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Drain Protection equipment for Water and Wastewater

  • Liquid Drain & Trap Cleaner

    LDT is a ready-to-use concentrate combining live bacteria, stabilized enzymes and biodegradable surfactant that cleans drains and traps of fat, grease, and food residuals. It is safe for all plumbing and leaves sink areas smelling clean and fresh.

    By Roebic Laboratories, Inc. based in Orange, CONNECTICUT (USA). from Liquid Drain & Trap Cleaner Product line

  • Drain Blocker

    Where a fast response to protect a drain is required the SSI Drain Blocker is the ideal option. Made from laminated polyurethane construction, with the underside remaining malleable. This drainblocker is easy to deploy and is completely re-usable. It is also resistant to oils, solvents and most chemicals.


  • Ecoset Space-Efficient Containers

    Made from blow molded high density, high molecular weight polyethylene. Convenient lifting handle is molded in. Large 70mm screw cap opening for easy filling and draining, inline neck drains completely, won´t trap residue. Translucent natural color lets you see what´s in the package. 70mm screw cap not included.

    By BASCO, Inc based in University Park, ILLINOIS (USA).

  • High Velocity Dual-Flow Lube Filters

    Baldwin Filters’ High Velocity Dual-Flow lube filters provide improved engine protection during extended oil drain intervals, high idle time and harsh operating conditions. The patented design of the High Velocity Dual-Flow filters provides maximum filtration, while the heavy-duty construction ensures dependable operation.

    By Baldwin Filters based in Kearney, NEBRASKA (USA). from High Velocity Dual-Flow Lube Filters Product line

  • MBT - Gray Universal Socks

    Universal socks are used to line and protect walkways, drains, and entrances. Choose from various lengths, based on your particular needs. They absorb general fluids, such as oil, water, cutting fluids, glycols, etc.

    By Meltblown Technologies Inc. (MBT) based in Alpharetta, GEORGIA (US) (USA). from Gray Universal Socks Product line

  • Stormwater Drain Guard

    This stormwater drain guard functions as a catch basin that can be inserted into a storm drain to block sediments and other pollutants from entering a water system.

  • Disposable Desiccant Cartridge for Drums

    As liquid is drained out of a drum, air moves in, protecting stored product from moisture. Disposable desiccant cartridge absorbs up to .2 pounds of water vapor, dries air to a dew point of –100º F. Indicator window in cartridge changes from blue to pink when a new cartridge is needed. Dryer Cartridge is filled with calcium sulfate, measures 2 ...

    By BASCO, Inc based in University Park, ILLINOIS (USA).

  • M.M. - Moulded Gratings

    M.M. fibreglass gratings are manufactured according to the injection moulding technology and are produced in a wide variety of sizes in order to provide the ideal solution to the various installation problems. They consist of monolithic panels that are very simple and quick to install.

    By M.M. s.r.l. based in Udine, ITALY.

  • SpillSmart - Drain Seals

    A guaranteed solution to ensuring that no accidental spills enter drains, grates or manholes is to protect these areas with a SpillSmart Drain Seal. Easy to use in emergencies, just place the SpillSmart Drain Seal directly over the drain. Flexible, resists water, oil and most aggressive chemicals. The SpillSmart Drain Seal can be cleaned & ...

    By Envirosmart based in Queensland, AUSTRALIA. from Drain Seals Product line

  • IMBIBER BEADS - Sand/Bead Blend

    IMBIBER BEADS Sand/Bead Blend is ideal for sealing ditch areas and preventing further penetration of hydrocarbons (oil, gasoline, diesel, brake fluid, transmission fluid) into soil. Additionally, this absorption product can be used to dike spills on hard surfaces and protect drains and sewers from becoming contaminated. For ease of transport, ...

    By Imbibitive Technologies America, Inc. based in Newark, DELAWARE (USA). from Sand/Bead Blend Product line

  • X Tex Material

    X Tex is an economical filtering material that is made from recycled synthetic fibers, and is used in various UltraTech products such as drain guards, filters, and more.

    By Erosion Pollution | GEI Works, Inc. (Granite Environmental, Inc.) based in Sebastian, FLORIDA (USA). from X Tex Material Product line

  • Green Drains - Model GD2 - 2” Floor Drain Trap Seals

    A product designed to solve problems of odor, pests and sewage buildup often seen in other commercial and industrial floor drains.

    By Green Drains, Inc based in Naples, FLORIDA (USA).

  • Green Drains - Model GD4 - 4” Floor Drain Trap Seals

    A product designed to solve problems of odor, pests and sewage buildup often seen in other commercial and industrial floor drains.

    By Green Drains, Inc based in Naples, FLORIDA (USA).

  • Green Drains - Model GD5 - 5” Floor Drain Trap Seals

    A product designed to solve problems of odor, pests and sewage buildup often seen in other commercial and industrial floor drains.

    By Green Drains, Inc based in Naples, FLORIDA (USA).

  • UltraTech - Drain Guard

    The Ultra-Drain Guard is engineered to filter stormwater waste before it becomes a problem in the water system. As a storm drain filter, it removes contaminants like litter, sand, and oil from stormwater flow. It’s geotextile fabric and easy installation makes it ideal for industrial facilities, construction sites, and parking lots where ...

    By UltraTech International, Inc. based in Jacksonville, FLORIDA (USA). from Drain Guard Product line

  • Safe Drain™ - For Muncipalities System

    Safe Drain™ protects city fueling stations, equipment, and bus yards for local governments throughout the United States. A proven and effective tool in capturing unwanted discharges and spills with 100% effectiveness while keeping your city yards in compliance with EPA and SPCC standards.

    By Safe Drain Stormwater Holdings, Inc based in Oakdale, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Müller - MU-Stopping Test Bladders

    These are principally stopping bladders, fitted with an additional by-pass, thus increasing their application field. Examples of this include drain blocking, drain diversion, for necessary repair work, and seal testing, conforming to European regulations, using either air or water, as testing substance.

    By Müller Umwelttechnik GmbH & Co KG based in Schieder-Schwalenberg, GERMANY. from MU-Stopping Test Bladders Product line

  • Red Alert - Model OIL810 - Drain Protector

    This DrainProtector is red in color and, unlike the Original DrainProtector,™ it’s reversible. Either side can be used to form a tight seal to block out liquids. The lighter weight makes it easier to respond in an emergency and is less expensive.

    By Chemtex, Inc. based in Cumberland, RHODE ISLAND (USA). from Drain Protector Product line

  • CHEMTEX - Model OILM7322 - Storm Water Drain Guard

    Storm water drain guard is designed for use in industrial facilities, construction sites and parking lots. Contains an oil-absorbent pillow that removes oils and greases from water flow as it passes through the drain guard. Nonwoven fabric removes dirt, sand and other sediments from storm water. Absorbs up to .87 gallons of oil and holds up to 40 ...

    By Chemtex, Inc. based in Cumberland, RHODE ISLAND (USA). from Storm Water Drain Guard Product line

  • Lubetech - Model 60 x 60 cm - Polyurethane Drain Cover

    Unique, urethane construction allows the pad to deform and seal off most drains — temporarily 'seals' to any smooth surface. A valuable addition to any emergency response plan, spill kit or stormwater management program. Unlike some alternative products, BOTH sides will quickly seal drains - there is no specified 'top' or 'bottom'. Optional ...

    By Multi Enviro based in Vlissingen, NETHERLANDS. from Polyurethane Drain Cover Product line

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