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Dredging Systems equipment for Water and Wastewater

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    Watermaster - Suction Dredging Cutter Pump

    Watermaster’s own state of the art Dredging Cutter Pump is an essential part of the Watermaster concept. Together with the Integrated Watermaster Operating System (IWOS) It enables 50 % to 100 % more effective pumping time compared to traditional machinery. Submersible pump allows working in very shallow waters or even from the dry land. It ...

    By Watermaster - Aquamec Ltd. based in Säkylä, FINLAND. from Suction Dredging Cutter Pump Product line

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    AMS - Bottom Dredges

    Easily sample most types of bottom surfaces. Constructed from stainless steel and powder-coated carbon steel for corrosion resistance. The top of the sampling chamber is screened to allow water flow during deployment and reduce the frontal shock wave that may displace sediment as the dredge contacts the sample surface. A two-way spring-loaded ...

    By Art’s Manufacturing and Supply, Inc. (AMS Inc.) based in American Falls, IDAHO (USA). from Bottom Dredges Product line

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    AMS - Stainless Steel Ekman Dredge

    Spring-loaded! The AMS all stainless steel Ekman dredge is spring-loaded with a messenger that travels down the rope and trips the dredge to close.

    By Art’s Manufacturing and Supply, Inc. (AMS Inc.) based in American Falls, IDAHO (USA). from Stainless Steel Ekman Dredge Product line

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    Watermaster - Model Classic V - Amphibious Multipurpose Dredger

    The truly amphibious Classic V offers an unseen combination of mobility and heavy duty dredging capacity. New Aquamec innovations take Watermaster to a new performance level in soft soil, hard soil and urban dredging. After years of research, development and thorough testing, the Watermaster Classic V is now ready.

    By Watermaster - Aquamec Ltd. based in Säkylä, FINLAND.

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    Watermaster - Backhoe Dredging

    Steady independent anchoring with four stabilizers. The most efficient backhoe dredging depth is 0–4,5 meters. Several attachments available: 600 liter bucket with teeth, 700 liter bucket without teeth, clamshell bucket.

    By Watermaster - Aquamec Ltd. based in Säkylä, FINLAND. from Backhoe Dredging Product line

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    Watermaster - Machinery For Shallow Water Work

    Shallow water work has traditionally been divided between excavators and conventional cutter suction dredgers. Excavators have been used for the more shallow and narrow parts and conventional dredgers for deeper and wider areas.The Watermaster Amphibious Multipurpose Dredger single-handedly covers all shallow water work from dry ground up to the ...

    By Watermaster - Aquamec Ltd. based in Säkylä, FINLAND.

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    AMS - Sand and Silt Dredge

    The AMS 5 lb. sand/silt dredge is a great tool for grab sampling sand or silt.The AMS sand silt dredge is made entirely from 300 series stainless steel. It features a hinged scissor jaw design with a trigger mechanism that holds the sampler open until it contacts the surface to be sampled. Raising the dredge closes the scissor jaws to collect the ...

    By Art’s Manufacturing and Supply, Inc. (AMS Inc.) based in American Falls, IDAHO (USA). from Sand and Silt Dredge Product line

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    Watermaster - Amphibious Multipurpose Dredger

    Watermaster Amphibious Multipurpose Dredger excels alone in the tasks that are conventionally handled with multiple separate machines. With its versatile selection of quickly changeable attachments, the Watermaster can do all shallow water work from dry ground up to the depth of six meters. There are two Watermaster models available: CLASSIC IV ...

    By Watermaster - Aquamec Ltd. based in Säkylä, FINLAND.

  • Damen - Model 450L - DOP Submersible Dredge Pump

    The DOP Submersible dredge pump is directly powered by a hydraulic motor. This results in a compact design and trouble free operation. A wide array of easily exchangeable suction heads is available. This tailors the DOP for any specific dredging job at hand. The DOP submersible dredge pump is fitted out with highly efficient, wear resistant ...

    By Damen Green Solutions - Damen Shipyards Group based in Gorinchem, NETHERLANDS. from DOP Submersible Dredge Pump Product line

  • Cutter Suction Dredger - Model HID-CSD 7525 - China big size cutter suction dredger

    This dredger is designed to operate in offshore and inshore waters and under tropical climate conditions. It is an indispensable equipment for channel dredging, port maintenance, and land reclamation. HID-CSD equipment served more than 40 countries and areas. This cutter suction dredger is designed according to the standard for China ZC ...

    By HID Dredging Equipment Company based in Qingzhou, CHINA.

  • Model Tower - Floating Grab Dredgers

    Our floating grab dredgers type tower are suitable for middle-sized sand and gravel deposits.. The floating grab dredgers type tower consists of a tower framework, which is mounted on a closed pontoon-system. On top of the tower framework a winch in mounted. At the holding and closing ropes of the winch the grab is fixed. The grab can be designed ...

    By Beyer GmbH based in Viernheim, GERMANY. from Floating Grab Dredgers Product line

  • Floating Bucket Ladder Dredgers

    The floating bucket ladder dredger can move lengthwise, crosswise and pivoting, but the working direction is forward.  The downwards inclined bucket ladder is designed as a supporting structure on which an endless and sagging chain with mounted buckets rotates.  The dredging material gets scooped during the rotation of the buckets at the ...

    By Beyer GmbH based in Viernheim, GERMANY. from Floating Bucket Ladder Dredgers Product line

  • Model SGT 450 - Cutter Suction Dredgers

    Key features of Italdraghe dredgers: Up-to-date yet easy to operate. Easy to maintain. Centrally controlled by just one operator. Use of well-known branded components. Spacious, sound-proofed control cabin with 360° vision. Powerful, reliable pumps able to discharge over great distances. Spacious engine room with all round access to equipment. ...

    By Italdraghe s.p.a. based in San Giovanni in Marignano, ITALY. from Cutter Suction Dredgers Product line

  • Model SF162 - Marina Master Dredger

    Italdraghe is specialised in the design and production of special purpose dredgers such as Marina Master, able to easily dredge under marinas’ pontoons.

    By Italdraghe s.p.a. based in San Giovanni in Marignano, ITALY. from Marina Master Dredger Product line

  • Model SF 362 - Multifunctional Dredgers

    Italdraghe specialises in the design and production of both standard and customised multifunctional dredgers.

    By Italdraghe s.p.a. based in San Giovanni in Marignano, ITALY. from Multifunctional Dredgers Product line

  • Dredge Yard - Dredge Cutter Heads and Teeth

    Dredge Yard cutter heads are designed and manufactured to meet the most harsh environments of dredging and mining and being able to cut soil of different type of material like slurry, mud, sand, compacted sand, gravel, rocks, and minerals. Dredge Yard cutter teeth are replaceable without damaging the dredge cutter head blades. The blades are ...

    By Dredge Yard based in Dubai, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES.

  • Ekman - Dredges

    This dredge is useful for sampling benthic communities inhabiting soft bottomed aquatic environments. As the dredge is lowered, the hinged upper doors swing open, allowing water to pass through and minimize the shock wave. When the dredge reaches the bottom, a messenger is sent down the line which trips the spring-loaded jaws. The jaws snap shut, ...

    By Halltech Aquatic Research Inc. based in Guelph, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Dredges Product line

  • Dragflow - Model DRT Series - Dredges With Telescopic Boom

    The dredge equipped with a telescopic boom guarantees precision and control. It can be used in operations in which the maintenance of a precise dredging depth is  predetermined. in combination with a powerful monitoring system, allows 'surgical' operations. Perfect examples could be a trade harbours where it is essential to remove a precise ...

    By Dragflow S.r.l. based in Villafranca, ITALY. from Dredges With Telescopic Boom Product line

  • T-T - Model HY - Submersible Dredging Pump

    The HY range of submersible dredging pumps will pump settled slurry, containing solids up to 125mm diameter, and concentration up to 70% by weight of the liquid. Standard submersible pumps can have a problem in handling solids which settle at the bottom of the sump or tank, and while all the liquid is pumped, the normal intake velocity is ...

    By T-T Pumps Ltd. based in Woore, UNITED KINGDOM. from Submersible Dredging Pump Product line

  • Bell - Model 300 - Cutter Dredgers Pumps

    Bell Dredging Pumps offers a wide range of dredging equipment that is known for their durability, power and multiple options.

    By Bell Dredging Pumps based in 1731 LR, NETHERLANDS. from Cutter Dredgers Pumps Product line

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