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Dredging Systems Equipment

  • Anti-Turbidity Bell for environmental dredging

    The sea sediments can be polluted by metals, hydrocarbons, bacteria, chemical substances which in most cases are toxic, resilient and accumulate as debries. A digging operation without turbidity limitation of the surrounding waters could cause serious damage to the marine ecosystem. This problem has been solved by Dragflow through the addition of ...

    By Dragflow S.r.l. based in Villafranca, ITALY. from Accessories Product line

  • Javeler - Model TO-400 - Submersible Dredge Pump Fleet

    Discharge Diameter: 16”. Standard Motor HP: 400. Depth Range: 0'-650'. Capacity BEP (gpm@head): 8,000@150'. Production (yd3/hr.): 0-800. Power Source: Hydraulic Power Unit (650 HP). Max Soild: 5.5”. Pump Weight: 25,000 lbs.

    By Javeler Marine Services LLC based in New Iberia, LOUISIANA (USA). from Submersible Dredge Pump Fleet Product line

  • MUD CAT - Submersible Robotic Dredge

    LWT has designed this system to allow remote control of the dredging operation with a portable radio system. RADIO REMOTE SENSE controls the functions of speed and direction of the slurry pump, auger and travel, power on/off and the dredging depth.

    By Liquid Waste Technology LLC (LWT LLC) based in New Richmond, WISCONSIN (USA). from Submersible Robotic Dredges Product line

  • Model 3000 - Deep Level Suction Dredger

    The technical basis for our deep suction dredger is the underwater pump – a concept that has been used and further refined by us for more than 15 years. The highlight of this innovation is today's 3000 dredger series with underwater pump. Here the pump and drive are installed on a lowerable ladder structure. The pump, the underwater motor ...

    By Arthur Habermann GmbH & Co. KG based in Witten, GERMANY. from Suction Dredger Product line

  • Dragflow - Model DRH Series - Dredges With Steel Cable

    The dredge with steel cables, for being so user friendly, represents the best solution used in many touristic harbours, they find this machine as the best financial compromise between performance and initial investment. This dredge is built with technology that is suitable also for applications  where deep dredging is needed without ...

    By Dragflow S.r.l. based in Villafranca, ITALY. from Dredges Product line

  • Famouss - Model WN Series - Dredge Pump

    WN series pump is for the domestic rivers and lakes of disrepair, dredging, hydraulic fill work very urgent situation and development of a new type of mud pump. This series of pump is a single-stage single-suction horizontal centrifugal pump, mud pump system is mainly composed of a pump head, gear box, high elastic coupling, marine drive device ...

    By Hebei Famouss Pump Co.,Ltd. based in Shijiazhuang, CHINA. from Dredge Pumps Product line

  • Dragflow - Amphibious Dredges

    High versatility work on land and water. Tracked wheels in cooperation with Laurini (Italy). Wide working area thanks to a strong hydraulic crane. Easy to handle: no winches or propeller needed. Comfortable operator cabin. IVECO or CAT Diesel Power Pack for optimum performance. Modular design for Container or standard Truck transportation.

    By Dragflow S.r.l. based in Villafranca, ITALY. from Dredges Product line

  • Mud Cat - Diesel Powered Auger Dredges

    The Mud Cat Diesel Powered Auger Dredges are available up to 425 HP using quiet, clean burning Tier 3 engines. Operator cabs include air conditioning, air ride seats, electronic controls and easy to read gauges. All Mud Cat dredges can be configured with custom automation for increased productivity.

    By Liquid Waste Technology LLC (LWT LLC) based in New Richmond, WISCONSIN (USA). from Diesel Powered Auger Dredge Product line

  • Dredging Barge Silt Turbidity Curtain

    Our Dredge Barge Silt Curtain is a unique system that allows a turbidity barrier to be mounted to the side of dredging barge providing localized turbidity control. This unique curtain system allows for mechanical clamshell dredging or controlled material placement without the suspended solids concerns.

    By Granite Environmental, Inc based in Sebastian, FLORIDA (USA). from Silt Turbidity Curtain Product line

  • Amphibex - Model 1000 - Excavator System for Shore Lines and Marine Environments

    Conceived for large scale projects, the Amphibex 1000 is renowned by its immense capacity for dredging. Excellent for pumping, it also stands out with superior excavation depth. Its great power allows it to meet the needs of the most demanding production. Its size does not affect its agility and versatility. The amphibious excavator is able to ...

    By Normrock Industries based in Terrebonne, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Amphibex Versatile Dredging Equipment Product line

  • Amphitransport - Model AT300 - Gathering of Marine Plants and Floating Debris

    The Amphitransport AT300 has proven its reliability in transportation operations for dredged materials and the gathering of marine plants and floating debris of all kinds. The Amphitransport AT300 can also be used for underwater construction work. A wide range of optional equipment (dumping bins, roll on / roll off, conveyors, cranes, etc.) allows ...

    By Normrock Industries based in Terrebonne, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Amphibex Versatile Dredging Equipment Product line

  • Model Pontox, Fa. Lafarge (F) - Dredger

    1 dredger 18,5t x 10,5m,customer: Fa. Lafarge,F–40465 Pontonx,handling of gravel,fabr. no. 3680.

    By Kranwerke AG Mannheim based in Mannheim, GERMANY. from Dredger Product line

  • Deep Water Bottom Dredge

    Use this 6ý x 6ý dredge in all types of bottom substrates, except hard packed clays. Two-way mechanism prevents accidental closure while in transit, yet triggers dredge with a spring-loaded release mechanism upon impact with the bottom, eliminating the need for a messenger. Top is covered with stainless steel screening to reduce frontal shock wave ...

    By Forestry Suppliers, Inc. based in Jackson, MISSISSIPPI (USA). from Water Sampling & Sediment Sampling Equipment Product line

  • Electric Dredges

    CDW can help your project cut production costs by switching to an electric dredge. Converting your dredge and booster pumps can save you up to 70% on production costs per year. Electric dredge options also improve your output by nearly 10%, and boost your company's reputation for government contracts.

    By Custom Dredge Works Inc. based in Topeka, KANSAS (USA). from Electric Dredges Product line

  • Watermaster - Suction Dredging Cutter Pump

    Watermaster’s own state of the art Dredging Cutter Pump is an essential part of the Watermaster concept. Together with the Integrated Watermaster Operating System (IWOS) It enables 50 % to 100 % more effective pumping time compared to traditional machinery. Submersible pump allows working in very shallow waters or even from the dry land. It ...

  • Premium

    KC - Ockelman Sledge, Modified

    Made from aluminium. Opening: 30 x 15 cm, located 3 cm above the sea bed. Net bag: Mesh size 1000 µ. Net bag, length: 100 cm. Protection for net bag: Rubber plate. Dimensions: L x W x H: 160 x 570 x 22 cm. Weight: 14 kg.

    By KC-Denmark A/S based in Silkeborg, DENMARK. from Dredges Product line

  • Model 3000 - Plain Suction Dredger

    This type of dredger with its patent-pending lowered pump pontoon opens up a completely new range of performance for bottom dredging operations. Even in the low power range the newly designed 300 series catamaran dredger has greater suction power than the older 350 series dredgers.  The dredging pump, which sits approximately 1 m below the ...

    By Arthur Habermann GmbH & Co. KG based in Witten, GERMANY. from Suction Dredger Product line

  • Mud Cat - Model 2010 - Diesel Driven Auger Dredge

    The Mud Cat™ 2010 provides 22,000 inch-pounds of auger torque for difficult sediment removal applications. This auger dredging system was designed to perform in heavy process and remediation type projects. Lagoon dredging can be achieved at depths up to 20 feet. The 325HP diesel with its hydraulically driven submersible slurry pump is designed ...

    By Liquid Waste Technology LLC (LWT LLC) based in New Richmond, WISCONSIN (USA). from Diesel Powered Auger Dredge Product line

  • Salem-Republic - Dredge Hose

    Salem-Republic's Dredging Hose features 'customized' heavy-duty, wear-resistant constructions employing the finest grades of natural and synthetic rubber and fabric. Produced in hard and soft-wall constructions, S-R's Dredging Hose is quality-based with over 30 years of experience in handmade hose design and manufacturing. S-R engineers and ...

    By Salem Republic Rubber Company based in Sebring, OHIO (USA). from Industrial Hose Product line

  • Cutter Suction Dredger

    Damen offers a wide range of standard stationary Cutter Suction Dredgers that are known for their durability, power and multiple options. All systems on these dredgers are designed for continuous and simultaneous use. Damen dredgers are known for their extremely high output and fuel efficiency. The vessels are dismountable, have an ergonomic ...

    By Damen Dredging Equipment based in NENijkerk, NETHERLANDS.

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