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  • Coagulants and Flocculants
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    Coagulants and Flocculants

    By Jenfitch, LLC

    Organic & Inorganic coagulants: Alum (aluminum sulfate), Ferric & Ferrous Salts, PACL & PACL Blends, ACH & ACH Blends, Polyamines, DADMAC and others. Flocculants: Dry, emulsion, solutions, anionic, ...

  • For The Manufacture of Printing Inks
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    For The Manufacture of Printing Inks

    By Kurita

    Transparent dispersions are obtained when Aluminum Hydroxide NF is mixed with binding agents and printing varnishes. Aluminum Hydroxide NF regulates the consistency of the printing inks by increasing their viscosity and ...

  • Plug Flow Flocculator
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    Plug Flow Flocculator

    By Lenntech Water Treatment

    Flocculators are used for waste or surface water clarification, to optimize particles coagulation and flocculation, prior to settler or DAF. Flocculation can be done in a plug-flow flocculator or in a tank reactor. Our ...

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  • Jenfitch, LLC

    Jenfitch, LLC

    Jenfitch, LLC is a manufacturing and marketing firm for chemicals used in finding solutions in the 21st Century for water and wastewater treatment ...

  • Anhui Jucheng Fine Chemicals Co., ltd

    Anhui Jucheng Fine Chemicals Co., ltd

    Anhui Jucheng Fine Chemicals Co.,Ltd ( abbr.CJCC ) is located in State Suixi Economic Development Zone of Huaibei city,Anhui province which is one ...

  • Ben Meadows

    Ben Meadows

    Ben Meadows Company provides quality environmental products and supplies for the outdoor professional. From soil augers to dissolved oxygen meters... ...

  • US Polymer Corporation

    US Polymer Corporation

    U.S. Polymer Corporation is a leading supplier of coagulants and flocculants in the United States. We have over 500 different types of polymers in ...

  • Aquarden Technologies ApS

    Aquarden Technologies ApS

    Aquarden was founded in 2005 inspired by the results of an EU-funded research project demonstrating the remarkable performance of SCWO for the ...