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  • Fiberglass Pipe Culverts
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    Fiberglass Pipe Culverts

    By Steklonit JSC

    STEKON fiberglass pipe–culverts are artificial structures designed for letting through constant or periodical water streams under motorroad- and railroad embankments.

  • Plastic Framework Modules
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    Plastic Framework Modules

    By Rotons Ltd.

    ROTONS Ltd. offers plastic framework modules with special slats and assembly lifting and anchoring eyelets. They are made of polyethylene, and on request we can make a framework from polypropylene.

  • Culvert Cleaner System
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    Culvert Cleaner System

    By Ballast Tools Equipment (BTE)

    The BTE Culvert Cleaner is a mechanical augering system that can open a blocked culvert quickly and efficiently. The Culvert Cleaner can auger out a 24-inch diameter culvert pipe 40 feet in length and 80% clogged in ...

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  • Cimcor


    Cimcor Manufacturer of Rota-Jetter Culvert Cleaners. The Rota-JETTER Culvert Cleaning Machine clean culverts by the use of rotation and mid pressure ...