enables a wider public to reap the benefits from chlorine dioxide, without the hassle of a generator. With AppOx D-3000, the generator is embedded in the powders. The powder ...

    By Applied Oxidation LLC based in Chattanooga, TENNESSEE (USA).

  • CLO2IX - Mini Chlorine Dioxide System

    The CLO2IX MINI system is an on-demand Chlorine Dioxide production system. The rugged construction and simplistic operation make the production of Chlorine Dioxide easy and safe where small volumes of water are treated. The CLO2IX MINI system interfaces with the process water flow through the controller. The operator determines the appropriate ...

    By Dripping Wet Water Inc. based in San Antonio, TEXAS (USA).

  • PureLine - Model Pure 3 Series - Chlorine Dioxide Generator System

    PureLine’s Pure3 generator line combines affordability with optimal efficiency and safety. Utilizing three precursors (sodium chlorite, sodium hypochlorite, and hydrochloric acid), the Pure3 system gives our customers the best in high efficiency, medium to high volume, and safe generation. With low maintenance cost and reliable operation, ...

    By PureLine based in Bensenville, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Water ClO2 Generation Product line

  • HydroDOS - Chlorine Dioxide Generation System

    The inclusion of chlorine dioxide based biological control systems, such as HydroDOS®, in the HSE’s L8 approved code of practice, underlines the importance of this technology as a primary method in the control of legionella and other bacteria in water systems.

    By Hydrotec (UK) Ltd based in High Wycombe, UNITED KINGDOM.

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