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Articles & Whitepapers

  • Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) Brine Concentrate Technology

    Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) Brine Concentrate Technology

    Wastewater brine concentrate, resulting from membrane technologies, has proven a new challenge following the implementation of more and more membrane systems for wastewater treatment. Jiarong Technology's brine concentration system further concentrates harmful and toxic brine produced from membrane processing technology. This process is so effective that it can even yield zero liquid ...


  • Food Contact Compliance

    Food Contact Compliance

    Mantec Filtration is pleased to announce that its porous ceramic filter media Coralith and Pyrolith, along with the alumina material used to manufacture ceramic crossflow membranes have been certified for Food Contact Compliance and that the ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Portable Benzene Gas Detector

    Portable Benzene Gas Detector

    The Tiger Select measures benzene selectively by use of a special sensor and a pre-filter tube in front of the PID to remove interfering chemicals present in fuel vapors.  A special mode is provided to measure total aromatics on a continuous basis. The Tiger Select Basic Instrument with 10.0eV Lamp includes: Li-ion Rechargable Battery, Battery Charger & Outlet Adaptor, Rubber Boot, ...