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powder-based chlorine dioxide Equipment

  • Model PBC-D serie - Chlorine Dioxide Generators

    Both reagents are dosed in the production reactor by means of two electromagnetic dosing pumps, whose capacity can be easily checked by means of two cylinders mounted on board. Two flow sensors monitor the actual flow of the reagents. A microprocessor-based electronic control with alphanumeric display checks all stages of production, control and ...

    By Tecme srl based in TRENTO, ITALY. from Chlorine Dioxide Generators Product line

  • AppOx - Model D-3000™ - Chlorine Dioxide

    AppOx D-3000 comes in a two-component powder mixture that, when added to a set volume of water, produces a 0.3% (3,000ppm) solution of chlorine dioxide. AppOx D-3000 enables a wider public to reap the benefits from chlorine dioxide, without the hassle of a generator. With AppOx D-3000, the generator is embedded in the powders. The powder ...

    By Applied Oxidation LLC based in Chattanooga, TENNESSEE (USA).

  • Chlorine Dioxide Tablet and Powder Technology

    Clox-Tabs are effective for odour control, micro-biological control and pollutant oxidation. Clox-Tabs allow precise control for the concentration, strength and rate of release of chlorine dioxide. Clox-Tabs remain inactive in their dry form and produce chlorine dioxide only when exposed to humid conditions or dissolved in water.

    By Clearwater based in Camberley, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • AppOx - Model D™ - Dry Chlorine Dioxide Precursor

    AppOx D is our newest EPA registered dry chlorine dioxide precursor. Combined with a new generation component B and water, it produces a 0.4% (4,000ppm) chlorine dioxide (ClO2) solution. Its ease of use enables a wider public to benefit from the pros of chlorine dioxide, without the cons of a generator. With AppOx D, the “generator” is ...

    By Applied Oxidation LLC based in Chattanooga, TENNESSEE (USA).

  • Derwent - Brominators & Chlorine Dioxide Generators

    Derwent's range of brominators are designed to provide a safe and simple method of controlling the dissolving of bromine-based tablets into a liquid form. The resultant liquid bromine solution is then used for micro-biological control in typically open evaporative cooling systems and process systems contaminated with micro-organisms.

    By Derwent Water Services Ltd based in Alfreton, UNITED KINGDOM. from Water Treatment Plant Product line

  • TwinOxide - Advanced Chlorine Dioxide Delivery System

    TwinOxide is a unique and advanced delivery system. It provides a 99.9x% pure chlorine dioxide solution in a 0.3% concentration without by-products. TwinOxide is delivered as a powder kit of two components. Once added to a specific volume of water, TwinOxide reacts to a 99.9x% pure chlorine dioxide solution with a kinetic halftime as a biocide of ...

    By TwinOxide International B.V. based in PZ Best, NETHERLANDS.

  • CHLOR-SCALE - Chlorine Tank Scale for Ton Containers

    Today, after more than 40 years and over 20,000 units installed worldwide, the Chlor-Scale® continues to be the most durable and reliable system available for monitoring chlorine ton containers and sulfur dioxide ton containers. Our scale frames are built of heavy-duty Grade ASTM A36 steel and then coated with a 2-part epoxy powder coat finish

    By Force Flow Equipment based in Concord, CALIFORNIA (USA). from CHEMICAL SCALES / LEVEL SENSORS Product line

  • Model CSO - Alumina-based Media

    PURAFIL ESD CSO MEDIA, has been proven to offer a high removal capacity for chlorine and sulfur dioxide gas. Third-party laboratory testing demonstrates CSO's ability to remove chlorine and sulfur dioxide gas and is recommended for prevention of toxic gas releases.

    By Dimtech S.A based in Keratsini, GREECE. from Chemical Filters Product line

  • Ulpatek - Model ULP-Bi-On KOH - Carbon Based Media

    It is an activated carbon that has the greatest purity and big surface area. Impregnated media that neutralizes acid gases with potassium hydroxide (KOH). Broad spectrum of gas removal. Target Gases; Hydrogen Sulfide (H₂S), Sulphur Dioxide (SO₂), Chlorine (CI₂), Mercaptans, Acidic Gases.

    By ULPATEK Air Filter Manufacturing Inc. based in Esenyurt, TURKEY. from Gas Filtration Product line

  • PowerOxide Disinfectant

    PowerOxide is an almost odourless powder. Stir a package of PowerOxide A with a package of PowerOxide B into water, and almost instantly a strong solution of chlorine dioxide is produced – one of the most powerful disinfectants available. Although the preparation of these concentrated chlorine dioxide solutions is less controllable than with ...

    By Osorno Enterprises, Inc. based in Winnipeg, MANITOBA (CANADA). from Disinfectants and Oxidants Product line

  • TwinOxide - Process Water Product

    Disinfection of process water using 1.0% TwinOxide® Process Water product. This patented product is based on disinfection of process water using the combination of free chlorine dioxide and stabilized chlorine dioxide (ClO2). Delivered as two component powder product‚ it is very conveniently prepared into 1% solution and is suitable for ...

    By TwinOxide International B.V. based in PZ Best, NETHERLANDS.

  • WaveOx - Non Sacrificial Electrodes System

    The WaveOx system utilizes various types of non-sacrificial electrodes that are designed to generate powerful oxidants. The type and quantity of the oxidant generated can be adjusted based on the requirements of the application. The  oxidant make-up can include hydroxyl radicals, persulfate radicals, ozone, persulfate, hydrogen peroxide, ...

    By Water Tectonics, Inc. based in Everett, WASHINGTON (USA).

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