Drinking Water Filtration

Articles & Whitepapers

  • 4 Benefits of Sodium Zeolite Media for Drinking Water Filtration

    4 Benefits of Sodium Zeolite Media for Drinking Water Filtration

    Potable water treatment systems have little room for error after treatment at the risk of public health. Use of treatment systems that effectively target and treat toxic and undesirable contaminants is essential to drinking water production. There are typically four stages in a standard drinking water treatment system process, coagulation/.flocculation, sedimentation/clarification, filtration and ...

  • Project - WTP SO.TRA.EX

    Process: Toveko sand filterApplication: Drinking water producer: back-wash filtrationFlow: 30 m3/hSS out:


  • Statement Regarding H.R. 4236

    Statement Regarding H.R. 4236

    Alexandria, VA –– The International Bottled Water Association (IBWA) and its members support recycling and waste reduction programs in national parks and in communities throughout the United States; however, we oppose efforts to ban ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Chlorine Dioxide System

    Chlorine Dioxide System

    0 – 120 g/h capacity with storage of up to 60 g of chlorine dioxide for peak metering. Max. flow rate at 0.2 ppm ClO2 metering capacity of 600 m3/h. Chlorine dioxide system for production of a chlorine-free chlorine dioxide solution, especially suitable for multiple points of injection. Bello Zon CDLb produces ClO2 discontinuously using the acid/chlorite process with diluted chemicals