Diatomaceous Filters

Articles & Whitepapers

  • Clarification for vaccines

    Clarification for vaccines

    Clarification for vaccines – the economic and efficient removal of cell debris and negatively charged molecules with FILTRODISC BIO SD and FILTRODISC R2U depth filter modules. The purification of vaccines is a critical step during their complex production process. Cells and cell debris, as well as unwanted contaminants such as host cell proteins (HCPs) and nucleic acids need to be removed, ...

  • Antibiotics Fermentation Broth Clarification

    Antibiotics Fermentation Broth Clarification

    CephalosporinCephalosporin is the second class of β-Lactamase found in nature following by penicillin. Any of various broad-spectrum antibiotics, closely related to the penicillins, which were ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Drain Gauge Lysimeters

    Drain Gauge Lysimeters

    No more deep drain on your pocketbook: The only accurate way to understand the amount of nutrients or chemicals leaching into the groundwater is to directly measure deep drainage. Large, controlled-tension weighing lysimeters are the most accurate way to make this measurement, but the considerable power and funding requirements of a weighing lysimeter plus the complexity of setup and maintenance ...