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  • Ion-Exchange Membranes
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    Ion-Exchange Membranes

    By SnowPure Water Technologies

    SnowPure’s Excellion™ ion-exchange membranes are uniquely designed for e-coat paints, electrodialysis (ED), electrochemical separations, deionization processes, and are used in SnowPure’s own ...

  • Electrodialysis
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    By SnowPure Water Technologies

    Electrodialysis (ED) is used around the globe in many industrial, laboratory and recycling environments. ED is an industrial membrane separation process in which ions are transported through ion- permeable membranes, ...

  • Membrane Cleaners System
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    Membrane Cleaners System

    By Kurita

    Kurita provides a broad range of membrane cleaners, scale inhibitors and dispersants, for reverse osmosis as well as for ultra- and nano-filtration. High performance solutions for any kind of problems in all membrane ...

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    Osmotic Power: A Primer

    It’s still very early, but interest is growing in technologies to make electricity from osmosis. Osmotic-power technologies capture energy ...

Companies & Suppliers

  • SnowPure Water Technologies

    SnowPure Water Technologies

    SnowPure manufactures and supplies ultrapure water and process membrane components, to be integrated by qualified OEMs in over 70 countries around ...

  • Saltworks Technologies

    Saltworks Technologies

    Saltworks Technologies treats the toughest waters. We deliver innovative solutions that make clean water, concentrate brine, and achieve zero liquid ...

  • PCA GmbH

    PCA GmbH

    PCCell produces electrodialysis cells and systems for desalination of seawater and industrial electrodialysis processes in the food, chemical and ...



    CERAM HYD are a growing clean tech company that has developed a proprietary ionic exchange membrane technology with applications in the field of ...

  • Membranines Technologijos LT

    Membranines Technologijos LT

    JSC Membranines Technologijos LT research and production company specializing in development and production of electromembrane apparatuses and ...