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    S.sensing CS – Waste Water Real Time Monitoring & Dosing Control - Brochure

    Kurita´s S.sensing CS technology provides an innovative solution for online coagulant dosage control and sludge reduction. This state of the art system is using a laser based technology and offers an in situ measurement of the turbidity between the flocs at the inlet to the sedimentation basin. Using this technology,  S.sensing CS controls the coagulant consumption so that treated ...

    By Kurita

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    Ovivo - Reactor Clarifier - Solids Contact Clarifier - Brochure

    The Ovivo Reactor Clarifier Solids Contact Clarifiers are high rate vertical flow units combining chemical mixing, flocculation, coagulation settling and clarification in a single circular tank. Applications may include: lime softening, color removal and turbidity removal in drinking water treatment. Ovivo also has an extensive knowledge and experience in the application of this technology ...

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    Veolia Water TiPSS Technology Dissolved Air Flotationm (DAF) Technology - Brochure

    1 General TiPSS DAF systems are used when gravity separation of oils or suspended solids by CPI does not meet the specifications. Unlike most DAF systems the TiPSS DAF holds a plate pack in a rectangular tank for enhanced separation and reduced footprint. Chemical coagulation & flocculation packages can be included. Veolia TiPSS Technologies has experience since the 1950's in the oil & ...

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    GWT - Model I-Series - Ultraviolet Light Disinfection Systems Datasheet

    Standard Features: 316 Stainless Steel Electro-polished & Passivated UV Chamber Construction UV Lamp Status Indicator Fan Cool Feature Simple Dual Compression Seals UV Sensor Port and Drain Port UV System Run Time Meter UV Resistant O-Rings and Gaskets High Output UV Lamps System capable of using 185nM or 254nM UV Lamps Horizontal or Vertical mountable Remote power enclosure Removable ...

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    GWT - Model LRC Series - Ultraviolet Light Disinfection Systems Datasheet

    316 Stainless Steel Electro-polished & Passivated UV Chamber Construction. UV Lamp Status Indicator. UV Resistant O-Rings. 254 nM Wavelength UV Lamps. System capable of using 185nM or 254nM UV Lamps. Horizontal or Vertical System Mounting. Power Ballast Integrated in Unit. Low Power ...

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    Mastermag - Permanent and Electro Pulley Magnets - Brochure

    The Master Magnets pulley separators are an easy, reliable solution for the continuous extraction of ferrous metals from a product stream. Magnetic pulley separators are installed as a replacement head pulley at the discharge end of a conveyor. A non magnetic adjustable diverter plate is installed beneath the pulley to split the ferrous material away from the non-ferrous ...

    By Master Magnets Ltd

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    WYO-FLOC Synthetic Flocculant - Brochure

    WYO-FLOC is a synthetic flocculant supplied in micro bead form. It is soluble in water, producing a relatively low-viscosity solution. WYO-FLOC exhibits low charge densities and high molecular weight. WYO-FLOC is applicable for the dewatering of bentonite slurries either alone or in conjunction with organic or inorganic ...

    By Wyo-Ben, Inc.

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    Genefloc - GPF - Membrane Compatible Flocculant Datasheet

    To minimise membrane fouling and reduce cleaning frequency the silt density index (SDI) should be kept as low as possible. Genefloc GPF can be used to improve the performance of filtration equipment and has been developed as a general-purpose flocculant for use in surface, well and process waters with medium to high SDI values. Genefloc GPF is compatible with polyamide membranes and does not foul ...

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    Electrocoagulation System Brochure

    1di Boaglio Ing. Fulvio & C. Via Pinerolo, 119 10060 Candiolo (TO) ITALY P. IVA 02168780019 Tel. +39.011.962.23.18 Fax +39.011.962.23.19 ELECTROCOAGULATION SYSTEM INTERECO is introducing a new technology Electrocoagulation (E.C.) to remove as sludge both heavy metals and most organic compounds. It is, at ...

    By Intereco S.n.c.

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    E-Wave - Wireless Switch Telemetry System Equipment Brochure

    EPG’s E-Wave provides smart, effective and reliable automated, relay logic control using 900MHz, frequency hopping, spread spectrum radio technology. Spread spectrum technology combined with data encoding and unique protocol help to eliminate false data and interference due to radio or electro-magnetic sources. Thus, any number of the EPG E-Wave system transmitters can work side by side ...

    By EPG Companies Inc.

  • Kimpak - Packaged Chemical Wastewater Treatment Units Brochure

    Special design is available to obtain the desired effluent water quality according to wastewater type. Skid mounted oxidizing, reduction, flocculation, coagulation. neutralization, floatation. sedimentation and chemical dosing units are available with necessary instrumentation and control system. Automatic and continuously ...

    By Artas Group

  • Model ARUF - Ultrafiltration Units Brochure

    ARUF is the right filtration solution for the removal of particulates and macromolecules from raw water to produce good quality water. ARUF is used to either replace existing secondary (coagulation, flocculation, sedimentation) and tertiary filtration  (sand filtration and chlorination) systems employed in water treatment plants or as standalone system. When treating water with high ...

    By Artas Group

  • Model 7XX30 Series - High Voltage Bench Power Supply System Brochure

    The 7xx30 series high voltage bench power supply is available with one or two output connectors and LED digital voltage reading to allow for accurate voltage adjustment. It is available with either positive or negative output polarity and 1kV, 2kV, 10kV, 20kV or 30kV maximum output voltage. This bench top power supply suits most laboratory environments and is popular among universities. Common ...

    By General High Voltage Ltd

  • Electro Coagulation Water Treatment Systems Brochure

    The ElectroCoagulation Water Treatment Systems (EC Systems) are designed and manufactured in England, UK.  This Process Water Technology introduces an electrical charge into the waste water causing the suspended solids in the water to stick together. The process is very effective for the reduction of BOD / COD levels as well as other conductive contaminants. Key applications ...

    By EnviroTech

  • Water Maze - Model CoAg2-20A - Chemical Water Treatment System - Brochure

    The Water Maze Compact CoAg treatment system employs advanced coagulation and flocculation chemistry to promote the removal of minute suspended solids and most emulsified oils that are untouched by standard oil/water separation and filtration. The system is equipped with a patent-pending process for precise dosing and mixing of Water Maze CoAg+ coagulant and EC+ flocculant. These proprietary ...

    By HPI Processes, Inc.

  • Vortex - Flotation Separation System Brochure

    Vortex Flotation Separation developed by SansOx is a unique separation method in which the liquid flows with the particles continuously in a vortex path, the gas bubbles are formed in inlet of the liquid flow and in the vortex flotation flow, the bubbles spin and cross the vortex liquid flow in optimal angle, the particles in the vortex flow stick gently on the spinning gas bubbles and are ...

    By SansOx Limited

  • Vitec - Model 1400 - Liquid Antiscalant - Datasheet

    Vitec 1400 is a liquid antiscalant designed to inhibit calcium carbonate, calcium sulfate, metal oxides, silica, barium and strontium scale in municipal feedwaters where there is potential for high concentrations of inorganic fouling, or high hardness ground waters. This antiscalant is compatible with the Avista RoQuest line of coagulants and may eliminate the need to inject acid. When used as ...

    By Avista Technologies, Inc.

  • Vitec - Model 1200 - Liquid Antiscalant - Datasheet

    Vitec 1200 is a liquid antiscalant designed with enhanced scale control to inhibit iron metal oxides, silica, and mineral scale in large capacity membrane systems. This antiscalant is highly effective in feedwaters where there are potential concentrations of inorganic fouling. This antiscalant is compatible with the Avista RoQuest line of coagulants and may eliminate the need to inject acid. When ...

    By Avista Technologies, Inc.

  • RoQuest - Model FS - Liquid Coagulant Contains Ferric Sulfate - Datasheet

    RoQuest FS liquid coagulant contains ferric sulfate and is designed for use as a flocculant in direct filtration applications. This coagulant enhances filter performance by removing colloids, silt and many organic molecules to produce an improved filtrate that will reduce downstream reverse osmosis (RO) and nanofiltration (NF) membrane fouling. The inorganic salts in this product remove suspended ...

    By Avista Technologies, Inc.

  • Coagulants Selection Guide

    AvistaClean MF 1000A powder is a synergistic cleaner blend formulated to remove organic and particulate foulants from chlorine tolerant microfiltration (MF) and ultrafiltration (UF) membrane surfaces and pores. This cleaner is a one-step cleaning process that can be used sequentially with AvistaClean MF 3000 when the foulant contains calcium carbonate and/or metals. AvistaClean MF 1000A has ...

    By Avista Technologies, Inc.

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