Effluent Contaminants

Articles & Whitepapers

  • Innovative technology for stormwater treatment - Case Study

    Columbus, GA Weracoba Creek Stormwater Treatment 10 MGD Filter Capacity 2 MGD UV Capacity Operation Since 2007 Protect and Improve The Columbus Water Works of Columbus, GA, implemented a stormwater treatment system to protect the downstream public health and improve aquatic biology in the city’s Premier Park. This fa


Equipment & Solutions

  • Carrousel Oxidation Ditch System

    Carrousel Oxidation Ditch System

    Through the use of PLCs, HMIs, instrumentation, and programming based on our 30-year old installed base, the Oculus™ system reduces effluent ammonia, nitrate, total nitrogen, total phosphorus nutrients and energy usage in Carrousel® systems to the limits of technology. Effluent TN of Lessthen 3 mg/L and effluent TP