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Design Guide and Catalogue 23rd Edition

by Wind & Sun Ltd

The latest edition of our comprehensive Design Guide & Catalogue is now available. There are 112 pages detailing our product range and lots of useful information and advice on setting up different types of wind and solar systems. The cost is £5.00 plus £1.00 UK postage.;

Journal of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene for Development

by IWA Publishing

The Journal of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene for Development is a peer-reviewed journal devoted to the dissemination of high-quality information on the science, policy and practice of drinking-water supply, sanitation and hygiene at local, national and international levels.;

Canadian Water Treatment

by Actual Media

Launched in 2001, Canadian Water Treatment magazine is Canada’s leading water quality improvement magazine and is targeted at the expanding commercial and residential water treatment industry across Canada. Canadian Water Treatment is published six times per year and is distributed to more than 5,000 water quality professionals.;

Water Science & Technology: Water Supply

by IWA Publishing

Water Science and Technology: Water Supply publishes peer-reviewed papers on all aspects of water supply. Subjects covered include: Management of water resources (including reservoirs); Water treatment technologies, including wastewater reuse and recycling; Water distribution systems; Drinking water quality; Water pollutants, characteristics ...;

Pumps & Systems Magazine

by Cahaba Media Group

Pumps & Systems is the voice of the pump and rotating equipment industry. We deliver relevant industry news coverage and powerful technical information to 42,500 BPA-qualified managers, engineers, operators and maintenance professionals around the world.;

Investing in Nanotechnology

by Nanotechnology Now (NN)

Although nanotechnology deals with the very small-the art and science of manipulating and rearranging individual molecules to create useful materials, devices, and systems-its impact on business will be very big. Within a decade, nanotechnology should account for $1 trillion worth of products in the United States alone.;

Journal of Environmental Sciences

by Elsevier BV

The journal is devoted to publish original, peer-reviewed research papers on main aspects of environmental sciences, such as environmental chemistry, environmental biology, ecology, geosciences and environmental physics. Appropriate subjects include basic and applied research on atmospheric, terrestrial and aquatic environments, pollution control ...;

Advances in Water Resources

by Elsevier BV

Advances in Water Resources provides a forum for the presentation of fundamental scientific advances in the understanding of water resources systems. The scope of Advances in Water Resources includes any combination of theoretical, computational, or experimental approaches used to advance fundamental understanding of surface or subsurface water ...;

Modern Power Systems

by Global Trade Media, a trading division of Progressive Media Group

The international monthly magazine Modern Power Systems provides in-depth independent coverage of power plant and transmission and distribution technology. Widely read throughout the world of electricity generation, it specialises in presenting key engineering and commercial developments in an authoritative but accessible style.From advanced power ...;

Multi-channel, full waveform and flexible electrode combination resistivity imaging system

by ZZ Resistivity Imaging Pty. Ltd.

The usual practice of resistivity imaging using standard electrode arrays, such as Schlumberger, Wenner or dipole-dipole, is based on the pseudosection section for ease of interpretation. However, the resistivity inversion technique has been more and more applied for interpretation of electrical resistivity data. With such a technique, it is not ...;

Canadian Municipal Water News & Review

by Canadian Water and Wastewater Association (CWWA)

The transfer of in-depth information between the regions of Canada is not well served by most communication mechanisms and CWWA hopes that this biannual magazine will help fill the gap. We also note that many CWWA members are undertaking research projects or developing new management tools and approaches that would be of interest to other ...;

Ecological Modelling

by Elsevier BV

The journal is concerned with the use of mathematical models and systems analysis for the description of ecosystems and for the control of environmental pollution and management of resources. It combines mathematical modelling, systems analysis, thermodynamics and computer techniques with ecology and management of the environment and its natural ...;

Scale model investigations of the Applied Potential method for crosshole delineation of a conductor

by ZZ Resistivity Imaging Pty. Ltd.

The Applied Potential method finds important application in mineral exploration. To better understand the detection and delineation capabilities of the technique, especially where (conductive) mineralisation is discontinuous, we have carried out a series of laboratory experiments using a 3D tank model system. Crosshole electric measurements were ...;

Regional Environmental Change

by Springer

Regional Environmental Change focuses on the interactions between human and natural systems at the regional level, within the context of global change, vulnerability, and sustainable development. Regions considered may be at any appropriate scale and may differ widely, provided they are defined in a consistent way. They may include natural regions ...;

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