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Coastal Oil Spill (Coastal Conservation) equipment

  • Coastal Oil Spills

    This experience demonstrates the amazing speed and ecological benefits of using 'dehydrated' peat absorbents for oil spill clean up. This product offers a fast and environmentally friendly method for protecting the eco-system, including plant and wildlife during oil spill disasters. With this product, the project was cleaned up in record time, not ...

    By The ARK Enterprises, Inc. based in Ionia, MISSOURI (USA). from Other Product line

  • Barracuda - Oil Spill Boom

    A containment boom element, BARRACUDA is intended to fight the spread of oil pollution in sea or river areas. More generally, this floating boom can be used in : Estuaries, Harbours, Open coastal waters, River areas.

    By Reynaud Cauvin Yvose (RCY) based in Louhans, FRANCE. from Oil Spill Boom Product line

  • DESMI - Model RO-FENCE - Oil Containment Booms

    DESMI offers a diverse range of inshore and coastal oil containment booms to meet your operational needs, whether that is fast response, ease of deployment or longevity.

    By DESMI A/S based in Noerresundby, DENMARK. from Oil Spill Response Product line

  • BoomBag - Oil Boom System

    The NOFI BoomBag is an oil boom system that has been specially designed for rapid response with minimal requirements for boats and personnel. The patented NOFI BoomBag is regarded as the world's quickest deployment system, which has resulted in NOFI being rewarded an innovation prize in 1998. The system is delivered to organisations and operators ...

    By NOFI Tromsø AS based in Kvaløya, NORWAY. from Oil Spill Control Product line

  • NOFI - Model 1000 - Offshore Oil Booms

    The NOFI 1000 Series oil booms have been developed for use in open ocean areas, from exposed coastal areas to offshore areas. The NOFI 1000 Series has been on the market for a number of years and in total, several thousand metres of the NOFI 1000 Series have been delivered all over the world.

    By NOFI Tromsø AS based in Kvaløya, NORWAY. from Oil Spill Control Product line

  • MaxiBagger - Optimal Solution for Organisations

    MaxiBagger is an optimal solution for organisations with oil preparedness obligations in coastal areas. MaxiBagger enables them to increase their preparedness with reasonable cost and use existing vessels in the operations. MaxiBagger is the larger of the SeaHow detachable side collectors and designed for vessels from 9 metres upwards. With only ...

    By Meritaito Ltd / SeaHow based in Helsinki, FINLAND. from Oil Spill Response Product line

  • Canarie - Oil Spill Boom

    The CANARIE oil spill boom is a boom for use in open coastal waters, estuaries and harbours, to fight the spread of oil. A boom made of honeycomb elements with spacer floats in polyethylene foam, a double skirt ending in a ballast chain transferring the tensile forces. It comes with two towing kits to bring the boom to the work area and use for ...

    By Reynaud Cauvin Yvose (RCY) based in Louhans, FRANCE. from Oil Spill Boom Product line

  • NOFI - Model 2 - Current Buster System

    NOFI Current Buster 2 is the smallest of the systems within the NOFI Current Buster Technology. It represents an important contribution within oil spill contingency systems in shallow waters such as rivers, harbours and near coastal areas. NOFI Current Buster® 2 is already in use by the Norwegian Intermunicipal Committee, the Norwegian Coast ...

    By NOFI Tromsø AS based in Kvaløya, NORWAY. from Oil Spill Control - Current Buster Product line

  • NOFI - Model 4 - Current Buster System

    NOFI Current Buster  4 has been developed for use in coastal areas, particularly in ocean currents. The system is currently in use by oil spill control organizations such as the Norwegian Coastal Administration Department for Emergency Response, NOFO - the Norwegian Clean Seas Association for Operating Companies, Statoil, RWS - ...

    By NOFI Tromsø AS based in Kvaløya, NORWAY. from Oil Spill Control - Current Buster Product line

  • Model 1.01 - Oil Spill Boom

    Is quick and easy to manage with minimal personal and is designed to contain oil spills in most areas as in harbor, inner coastal, coastal areas and offshore when the weather cooperate.

    By MARBOOM Corporation based in St. Petersburg, FLORIDA (USA). from Containment Boom Product line

  • Aegir Dynamo - Offshore or Coastal Buoy

    The Aegir Dynamo id designed to be installed into a 'point attenuating buoy'. These resemble a large navigational buoy from a distance, however they contain moving parts that react to the rise and fall of ocean swell. The buoy design operates as the buoyancy chamber tries to surface creating an upward force against the anchor, which in turn gives ...

    By Ocean Navitas Ltd based in Rugby, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • FOILEX - Model TDS 150 - Crane Skimmer

    Foilex TDS Crane Skimmers are high performance weir skimmer for harbour and coastal oil spills specially suited for shallow waters. The non floating TDS Crane Skimmers have a free 360° inlet and must be operated free hanging from a crane.

    By Foilex Engineering AB based in Göteborg, SWEDEN. from TDS Skimmers Product line

  • HYDRA - Bio CO Buster Powder

    Bio CO Buster is a synergistic blend of bacteria specifically chosen for their accelerated ability to metabolise heavy, tarry types of hydrocarbons. Bio CO Buster is a highly effective microbial remediation for crude oil, oils, fuels, diesel, hydraulic fluid and all varieties of aromatic compounds and organic solvents. Is ideal for emergencies and ...

    By Hydra International Ltd based in Milton Keynes, UNITED KINGDOM. from Other Product line

  • WERA - Model VHF - Mobile System

    As WERA is modular and broadband, it can be operated at very low frequencies to provide very long ranges or at the upper HF band (30 MHz) with a resulting range of 50 km. This product family is now extended by a VHF instrument operating up to 50 MHz providing very high resolution (down to 100 m range cell size) for ranges up to 20 km.

    By Helzel Messtechnik GmbH based in Kaltenkirchen, GERMANY. from Other Products Product line

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