Dam Safety

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  • Resistivity/IP Meter
    Showcase Product

    Resistivity/IP Meter

    By ZZ Resistivity Imaging Pty. Ltd.

    FlashRES-UNIVERSAL 96 Resistivity/IP meter is our most advanced system. It has all FlashRES--UNIVERSAL 61-channel meter`s abilities and functions, but with additional 32 extra electrodes and 32 extra channels. It has ...

  • Directional Antenna
    Showcase Product

    Directional Antenna

    By High Sierra Electronics, Inc.

    The Model 7110-00 Omni-Directional Antenna is a 3dB base matched ½ wave vertical J-pole antenna fed at the end through a quarter wave shorted transmission line. It requires no ground plane radials for effective ...

Upcoming events

  • HydroVision International - 2019
    Showcase Event

    HydroVision International - 2019

    By PennWell Corporation

    There`s no other hydro industry event quite like HydroVision International. Not only in size, but in industry-leading content. And it`s the perfect opportunity to develop relationships with key industry influencers and ...

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  • Water Environmental Sedimentation Technology (WEST) Consultants, Inc.

    Water Environmental Sedimentation Technology (WEST) Consultants, Inc.

    WEST Consultants, Inc. specializes in advanced water resources investigations, working toward sustainable solutions that balance the needs of the ...

  • HydroResearch Sam Johansson AB

    HydroResearch Sam Johansson AB

    Sam Johansson established the company in 1993. The visions for the company are: Develop, improve and introduce new methods suitable for dam safety ...

  • Cornforth Consultants, Inc.

    Cornforth Consultants, Inc.

    Cornforth Consultants, Inc. specializes in dams, seismic studies, geotechnical engineering, engineering geology, hydrogeology, and complex ...

  • Worthington Products, Inc

    Worthington Products, Inc

    We started Worthington Products in 2001 because we loved dams and hydroelectric power plants. We`ve since grown to become the World`s most trusted, ...

  • Olson Engineering Inc.

    Olson Engineering Inc.

    Olson Engineering, Inc. has provided state-of-the-art Structural and Infrastructure NDT Condition Assessment services. The staff of Olson Engineering ...