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  • Successful Use of Decanters for Vegetable Oil Clarification

    Successful Use of Decanters for Vegetable Oil Clarification

    AO Kazan Oil Extraction Plant is one of the largest oilseed processing plant in Russia. In 2018, they decided to install an additional decanter. AO KMEZ decided to implement a Flottweg decanter Z6E-4/401. The decanter operates 24/7 hours and clarifies pressed oil with a capacity of up to 750 tons per day. Due to its specific features, the German decanter delivers the clarified oil in constant ...

  • The Wastewater Treatment Process

    The Wastewater Treatment Process

    What is Wastewater?Wastewater is classified as used water from any combination of domestic, industrial, commercial, agricultural activities, surface runoff, or storm water.The wastewater treatment ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Rapid Sludge Removal Clarifier

    Rapid Sludge Removal Clarifier

    The Enviroquip rapid sludge removal clarifier is unlike any other clarifier. Sludge is drawn from the floor using straight tubes, going directly into SludgeViewr troughs, which display the amount of sludge return from each tube. Furthermore, Ovivo`s ScumTrappR influent well captures 95% of the floatables, eliminating the need for scum to travel the full surface of the clarifier, and our exclusive ...

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  • Summer Course on WTO and EU Trade Law

    Summer Course on WTO and EU Trade Law

    This summer course will provide participants with comprehensive knowledge of the fundamentals of WTO and EU trade law. The course will focus on case-studies, applying instruments and concepts learned during the presentations to trade law practice.