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  • Food Grade Glass Lined Steel Potable water Tanks

    Our glass-lined steel potable water tanks are food-grade, its engineering design meets or exceed to AWWA, FDA, LFGB, ISO and most international standards to ensure safe storage of potable water. Glass-lined steel potable water stored by our potable water tank is safe for human consumption. Our glass-lined steel potable water tanks range from a capacity of ...

  • glass fused to steel tanks

    After firing at 820°C-930°C high temperature, the molten glass reacts with the steel plate surface to form an inert and inorganic bond, which combines the strength and flexibility of steel ...


  • Sludge Blanket Monitoring Made Easy!

    Sludge Blanket Monitoring Made Easy!

    At Partech we understand the need for simple, low cost methods for sludge blanket monitoring in a wide variety of settlement tanks. It its important to have reliable detection in order to de-sludge tanks at the most beneficial time, reducing costs ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Atara – Static Aerator

    Atara – Static Aerator

    Premier Tech Aqua’s Aerated Lagoon process uses artificial earth lagoons to treat wastewater naturally, using bacteria, light, and algae to restore acceptable levels of organic matter. Our system uses the static ATARA concept (energy savings) and operates at low cost.