Domestic Water Filtration

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  • Air Shower

    Air Shower

    Are you looking for air shower china?OverviewWhen people and goods enter the clean area, they need to be blown through the air shower room. The clean air can remove the dust carried of people and goods, and can effectively block or reduce the dust source from entering the clean area. The front and rear doors of the air shower/ cargo showe

  • 6 Surprising sources of chemical exposure

    6 Surprising sources of chemical exposureWe may be careful with that bottle of bleach, can of paint or the ominous bottle of unknown chemical solution found in the basement. But what about everyday ...


  • Water filter/ water Purifiers in Dubai

    ULTRA TEC Water Treatment LLC, a renowned diversified water treatment company ISO 9001 : 2008 having years’ of excellent products /services experience in the entire U.A.E. We feel immense pleasure in informing you that we have been ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Greywater Treatment System

    Greywater Treatment System

    Recover is a compact, low-maintenance appliance that takes water from showers and baths, and cleans, filters and recycles it to flush toilets. Recover Residential Water Recycling System: Captures Shower water, applies filtration and adds a small amount of chlorine for disinfection to flush toilets.