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Deionized Water equipment for Water and Wastewater

  • Premium

    S&L DI-SEP - Deionization Systems

    Smith & Loveless’s DI-SEP® Deionization Systems come in Separate-Bed and Mixed-Bed configurations. Applications include ultra-pure water, mining and boiler feed water, plus many more. It is a chemical/mechanical process utilized to remove dissolved constituents to enhance a process, to improve equipment operation or for recovery ...

    By Smith & Loveless Inc. based in Lenexa, KANSAS (USA). from Deionization Systems Product line

  • FilterWorks - Twin Bed Deionization Cartridges

    Aries FilterWorks twin bed deionizaton cartridges use ResinTech cation and anion resins in a two bed, layered cartridge. These resins, combined with the cartridge manufacturing of Aries FilterWorks, provide consistent water quality with the backing of a strict quality control program. Standard Twin Bed and High Capacity configurations are ...

    By ARIES Filter Works - A Division of Resintech, Inc based in West Berlin, NEW JERSEY (USA). from Twin Bed Deionization Cartridges Product line

  • Model Series FRP - Plastic Filter Chambers

    Water / deionized water sea water / brackish water industrial liquids / chemicals OEM-reverse osmosis & ultra-fine prefilter. Material: FRP. Performance: 8-320 gpm to 125 psi.

    By Serfilco International Ltd based in Northbrook, ILLINOIS (USA). from Plastic Filter Chambers Product line

  • Deionized Water Rinsing System Resin Replacement Cartridges

    Our resin replacement cartridges are easy to install, taking only 5 minutes to replace. You will receive two 20-inch replacement cartridges which are rated to de-ionize approximately 300 gallons of water. Resin Replacement Cartridges - Includes two 20-replacement cartridges

  • Deionization Systems

    The conductivity of water arise from the ions dissolved in water. This also determines the purity rate of water. Pure water is insulator and does not contain any dissolved substances. But in practice it is not possible to obtain pure water. The term 'deionized water' is used to express water containing the least quantity of ions. Ideal ...

    By Idealwater Treatment Systems based in Y.Dudullu, İstanbul, TURKEY. from Deionization Systems Product line

  • Electrodeionization System

    MEMBRANE has cooperated developing third-generation EDI stacks with a US partner. Our stacks are continuous, without recirculation, simplified units (patent pending) for uninterrupted service. The ideal match to our EDI systems is our OSMODEMI Series (RO demineralization units). Seamless integration allows for continuous production with any feed ...

    By Membrane Srl based in Milano, ITALY. from Electrodeionization System Product line

  • Deionization Systems

    Converts existing RO Systems to ultra-high purity RO/DI Systems Converts existing RO/DI Systems to ultra-high Silica Removal Systems Dyed indicator resins color change to show remaining capacity Clear housing for viewing color change Optimized for post RO use High quality DI water at an economical price Uses standard 10'' cartridges Wall-mount ...

    By SpectraPure Inc. based in Tempe, ARIZONA (USA).

  • CapDI - Model IS Series - Industrial Systems

    Voltea’s IS systems employ a simple, cost effective modular design providing flexibility to align with both your current and future demands. The IS systems feature real-time, remote monitoring and control capability. Our IS systems are used in commercial and industrial applications, from cooling towers to commercial laundries, for water ...

    By Voltea B.V. based in Sassenheim, NETHERLANDS.

  • Model 1316 - Pre-Method

    Method 1316 is used to determine the liquid-solid partitioning of inorganic constituents and non volatile organic constituents at the natural pH of the solid material as a function of liquid-to-solid ratio. The method entails placing a known mass of material in an extraction vessel, adding a prescribed volume of deionized water to the vessel, and ...

    By Remedius, LLC based in Amarillo, TEXAS (USA).

  • Reticle Carbon - Revolutionizes Water Purification

    Reticle’s revolutionary high surface carbon technology offers significant advantage over currently available technologies. Therefore, for most applications, the company’s competition promises to come from other companies developing high surface carbon capacitive deionization related technology. Reticle has identified two companies ...

    By Reticle Inc. based in CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • McMillan - Model U701 - UHP Liquid Flo-Sensor

    McMillan Model U701 UHP FLO-SENSORS will precisely measure flow rates of virtually any fluid as low as 15 mL/minute or as high as 50 L/minute. Repeatable results are achieved by using a patented microturbine flow sensor design. This design, unlike traditional paddlewheel designs, provides accurate flow measurement with no particle generation. ...

    By McMillan Company based in Georgetown, TEXAS (USA). from UHP Liquid Flo-Sensor Product line

  • Polymeric and Inorganic Coagulants

    AQUA+TECH’s coagulant line includes aqueous solutions of polyamines and polyDADMACs, inorganics based on aluminum and iron, as well as blends.  All are supplied either in IBCs, drums or flexi-bags, which fill FCLs. Polyamines are available as transparent, amber-colored, liquids at 50% active material. They have a density of 1.14-1.18 ...

    By AQUA TECH based in Avully, SWITZERLAND.

  • Deionizers (DI) Systems

    Our Deionizers (DI) remove ionized impurities in your water. The Deionization (or demineralization) process uses a combination of filters and ion exchange to remove up to 95% of dissolved minerals. <br/ > Our solutions are built to suit your needs, with a multiport valve or valve nest design, appropriately sized pressure vessels (ranging ...

    By Ultra Clean Water Solutions based in Saint Petersburg, FLORIDA (USA). from Deionizers (DI) Systems Product line

  • Weiss - Color Coded pH Buffers

    All Weiss color coded pH buffers are designed for ready-to-use, immediate identification, ease of reseal and mold controlled for long term pH calibration. All pH buffers are made from high-purity deionized water and ACS reagent chemicals, and weigh chemicals to 4th decimal point. Each lot of these buffers is checked against the buffer solutions ...

    By Weiss Research Inc. based in Houston, TEXAS (USA). from Color Coded pH Buffers Product line

  • Model F93442VOL - Proweigh Filters for Volatiles, 42mm, 100pk

    These filters are washed three times with deionized water, dried at 105C, then furnace treated at 550C to remove any volatile components. They are then weighed to 0.0001g. Each filter is in an individual aluminum pan with the filter weight printed on a Mylar label affixed to the pan. Filter weight and ID number are also printed in code 128 barcode ...

    By Environmental Express - a Cole Parmer Company based in Charleston, SOUTH CAROLINA (USA). from Proweigh Filters for Volatiles, 42mm, 100pk Product line

  • Chemical Processing

    Ethers, Aromatics (Toluene, Paraxylene, Benzene, Orthoxylene), Ethanolamines, Ethylene Glycols for manufacturing plastics, textiles, latex paints, adhesives, etc., Propylene Oxide, Vinyl Monomers, Deionized water, Methanol, used in MTBE, Sodium Tetraborate solutions, Tetrahydrofuran, Alumina catalyst solutions,

    By Aquflow based in Irvine, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Chemical Processing Product line

  • Model CapDI - Water Deionization Technology

    A tunable water deionization technology that is designed to remove dissolved salts from a variety of water sources ranging from tap water and brackish groundwater to industrial process water. CapDI achieves this at a lower economic cost and reduced environmental impact than any other available technology.

    By Voltea B.V. based in Sassenheim, NETHERLANDS.

  • Model EDI Series - Electrodeionization Systems

    Electrodeionization (EDI) Systems remove ions from aqueous streams, typically in conjunction with reverse osmosis (RO) and other purification devices. Our high-quality modules continually produce ultrapure water up to 18.2MW/cm. EDI may be run continuously or intermittently.

    By Pure Aqua, Inc. based in Santa Ana, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Electrodeionization Systems Product line

  • FEDI - Electrodeionization (EDI) Process System

    The Electrodeionization (EDI) process, invented over 20 years ago, is a continuous, chemical-free process that removes ionized and ionizable impurities from the feed water using DC power. EDI is most commonly used to treat Reverse Osmosis (RO); permeate and replace Mixed Bed (MB) ion exchange; producing high purity water of up to 18 M EDI ...

    By QUA Group LLC based in Canonsburg, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Electrodeionization (EDI) Process System Product line

  • Corodex - Deionizer Systems (DI)

    Total removal of total dissolved cat-ions and an-ions. Corodex Deionizer (DI) systems are available to provide a total dissolved solids removal required for boiler, electronics, pharmaceutical or other application which requires high quality water such high quality water. The complete deionization process is automatically controlled via automatic ...

    By Concorde – Corodex Group based in Dubai, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES. from Deionizer Systems (DI) Product line

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