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    OTT ADC - Acoustic Digital Current Meter - Leaflet

    The OTT ADC (Acoustic Digital Current Meter) is designed for point velocity measurements in natural streams, rivers, creeks and open channels. Using the latest acoustic measuring principles and combined with a high end signal processor the instrument provides accurate and reliable ...

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    OTT C31 Universal Current Meter - Leaflet

    With thousands of instruments deployed in a wide variety of applications over several decades, the OTT C31 has proven quality, precision and reliability. Depending on the accessories used, the OTT C31 universal current meter covers a large variety of applications: As a rod-mounted or cable-suspended current meter, providing a measuring range from 0.025 to 10 m/s, it is suitable for measurements ...

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    OTT C2 Small Current Meter - Leaflet

    The OTT C 2 Small Current Meter is used if at low water levels the flow velocity has to be measured, e.g. in : laboratories, river models, small channels, falajs, conduits, outfall ditches, etc. The OTT C2 means thousandfold proved quality, precision and reliability - worldwide for ...

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    Model 803 - ROV Electromagnetic Current Meter Brochure

    The Model 803 ROV Current Meter is a unique instrument, providing ROV pilots with relative water velocity data in real time. It may be fitted to ROVs to provide actual through the water speeds, or fitted to Tether Management Systems to give a measurement of local flow conditions. The selection of output options make interfacing easy, and data may be displayed using the software supplied. ...

    By Valeport Ltd

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    OTT C2 Small Current Meter - Operating Instructions

    The C2  Small  Current Meter  is  used  if at  low water  levels   (minimum depth of water 4 cm)  the flow velocity between 2.5 cm/sec. and  5 m/sec.   (only by means of special fixing)  has to be ...

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    Model 106 - Lightweight Current Meter Brochure

    The Model 106 Current Meter is a light weight, cost effective impeller current meter, designed for real time current measurement or short to medium term autonomous deployments. Titanium construction ensures durability, and the optional temperature and pressure sensors increase the versatility of the instrument. Ideal for use in rivers and coastal applications, or from small boats, the Model 106 ...

    By Valeport Ltd

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    Eijkelkamp - Model 13.12 - 125mm Current Meter Synthetic Propeller Brochure

    The instrument is used for the accurate determination of the current velocity in water ways, channels, rivers and the sea. The meter can also be applied in polluted water currents. The measurements are executed with the propeller mounted on the rod(s) or connected to a cable. The current velocity meter has a measuring range of 0.025 to 10 ...

    By Eijkelkamp Soil & Water

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    OTT ADC - Acoustic Digital Current Meter - Operating Instructions

    EnglishOperating instructionsAcoustic, digitalcurrent meter OTT ADCWe reserve the right to make technical changes and improvements without notice.3Table of contents1 Scope of supply 52 Safety information 63 Introduction 73.1 Measurement principle 73.2 Measurement process 74 System components 84.1 Sensor4.2 Handheld unit 95 Starting up the OTT ADC 145.1 Ensuring power supply 145.2 Starting up the ...

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    Model 108 - MkIII Direct Reading Current Meter Brochure

    The Model 108 MKIII Direct Reading Oceanographic Current Meter is a well proven tool for the collection of single point current (and other) data in real time applications. Titanium construction gives excellent durability, whilst low power consumption allows for extended deployment periods. A variety of communication options allow real time operation over cable lengths up to 3000m, and data may be ...

    By Valeport Ltd

  • Aquadopp Current meter brochure

    Aquadopp©Current MeterThe Aquadopp current meter is designed for any body of water, whether ocean, estuary, lake or river. Current meters measure the water current velocity in a single volume. The Aquadopp current meter is small in size but an extremely powerful sampling system that allows it to be used in a variety of applications.www.nortek-as.comTrue innovation makes a differenceNortek ...

    By Nortek AS

  • PLUS Current Meters Brochure

    PLUS Current Meters ...

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    HORIBA - B-173 - Compact Twin Conductivity Meter Brochure

    HORIBA, the pioneer in user-friendly analysisequipment, has now made it even easierto measure conductivityA pocket-size conductivity meter packed with advancedfeatures. This single device can accurately measureminute samples in its unique built-in sampling chamberor large samples by immersion.The dual-function conductivity meter B-173 is in thepopular CARDY format, and has been made even ...

    By HORIBA Europe GmbH

  • Vector - - 3D Current Meter Brochure

    T R U E I N N O V A T I O N M A K E S A D I F F E R E N C Ewww.nortek-as.comVECTORVECTOR3D Acoustic VelocimeterThe measurement technology used is coherent Doppler processing, which is characterized by accurate and nonintrusive velocity data at rates as high as 64 Hz with no appreciable zero off set. The Vector 3D current meter collects high-resolution velocity and pressure data in rapidly ...

    By NortekUSA

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    Sierra InnovaSonic 210 Portable Ultrasonic Flow Meter Brochure

    ? Accuracy of +/- 0.5% of reading from 1.6 ft./s to 16 ft./s (0.5 m/s to 5 m/s) ? Repeatability of +/- 0.15% of reading? Wide flow range 0 to 40 ft/s (0 to 12 m/s)? Clamp-on transducers in magnetic rack? 16 feet (5 m) of cabling standard? Pipes 1 inch to 200 inches (25 mm to 5000 mm)? Battery operated for 8 hours without recharge? Bluetooth connectivity to tablet PC ? Easy-to-use menu system ...

    By Sierra Instruments, Inc.

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    Innova-Sonic Model 205 Clamp-on Liquid Flow Meter Technical Datasheet

    Description ur Innova-Sonic® ultrasonic flow meter is a state- of -the-art universal transit-time flow meter incorporating the latest developments in digital signal processing. Sophisticated electronics coupled with powerful ultrasonic transducers deliver highly accurate flow measurement for liquids in full pipes. While principally designed for clean liquid applications, the ...

    By Sierra Instruments, Inc.

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    Innova-Sonic Model 205 Insertion Liquid Flow Meter Technical Datasheet

    Description ur Innova-Sonic® ultrasonic flow meter is a state- of -the-art universal transit-time flow meter incorporating the latest developments in digital signal processing. Sophisticated electronics coupled with powerful ultrasonic transducers deliver highly accurate flow measurement for liquids in full pipes. While principally designed for clean liquid ...

    By Sierra Instruments, Inc.

  • Current and Voltage Calibrator/Meter 412355A User Manual

    User's Guide Model 412355A Current / Voltage Calibrator 412355A-EU V3.1 4/08 2 Introduction Congratulations on your purchase of the Extech Current/Voltage Calibrator. The Model 412355A can measure and source current and voltage. The Oyster Series meters have a convenient flip up display with neck-strap for hands-free operation. This meter is shipped fully tested and calibrated and, ...

    By Extech Instruments

  • SEAGUARD Recording Current Meter (RCM) Brochure

    D368 - January 2009The new SEAGUARD® RCM series replaces the industry standard RCM 9 and RCM 11 series. It has been completely redesigned from bottom up and employs modern technology in the datalogger section and in the different sensor solutions. The SEAGUARD® architecture is based on a general datalogger unit and a set of autonomous smart sensors. The datalogger and the smart sensors are ...

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    OTT MF pro - Water Flow Meter - Leaflet

    The OTT MF pro unit is a magnetic-inductive current meter designed to measure point velocities in streams, smaller rivers, canals, or measurement flumes. The low-maintenance system consists of a compact and light-weight sensor and a robust handheld unit that reliably operates even under rough environments. Both system components are designed to be attached to conventional wading ...

  • AADI - Model RCM Blue - Self-recording Dedicated Current Meter - Brochure

    A new self-recording dedicated current meter with Bluetooth for communications and data retrieval. The RCM Blue is a self-recording Current Meter which also measures water temperature in salt or fresh water, and a battery container with battery capacity up to 70Ah. The Doppler Current Sensor is an upgraded version of the proven SeaGuard ZPulse sensor. The instrument configuration and data ...

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