Dissolved Organics Monitoring

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  • WATER TREATMENT Process Pumps

    WATER TREATMENT Process Pumps

    Water flows (1) to the treatment plant from the reservoir or stream through rotating screens (2) to remove large debris.It is then pumped into the plant where alum is added (3) to cause coagulation.After rapid mixing, the water remains in the ...

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  • Process Nanofiltration Membranes

    Process Nanofiltration Membranes

    SnowPure`s ExcellNano process NF membranes are uniquely designed for special industrial process separations. Based on 3-layer chemistry, the thin-film PA microscopic surface is smooth and hydrophilic, so is less fouling than traditional 2-layer membranes. These proprietary aromatic membranes are a selective-rejection chemistry, and are available only from SnowPure.