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Drain Protection Applications

  • Premium

    Flowing Waters - Flood Protection solutions for Flow Measurement Protected Area Drainage

    Application: Steel pipeline DN 500. Fully filled. Groundwater without any pollution. Measurement system permanently immersed. due to short calming section.

    By NIVUS GmbH based in Eppingen, GERMANY.

  • Safe Drain ™ Deicing Capture Storm Drain Insert

    Aviation facilities around the world are protected by the Safe Drain™ system, capturing spills, deicing fluid, FOD and contributing a key component of the SPCC plans. No other product is more effective at capturing spills or has been in place longer than the Safe Drain™ System. Have Peace of Mind and compliance with the proven and Patented Safe Drain™ System 100% containment.

    By Safe Drain Stormwater Holdings, Inc based in Oakdale, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Floor Drain Trap Seals for Drain Fly Infiltration

    Drain flies appear in homes, rest rooms of commercial buildings, sewage disposal plants and agricultural facilities that handle moist animal waste. Restaurants, schools and other public buildings may be avoided when drain flies are a nuisance. Bronchial asthma can be caused by inhaling fragments and dust of dead flies. Since these flies originate in filthy conditions, there is the possibility of physical transmission of microbes of human health concern. Drain flies can carry bacteria and other microorganisms from...

    By Green Drains, Inc based in Naples, FLORIDA (USA).

  • Floor Drain Trap Seals for Sewer Gas Infiltration

    Sewer gas is a complex mixture of toxic and nontoxic gases that can be present at varying levels depending upon the source. It is formed during the decay of household and industrial waste. Highly toxic components of sewer gas include hydrogen sulfide and ammonia. Sewer gas also contains methane, carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, and nitrous oxides. In addition, chlorine bleaches, industrial solvents, and gasoline are frequently present in municipal and privately owned sewage treatment systems.

    By Green Drains, Inc based in Naples, FLORIDA (USA).

  • Fat Digestion & Odour Control

    Catering Establishments / Commercial & Institutional Kitchens, Sanitary Systems, Refuse Containers, Carpets, Toilets and Urinals and Treatment Plants.

    By Cleveland Biotech Ltd. based in Cardiff, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Microbial formulations for commercial sector

    Safe, natural MICROCAT microbial products from Bioscience, Inc., are specially formulated to keep commercial kitchens and institutions running smoothly. Composed of a unique combination of specialized, naturally occurring microbes and other ingredients, MICROCAT products can help solve common problems related to the production and preparation of food products.

    By Bioscience, Inc. based in Allentown, PENNSYLVANIA (USA).

  • roads

    The product produced by our firm helps to strengthen the paved surfaces by setting up a separation barrier between subsoil and base, permitting free water to drain quickly, but preventing soils from moving into the base. The fabric adds tensile reinforcement to the pavement permitting heavier wheel loads while substantially reducing maintenance. It also provides a long lasting, better quality surface while allowing a 25 per cent reduction in base course aggregate.

    By Manas Geo Tech India Pvt. Ltd. based in New Delhi, INDIA.

  • Floor Drain Trap Seals for Radon Gas Infiltration

    Radon is an odorless radioactive gas that results from the natural breakdown of uranium in soil. Uranium is present in most of the soil and rock around the world. It is typically concentrated in areas with lots of granite, shale, phosphate and pitchblende.

    By Green Drains, Inc based in Naples, FLORIDA (USA).

  • Top-Quality Plastic and Rubber for Consumer Industry

    High-quality, precisely manufactured plastic and rubber components will have a large impact on the final design, durability, and profitability of a wide range of consumer products. At Clark Rubber & Plastic, we deliver the parts and components you require to meet the needs of the end consumer. Whether you are providing high-end electronics or large home appliances, we can work closely with you to determine the best materials and create the custom parts that lead to lighter, more durable, and more energy...

    By Clark Rubber and Plastic based in OHIO (USA).

  • Road Sweepers for Effects of Incorrect Sweeping

    Approximately, 70% of the dust in the air is created by plying vehicles on the road. Removing this ‘nonpoint source’ pollution, along with the traditional larger debris, has become the newest challenge to sweeping technology. Contaminated air leads to breathing disorders

    By Challenger Sweepers Ltd based in Winnipee, MANITOBA (CANADA).

  • Drain, trap & sewer cleaning solutions for restaurant and hotel industry

    Restaurants, fast food, hotel and other commercial operations with kitchens can experience clogged drains caused by FOG accumulation. These situations always occur at inconvenient times when the kitchen is in full operation and cause serious disruptions. The costs for emergency interventions are considerable. QM Environmental Services offers a range of MICROCAT products that help solve and prevent these plumbing systems from clogging and keep them free flowing and odour free. Developed through the years, MICROCAT...

    By QM Environmental International B.V. based in The Hague, NETHERLANDS.

  • Assembly lubricants for Appliance industry

    Dishwashers, washers and dryers, refrigerators, mixers, blenders, and many other appliances have rubber or soft plastic components such as hoses, O-rings, seals, grommets, plugs and more. The slip resistance of these parts makes assembly difficult. P-80® temporary rubber assembly lubricants significantly reduce friction helping these parts slide easily into place.

    By International Products Corporation based in Burlington, NEW JERSEY (USA).

  • Sustainable microbial products for household & industrial

    Sustainable Retail Private Label Bacteria & Enzyme Solutions. Are you a manufacturer/formulator looking for sustainable, environmentally safe solutions? We can help. BCMbio™ offers a complete line of eco-friendly solutions that are tough enough for industrial cleaning but can be synthesized to handle pet, household, bathroom, garage, and exterior home care.

    By BCMbio, LLC based in Armada, MICHIGAN (USA).

  • Grid for stabilising drains and trenches

    Diamond Grid is perfect for stabilising drains and trenches, protecting them from becoming boggy or being eroded away. Deep drains and trenches are protected by the grids, which support the structure of the drain and allow the water to flow through without washing away the sides of the drain. The grids are also suitable for shallow drains and trenches which are covered with grasses and small plants. The grids support the root structures while still effectively allowing the water to flow through.

    By Diamond Grid Australia Pty Ltd based in Brisbane, AUSTRALIA.

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