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  • Benz Air Engineering Engineering Steam Efficiency - Case study

    Benz Air Engineering Engineering Steam Efficiency - Case study

    The following is a case study of a tomato processing plant located in Woodland, California. The facility produces canned tomato products. The steam boiler plant provides steam for process loads. The boiler plant contains five high-pressure steam boilers. Our case study is the retrofit for Boiler #6, Trane-Murray, water-tube boiler of 150,000 lb. per hour rated capacity (capacity is limited to ...


  • One Year Integration Milestone

    One Year Integration Milestone

    The demand for membrane chemicals is growing, and the global chemicals market is projected with a growth rate of an estimated 8% annually. Recognizing this market opportunity, Kurita Water Industries, Ltd., a leading water treatment integrated ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Ultrafiltration Water Purification System

    Ultrafiltration Water Purification System

    Genesis Water Technologies provides specialized Ultrafiltration water purification system solutions for process water treatment applications. Based on your feed water source and water analysis, we will evaluate the most effective membrane configuration for your application and recommend an optimal solution to meet your needs and goals. GWT ultrafiltration systems are supplied with specific ...