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Gas Feeders, Chlorinators, Sulphonators & Ammoniators

by Global Treat, Inc     based in Spring, TEXAS (USA)

Global Treat, Inc. represents the new leader in gas and liquid chemical feed technology. Since 1999 when the new owners took over, many product improvements and product lines have been incorporated. Global Treat Inc. offers the widest variety of vacuum gas feeders for Chlorination, Dechlorination (sulfunation) and Ammoniation. Machine built to ...

Model EZ-DPD - Dispenser for Chlorine Testing

by IDEXX Laboratories, Inc.     based in Westbrook, MAINE (USA)

DPD Dispenser for Chlorine Testing. IDEXX EZ DPD makes chlorine testing easy. Its compact design allows you to: dispense reagent with the press of a button, avoid messy powder handling and leftover foil pouches, and refill dispenser quickly and easily.

Electrochlorination Systems

by H2O Inc. and H2O Biofouling Solutions B.V.     based in Lafayette, LOUISIANA (USA)

The electrochlorination systems designed by H2O are fully automated units manufactured to comply with your unique specifications, applications, and globally recognized standards. Electrochlorination is the process of producing a non-hazardous chlorine equivalent by the electrolysis of a brine/seawater solution to form a sodium hypochlorite ...

Aslan - Water Chlorination for Membrane Filtration

by Aslan Technologies     based in Burlington, ONTARIO (CANADA)

Water Chlorination is used because Chlorine is an excellent disinfectant. Before it's use, Cholera, Typhoid and a host of other bacteria could be transmitted through drinking water. Water chlorination is normally performed by metering a controlled amount of sodium hypochlorite into piping. Sodium hypochlorite is more commonly known as bleach. ...

Hydro Instruments - Automatic Valves : Chlorination/Dechlorination : Ammoniation

by Global Treat, Inc     based in Spring, TEXAS (USA)

Hydro Instruments Omni-Valve Series 110 is the latest in automatic chemical proportional feed control. From the most current technology in the PC Board, to a linear driven assembly (eliminating gears) to its six control options: 1) Manual Control 2) Proportional (Flow) Control 3) Set Point (Residual) Control 4) Set Point (ORP) Control 5) ...

Klorigen - Model M-Series - On-Site Sodium Hypochlorite Generators

by Electrolytic Technologies LLC     based in North Miami Beach, FLORIDA (USA)

The Klorigen M-Series Sodium Hypochlorite Generator is a smaller scale electrochemical system specifically intended for on-site remote applications and designed for safe and cost effective production of high purity, commercial-strength sodium hypochlorite solution using food grade salt. These systems can be configured to produce bleach at ...

IC Controls - Model 875-25 - Free Available Chlorine Analyzer With Sample Panel

by IC Controls Ltd.     based in Orangeville, ONTARIO (CANADA)

Reliable, reagentless total and free chlorine measurement that reduces operating costsMeasuring Total and Free Available Chlorine levels down to 0.02 ppm without reagents or the need for mixing, IC Controls 875-25 and 876-25 analyzers provide accurate chlorine measurement at low operating costs. The unique galvanic measuring cell improves upon ...

Clora - Model D 7536 - Benchtop

by X-Ray Optical Systems (XOS)     based in East Greenbush,, NEW YORK (USA)

Clora  analyzers provide breakthrough analysis of chlorine concentration in petroleum at levels below 0.5 ppm without consumable gasses and without elevated temperature processes. Precise determination of chlorine in petroleum is critical during refining processes. Chlorine may poison expensive catalysts and may lead to corrosion in overhead ...

Bio-Dechlor INOCULUM - Model Plus - Accelerate the Process of Complete Dechlorination

by REGENESIS     based in San Clemente, CALIFORNIA (USA)

Bio-Dechlor INOCULUM Plus is an enriched natural microbial consortium containing species of Dehalococcoides sp. (DHC). This microbial consortium has since been enriched to increase its ability to rapidly dechlorinate contaminants during in situ bioremediation processes. Bio-Dechlor INOCULUM Plus has been shown to stimulate the rapid and complete ...

OURUI - Model RN - Intergated Electrochlorination system

by OURUI Industry CO., LTD.     based in Jinan, CHINA

In order to achieve economic space occupation, safety control, easy on operation, integrated system has been applied high integration density horizontal design, every units has been placed in one platform, PLC control system control the whole package of generation system by detected signal to achieve every unit work aromatically. In order to ...

Model 7CLH - Chlorine Sensors

by City Technology Ltd     based in Portsmouth, UNITED KINGDOM

CiTiceLs may exhibit a response to certain gases in a sample other than the target gas. 7CLH CiTiceLs have been tested with a number of commonly cross-interfering gases and the results are given below. The table shows the typical response to be expected from a sensor when exposed to a given test gas concentration (relevant to safety, e.g. TLV ...

Chlorine Alkali Membrane Cells

by Chemical Newtech S.p.a     based in Capriolo, ITALY

It’s the most modern and widespread technology Worldwide in the electrolysis of sodium chloride’s  (or potassium) sector and it consists of the use of a conductive polymer separator which allows the migration under the electric field of the Na+ solvated cation to form caustic Alkali in the cathode compartment, while you have the ...

Chlorine Dioxide Dosing

by Controlmatik ABW d.o.o.     based in Domzale, SLOVENIA

Chlorine dioxide analyzer M 1053 ClO2 on-line chlorine dioxide measurement. PI regulation included, galvanicaly separated current outputs, easy assembling and management, IP 65 housing.

TrojanUV - Model Signa - Chlorine Disinfection System

by Trojan Technologies - a subsidiary of Danaher Corporation     based in London, ONTARIO (CANADA)

No longer should large wastewater facilities feel limited to chlorine disinfection. Now - with the TrojanUVSigna - those facilities can confidently choose UV and benefit from its inherent safety features, cost-saving advantages and disinfection performance.

Total Chlorine for Water Quality Testing (480010)

by Industrial Test Systems, Inc.     based in Rock Hill, SOUTH CAROLINA (USA)

The SenSafe™ Total Chlorine Water Check test strip is a TMK (Thio-Michler's Ketone) Colourimetric Aperture Strip designed around patented technology to meet USEPA guidelines for screening all drinking water sources. The water quality test reports accurate results from 0.02 ppm (mg/L) to 10.0 ppm (mg/L).US Patented SenSafe™ Total Chlorine Water ...

Hammonds - Model HTS-10P - Vortex Tablet Chlorination System

by Hammonds Technical Services     based in Houston, TEXAS (USA)

Hammonds brings all the advantages of the high energy vortex feeder to this small application disinfection system. Designed specifically for lower volume rural wells, mobile home parks, and individual commercial wells, this compact system mrrors the larger HTS80 system in features and versatility. The heart of the system is Hammonds’ ...

Ourui - Model RN - Skid sodium hypochlorite generator

by OURUI Industry CO., LTD.     based in Jinan, CHINA

Skid sodium hypochlorite generator is designed for large chlorine capacity requirement application, the skid electro chlorinator is applied transparency electrolyzer, heat exchange module, hydrogen degassing module, PLC controlled cabinet, hydrogen sensor for safety operation.

PharmaLine - Model DC - Dechlorination system

by Aquionics Inc     based in Erlanger, KENTUCKY (USA)

Dechlorination system: UV systems for chlorine destruction in Pharmaceutical process water.

Capital Controls - Model Series 17B5000 - Residual Chlorine Analyzer

by De Nora Water Technologies     based in Colmar, PENNSYLVANIA (USA)

The Capital Controls® Series 17B5000 residual chlorine analyzer isan amperometric device designed to provide continuous measurement of the concentration of residual chlorine inwater. The analyzer uses a flow-through measurement cellcontaining two dissimilar metal electrodes. As the watersample flows past the electrodes a current is ...


by De Nora Water Technologies     based in Colmar, PENNSYLVANIA (USA)

SEACLOR® On-site Hypochlorite Generation from Seawater Power, Desalination and Coastal Seawater Electrochlorination. SEACLOR® systems are the standard and preferred electrochlorination unit for biofouling control in power plants, cooling towers, liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminals and desalination facilities, as well as coastal installations ...

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