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  • Ease Your Mind - Choose A Company that Specializes in Mist Elimination

    Mist is not just something in the air on a rainy day. Mist, which is a danger to your health is formed in chemical and other manufacturing processes. When it comes to health and safety, imagine mist as the suspension of chemicals and combustible liquids in lingering the air. It will settle in wherever it lands, corrode machinery and cars, and possibly cause irreversible health ...

  • Indirect Cooling of Gas Streams

    Indirect cooling of gas streams is often preferable because it eliminates the possibility of contamination of the stream being cooled. Other times, the versatility of a direct cooler to provide gas ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Water-Cooled Liquid Chiller

    Water-Cooled Liquid Chiller

    Water-Cooled liquid chiller AHW.875 with oil-free TURBOCOR compressors (2 x TT350), flooded evaporator, shell and tube condenser with 3-ways pressostatic condenser control valve.