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  • Press Separators
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    Press Separators

    By ROTARIA Energie- und Umwelttechnik

    The separators treat the digestate stream coming from the digester, providing a solid and a liquid fraction for further use at the digester plant. The liquids can be pumped back into the digester, improving the ...

  • Algae & Duckweed Control Treatment
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    Algae & Duckweed Control Treatment

    By NewTechBio, Inc.

    Completely Eliminate Algae, Duckweed, Sludge and Odors. 100% All Natural Formula Safe for Swimming and Water Sports. Chemical Free Weed Control without the Worry of Exposure to Harsh Toxins. 100% Safe for You, Your ...

  • Liquid Feed Systems
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    Liquid Feed Systems

    By ROTARIA Energie- und Umwelttechnik

    ROTARIA produces feeding systems that have an outstanding record of durability and reliability. The bottom of the feeding system is made of coated, pre-fabricated concrete parts with the feed container sitting on top. ...

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  • JFE Engineering America Inc.

    JFE Engineering America Inc.

    JFE offers advanced systems for waste gasification. Our technology can transform any waste including MSW, RDF, Sludge, Landfill, medical, hazardous ...

  • Sentinel Waste International

    Sentinel Waste International

    Using the experience gained by the principal shareholder of Sentinel in the businesses off Waste Management & Handling, Recycling, Material Handling ...