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  • Acrylonitrile Tower Cleaning & Degassing - Case History

    Background:A chemical plant had an Acrylonitrile Tower that was plugged with crystallized acrylonitrile. There were also "chunks" of this material throughout the tower.Additionally, 4-5 inches of sludge material was at the bottom of the tower.An Industrial Services Company was required to remove these "chunks", as well as to remove all traces of acrylonitrile

  • Recovery of phenyl acetic acid - Case Study

    Customer: A leading pharmaceutical company. Location: Western India Tower Name: Extraction Column. Tower Diameter: 700 mm. 4 Packed Beds of 3m height. Mass Transfer Equipment: Medal-Pak tower ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Smart Package Wastewater Solutions

    Smart Package Wastewater Solutions

    Aspiral is a smart wastewater treatment solution that packages our innovative MABR technology in standard shipping containers. This modular solution reduces energy usage for aeration by up to 90% compared to conventional methods. Aspiral is an ideal solution for small- to medium-sized plants serving small towns, villages, residential communities, resorts, hotels, commercial complexes, and more. ...