Domestic Water Treatment Services in USA

  • Residential Testing

    Turner Laboratories, Inc. has compiled three (3) easy-to-use, cost-effective, and high quality testing packages to meet the water testing needs of homeowners, private well owners, mortgage companies and real estate agents. Each package includes bottle kit shipping, sampling guidelines, and an easy-to-read report. In order for the analytical test ...

    By Turner Laboratories Inc. based in Tucson, ARIZONA (USA).

  • Residential Services

    This includes changing filters, bringing the salt to your home, and free basic water analysis, water softener installations, water sprinkler systems.

    By Aqua Flow based in Towanda, KANSAS (USA).

  • Residential Water Testing Services

    We provide you with the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your drinking water is free of harmful contaminants. We have developed water testing services that address a variety of residential and homeowner concerns. Whether your water comes from a private well (well water) or from a public water supply (city water), we have water testing ...

    By National Testing Laboratories, Ltd. (NTL) based in Cleveland, OHIO (USA).

  • Residential Water Well Services

    Water supply drilling is only a small fraction of the services we provide. We operate a full-time professional staff, which enables us to provide a higher level of service. Our representatives will be happy to take your calls, discuss your needs, answer questions, provide estimates, and perform site walks. But more importantly, we guarantee your ...

    By Dragin Drilling Inc. based in Wareham, MASSACHUSETTS (USA).

  • Developments Services

    Schooner Bay is currently in the early stages of design for a sustainable, clean-energy way to air condition the buildings in the community. This system, called GeoExchange, will utilize a brackish or brine well-water source as the primary means to reject the heat energy to satisfy the air conditioning requirements of all the buildings. A ...

    By Geo-Energy Services, LLC based in Littleton, COLORADO (USA). from Residential Service line

  • Energy Analysis Services

    MyAccount gives you the tools you need to perform a comprehensive energy analysis of your home. Compare your use with similar homes, track your energy use over time, look at your billing history and discover specific ways to lower your electric bill. Sign up for MyAccount today and find ways to save. Signing up for MyAccount is free and gives you ...

    By NV Energy based in Las Vegas, NEVADA (USA). from Residential Service line

  • Mold Spores

    Mold spores are prevalent in both indoor and outdoor air all the time, in virtually every location on the planet. It is usually harmless until it finds an environment suitable for growth and stagnation. Mold needs oxygen, water and a food source (most materials found in the home are a good food source for mold growth). The most common source of ...

    By RDS Environmental based in Broomfield, COLORADO (USA). from Residential Service line

  • Quality Installation and Project Management

    SolarCity's professional installation teams have extensive experience and will build your system to our high standards. SolarCity has installed thousands of customers across 1,000 building departments. We have numerous NABCEP-certified employees in supervisory positions, the highest certification in the solar industry. We use only the highest ...

    By SolarCity Corporation based in San Mateo, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Residential Service line

  • Asbestos Services

    Asbestos can pose a serious health risk to you and other inhabitants of your dwelling. If your home was built prior to 1978, you could be at risk of exposure to banned asbestos products that were used in many aspects of home construction prior to 1978. RDS Environmental can provide you with information and certified testing and inspection to help ...

    By RDS Environmental based in Broomfield, COLORADO (USA). from Residential Service line

  • Residential Development with Bioretention

    Sunrise Point, Pleasant Hill, Iowa. This 25-acre residential development uses bioretention rather than storm sewers to collect, filter, and regulate storm water run off. Bioretention recognizes that plants and soils can successfully filter pollutants from water—often right at the site—while offering significant aesthetic and ...

    By envirotraxx based in Grimes, IOWA (USA).

  • Low Impact Residential Development

    Danamere Farms, Carlisle, Iowa. The 25-acre Danamere Farms development choose envirotraxx to help plan and monitor its innovative Low Impact Development (LID) comprehensive land plan. LID's goal is to mimic the way a site's hydrologic cycle worked before development by filtering, storing, evaporating, and detaining runoff at it's source, rather ...

    By envirotraxx based in Grimes, IOWA (USA).


    A Home Solar System Can Save You Money.Reduce or eliminate your electric bill – forever!.Fix your energy costs – no more rate hikes.Save money from the day we turn on your system.Save thousands of $$$ over the life of your system.New 2011 government incentives will help pay for your system.Reduce greenhouse gasses and dependence on ...

    By Planet Solar Inc based in Santa Barbara, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Residential

    Go solar for $0 down! Call us today for a FREE consultation. Future Renewable Energy Enterprises is dedicated to customer service. When you choose F.R.E.E. to install a solar power system for your home, you are not just another number on our list of installations. We work with you to develop a cost effective solar solution to fit your budget. With ...

    By Future Renewable Energy Enterprises, LLC (FREE) based in Yardville, NEW JERSEY (USA).

  • Commercial / Residential Wastewater Pumping

    From residential to municipal systems, PWS, LLC provides vacuum services to meet your needs. Rates may be negotiated based on a flat rate or hourly services.

    By Paramount Wastewater Solutions, LLC based in Temple, TEXAS (USA).

  • Engineering Data

    Table 1 relates capacity and pressure drop to standard panel filter sizes over a broad range of operational air flow velocities. Filter banks which are required to operate at face velocities other than those shown may be determined from the Continuity Equation.

    By Pliotron Company of America LLC based in Niagara Falls, NEW YORK (USA). from Commercial & Residential Use Service line

  • Fire Safety

    The Pliotron CR air filter has been approved by Underwriters’ Laboratories, Inc. (Class II). The polyethylene media is self-extinguishing and will not support combustion; that is, should a fire start on the media, the media will melt and extinguish the flame. The flash point of polyethylene is 710 degrees F.

    By Pliotron Company of America LLC based in Niagara Falls, NEW YORK (USA). from Commercial & Residential Use Service line

  • Sanitary and Domestic Uses

    Often overlooked are the water and cost savings achievable in the domestic water usage by commercial and industrial facilities. While water efficiency measures should begin with the highest water use operations such as cooling, cleaning, rinsing, heating, etc., many facilities miss the easy improvements that can be made in domestic water devices ...

    By Water Management, Inc. (WMI) based in Alexandria, VIRGINIA (USA).

  • Commercial/Residential Wastewater Design & Products

    OSSF Design Solutions: At PWS, LLC we realize that many considerations must be evaluated (i.e. waste strength, waste flow, facility/home size and operations/utilization) during the process of designing effective and efficient OSSF (On-Site Sewage Facility) systems. Many planners look at the immediate needs of the client, not considering the desire ...

    By Paramount Wastewater Solutions, LLC based in Temple, TEXAS (USA).

  • Carpet Deodorizing Service

    Now you can reclaim rooms taken over by unpleasant odors just have us apply deodorizer to your carpet after we’ve cleaned it. It eliminates odors at their source, leaving you with the sweet smell of victory. Have a looks clean home, and a smells clean home.

    By Chemtechs based in Scottsdale, ARIZONA (USA). from Residential Services Service line

  • Monitoring Services

    Aquarion performs about 115,000 tests of its water annually at various locations, continually monitoring water from our reservoirs and wells for some 90 different pollutants. We monitor for: Microbial contaminants from septic systems, agriculture and livestock operations, and wildlife. Inorganic contaminants such as salts and metals that can ...

    By Aquarion Water Company based in Monroe, CONNECTICUT (USA).

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