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    Natural Organic Matter in Water

    An essential resource containing the latest breakthroughs in the characterization, treatment and removal of Natural Organic Matter (NOM) from ...

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    Electrochemistry for the Environment

    The book starts with the fundamentals of environmental electrochemistry, introducing the basic techniques in selecting and fabricating electrode ...

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    Flotation Technology

    The Handbook of Environmental Engineering series is an incredible collection of methodologies that study the effects of pollution and waste in their ...

Companies & Suppliers

  • Powell Water Systems, Inc.

    Powell Water Systems, Inc.

    Powell Water Systems, Inc. was formed by Scott Wade Powell to develop and market a functional operating water treatment system utilizing ...

  • Bosque Systems, LLC

    Bosque Systems, LLC

    Bosque Systems, LLC, a diversified water management company, provides water management solutions for the natural gas industry. The company provides ...

  • Intereco S.n.c.

    Intereco S.n.c.

    INTERECO, founded by Eng. Fulvio Boaglio, since 1978 deals with ecology. INTERECO has become leader in production of belt presses, thanks to EDOM and ...

  • Ecolotron, Inc.

    Ecolotron, Inc.

    Ecolotron, Inc. was incorporated in to resolve heavy metal concerns relative to wastewater recovery and wastewater treatment. Currently Ecolotron is ...

  • Domitran Novitas

    Domitran Novita’s are innovative Composite Engineering and manufacturing company specializes in complete composite solutions. General involved in ...