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Electrocoagulation equipment for Water and Wastewater

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    GWT - Electrocoagulation Water Treatment System

    GWT specialized electrocoagulation water treatment systems have several advantages versus conventional chemical coagulation for drinking water applications. One of the foremost problems faced by the present world is accessibility to clean & safe drinking water. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), nearly 1.1 billion people do not ...

    By Genesis Water Technologies, Inc. based in Maitland, FLORIDA (USA).

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    GWT - Electrocoagulation Process Water Treatment System

    Electrocoagulation is a technology that utilizes an electric current and specific metallic media to effectively coagulate and remove mineral and organic contaminants from a surface water or ground water source. This electrolysis process can effectively destabilize, coagulate and precipitate out contaminants in a single operation. The Genesis Water ...

    By Genesis Water Technologies, Inc. based in Maitland, FLORIDA (USA).

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    GWT - Electrocoagulation Wastewater Reuse Technology

    Electrocoagulation is a specialized coagulation technology utilizing electrical energy. This electrolysis process utilizes methods that precipitate out large quantities of contaminants in a single operation. This Genesis Water Technologies electrocoagulation wastewater treatment technology is the distinct economical and environmental choice for ...

    By Genesis Water Technologies, Inc. based in Maitland, FLORIDA (USA).

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    Intereco - Electrocoagulation System

    INTERECO is introducing a new technology Electrocoagulation to remove as sludge both heavy metals and most organic compounds. It is, at last, the industrial realization of the laboratory theory consisting of having a current pass through wastewater to make the suspended solids and most dissolved salts react as normal flocculated sludge.

    By Intereco S.a.s based in Scalenghe (TO), ITALY. from Electrocoagulation Product line

  • JP-Waterpower - Model EC-1500 - High Voltage Pulse Electrocoagulation Plant

    Input : 380V, 50HZ,  DC output: 48V, 1000A. Power: 48KVA. Pulse frequency : 5KHZ. Voltage/current adjust range: 0-100%.. Output Waveform: impulse square wave. Automatic reverse: automatic reverse time can be setted. The power output completely isolated from the grid. Cooling methode: Forced air cooling. PLC control all components.. ...

    By JP Waterpower Environmental Protection Equipment Co Ltd based in Baoan District, CHINA. from Electrocoagulation Plant Product line

  • Waterneer Electrocoagulation - Electrocoagulation System

    For tough and complex wastewater from Pharma/ dairy/ pig farms/ chicken farms/ textile / tanneries/Hospital /Sewage / food processing industries and that includes Industries where the wastewater can be treated to a quality that can be fed into a UF/RO system for further purification for drinking grade water. EC offers an alternative to the use of ...

    By Waterneer Technologies (India) Pvt. Ltd based in New Delhi, INDIA.

  • Solaft - Wastewater Treatment System

    Removal of suspended solids and emulsified oils is an important issue when aiming to produce healthy and aesthetic water, reduce the costs of waste water discharge and meet discharge regulations. Particles in the final water affect other quality parameters such as microbial stability and disinfection by-products. Micro organisms can be shielded by ...

    By Solaft Filtration Solutions based in Somersby, AUSTRALIA. from Water Treatment Product line

  • P2W - Heavy Metals and Arsenic Removal

    High concentrations of heavy metals are an inevitable and detrimental byproduct of the mining production. P2W guarantees it’s clients to lower the levels of heavy metals and arsenics to regulation approved levels, by both design and operation.

    By P2W Ltd. based in ISRAEL.

  • OriginClear - Model EWS - Electro Water Separation

    OriginClear’s breakthrough water cleanup technology, called Electro Water Separation™ (EWS), is a high-speed, primarily chemical-free process that efficiently extracts highly diluted, nonsoluble suspended contaminants from very large quantities of water.

    By OriginClear Inc. based in Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Model 200 GPM - Portable Electrocoagulation Unit

    The F&T 200.1 Electrocoagulation Production Unit (patent pending) is designed to provide an efficient and effective platform for medium to high flow Electrocoagulation (EC) water treatment applications. This system is designed to control the EC process by allowing the user to control three treatment variables; the retention time or the flow ...

    By F&T Water Solutions based in Largo, FLORIDA (USA).

  • RT-Solutions - Model RT ECO MR - Heavy Metal Removal Plant

    Heavy metal pollution has become one of the most serious problems today. There is the large threat posed by the discharge of toxic heavy metal like Copper, Chromium, Nickel, Lead into the environment through many metal finishing (electroplating) operations like printed circuit board production shops.

    By RT Solutions Pte Ltd based in SINGAPORE. from Waste Water Treatment Product line

  • Global Advantech - Model TDS801 - Electrocoagulation and Advanced Electrochemical Oxidation

    Electrocoagulation is an electrochemical process for the treatment of waste water, effluent, process water, produced water, bilge/ballast water, mine tailings, etc. The process was originally developed in 1906 to treat bilge water from ships, but was never adopted at the time due the lack of legislation concerning marine discharges.

    By Global Advantech Resources Limited based in Westhill, UNITED KINGDOM. from Decontamination Product line

  • Ecotek - Electrocoagulation Plant (EC)

    Electrocoagulation (EC) is our flagship technology, developed in SA Australia by our research and development team. We are very proud to bring this technology to our customers for critical wastewater treatment processes.

    By ECOtek Water Systems based in Monarto South, AUSTRALIA.

  • OilTrap - Electrocoagulation (EC) Technology

    Electrocoagulation, or “EC,” is a wastewater & industrial processed water treatment method. “Electro” refers to applying an electrical charge to water in a controlled environment, and “coagulation” is the process of ionizing then separating the particles in the water. These particles, accepting a positive or ...

    By Oiltrap Environmental Products, Inc. based in Tumwater, WASHINGTON (USA).

  • Model EC1-300A - Electrocoagulation

    Our proprietary EC*Plus Technology, featuring a unique integration of electrocoagulation and polymer injection, results in highly effective treatment of a broad range of waste streams including suspended solids, emulsified oils and heavy metals—all major obstacles for conventional filtration systems—yet at a process flow rate (up to 6 ...

    By Atlantic Chemex Ltd based in Truro, NOVA SCOTIA (CANADA).

  • Model CoAg2-20A - Chemical Treatment System

    The Water Maze CoAg2-20A System is an advanced chemical treatment system, using the method of adding a chemical coagulant and polymer to the treatment process, to efficiently remove suspended solids and emulsified oils from the waste stream. The new Water Maze CoAg2-20A System is a very low maintenance, cost effective system to operate. The ...

  • AMP - Electrocoagulation Systems

    AMP Water Recycling carry a comprehensive range of packaged electrocoagulation systems to suit a variety of industrial waste water treatment solutions.

    By AMP Water Recycling Limited based in Waddingham, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Model 2 - 10 GPM - Portable Pilot System

    The F&T 2 and 10 gpm Portable Pilot Systems (patent pending) are designed to provide an efficient and effective platform for commercial optimization for Electrocoagulation (EC) technologies for field deployment. These Portable Pilot Systems are designed to control the electrocoagulation process by allowing the user to control three variables; ...

    By F&T Water Solutions based in Largo, FLORIDA (USA).

  • RT-Solutions - Model RT Pure D - Stormwater Treatment Systems

    Pollutants on streets can be washed into storm drains and reach our water resources, harming the fish, plants, and wildlife. Stormwater pollutants - sediment, trash and debris, nutrients, TSS, Oil and Grease and metals/ heavy metals are treated and water can be reclaimed using RT Pure pre-engineered stormwater treatment system. RT Pure SWTP ...

    By RT Solutions Pte Ltd based in SINGAPORE. from Sewage Treatment Product line

  • Water Maze - Model EC2-20A - Advanced Electrocoagulation (EC) System

    This is an advanced Electro-coagulation (EC) system for treating wash water and other industrial waste water that contains suspended solids, emulsified oils, and heavy metals. This system combines both EC water treatment technology and chemical tlocculation to enhance and speed up the process of removing constituents from the waste water. The ...

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