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  • Battery Backup Electric Actuators
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    Battery Backup Electric Actuators

    By Rotork plc

    For applications requiring operation in the event of loss of mains electrical supply, IQT, IQTM and IQTF* are available with internal battery** or connection to an externally supplied 24 VDC supply. Actuators can be ...

  • Multi-Turn Direct Current Electric Actuators
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    Multi-Turn Direct Current Electric Actuators

    By Rotork plc

    DC powered versions of IQ actuators. Voltage rangesavailable are 24, 48 and 110 VDC.Direct torque output range 11 to 305 Nm (8 to 225 lbf.ft).With second stage gearboxes, output torque up to 1,500 Nm(1,106 lbf.ft) and ...

  • Full-Turn Electric Modulating Actuators
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    Full-Turn Electric Modulating Actuators

    By Rotork plc

    IQTF 1-phase, 3-phase and DC electric modulating actuators are capable of multi-turn, rising output, linear output and direct rotary output. Includes special fast switching control inputs for hardwired control. ...

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  • SIPOS Aktorik GmbH

    SIPOS Aktorik GmbH

    SIPOS Aktorik is a manufacturer of electric actuators. End of 1999, the `Electric Actuators` subdivision was outsourced by Siemens AG with all its ...

  • Bularmex-IK


    Bularmex-IK is equipped with all required machines, test stands for control, specialized tools and appliances, necessary for the production and ...

  • C & M Electric Actuators

    C & M Electric Actuators

    C&M Electric Actuators is specialized in Electric Actuators which is widely connected with Butterfly Valves, Ball Valves, Check Valves,…,and ...

  • ProMation Engineering, Inc.

    ProMation Engineering, Inc.

    ProMation Engineering, located in Brooksville, Florida, designs, engineers, and distributes high quality industrial electric quarter-turn actuators ...

  • Valvulas Jola

    Valvulas Jola

    VALVULAS JOLA designs and manufactures different types of valves for high temperatures since 1983; when we started our activity. Our valves are ...