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Water-Use Efficiency (Fire Water) equipment

  • AquaBlend - Model FT - No - Shear Flocculation Tank Mixing System

    The EnviroMixAquaBlend-FT system provides mixing in water treatment flocculation tanks by firing programmed short bursts of compressed air through engineered patented nozzles. AquaBlend-FT controller air injection valves fire large (e.g., 4'0) gas volumes through a distributed nozzle array located across the tank floor. Compressed air is ...

    By EnviroMix based in Charleston, SOUTH CAROLINA (USA). from Water Product line

  • Multi Column Elevated Storage Tank (LEG)

    Double Ellipsoidal (DE) for 150,000 gallons and smaller or Torus Bottom (TB) for 200,000 gallons and larger. DEFINITION: An elevated welded carbon-steel water storage tank supported by a series of carbon-steel supporting columns and cross braces.

    By Caldwell Tanks, Inc. based in Louisville, KENTUCKY (USA). from Water Tank Types Product line

  • Model Hi-R-Temp - Fuel Fired Boilers

    The HI-R-Temp is a forced circulation coil type hot water boiler in which water circulates through a set of coils. The coils are parallel connected and have a minimum of seven concentric layers. The unique coil design of the Vapor Power unit allows for installation in systems with a very high ∆T, even greater than 100° F. The ...

    By Vapor Power International based in Franklin Park, ILLINOIS (USA). from Hot Water Boilers Product line

  • Cyclone and Scrubber based System for Coal Fired Furnace

    Ducts & Bends : Ducts and Bends are required to convey flue gases from point of suction to the chimney and connect various equipments like Cyclone, Scrubber, ID Fan and Chimney. Their sizes are based on flue gases volume & temperature. A Damper is usually provided at the suction point.

    By Eros Envirotech Private Ltd. based in Ludhiana, INDIA. from Water Pollution Control Device Product line

  • Water Mist Fire Systems

    Water Mist is a versatile and highly efficient fire-fighting medium. What differentiates Water Mist from traditional water based systems is its reduced droplet size. When a droplet of water vaporises, it expands by some 1,600 times. Because heat absorption is a function of surface area and not volume, smaller droplets mean more surface area and ...

    By Gielle based in Altamura (Ba), ITALY. from Fire Protection Systems- Water Fire Suppression Systems Product line

  • Water Spray Deluge Systems

    Gielle’s high performance precision components. Water spray deluge systems are typically used in hazardous environments where fires may spread very quickly or where valuable equipment surrounding the fire needs to be cooled. These systems are designed for use in a variety of special hazard applications. Many types of nozzles may be required ...

    By Gielle based in Altamura (Ba), ITALY. from Fire Protection Systems- Water Fire Suppression Systems Product line

  • Premium

    EmiControls - Model MFT35-H - FT Stands for Firefighting Turbine

    FT stands for Firefighting Turbine which is the versatile EmiControls mist cannon. The turbine is fitted with a nozzle ring which atomizes water and extinguishing foam to form fine particulate matter. This water or water/foam particulate matter is distributed by a propeller. The spray action is variable, ranging from a mist which spreads over a ...

    By EmiControls based in Bolzano, ITALY. from Fire Fighting Product line

  • Water Cooled Grate Systems

    Water cooling makes it possible to use widely differing biofuels – wet or dry – in the same oven. Thus, you can always use the fuel type that is available – or whatever is most economical in the current situation. Water cooling allows you to determine the oven temperature to match the fuel type being used. In other words, you can ...

    By Justsen Energiteknik A/S based in Brabrand, DENMARK.

  • MINIFOG - Water Mist System for Object Protection

    Many applications for fire protection are more effectively addressed by the use of water mist rather than a spray or deluge that uses greater volumes of water. Specially designed MINIFOG nozzles create a very fine droplet size (.15mm) that results in a dramatic increase of water surface. This allows the advantage of a greater and more efficient ...

    By FLAMEX, Inc. based in Greensboro, NORTH CAROLINA (USA). from Other Product line

  • Water Mist Fire Protection

    A water mist system is a fire protection system which uses very fine water sprays (i.e. water mist). The small water droplets allow the water mist to control, suppress or extinguish fires by: cooling both the flame and surrounding gases by evaporation, displacing oxygen by evaporation, attenuating radiant heat by the small droplets themselves. The ...

    By Marioff Corporation based in Vantaa, FINLAND.

  • Nochar - Model E115 - Fire Fighting Gel

    Heat and time are the two elements against which every fire fighter must struggle. Heat, because it promotes fire growth, personal injury and propety damage. Time, because the longer a fire rages out of control, the more difficult it becomes to suppress until it depletes all available fuel. The technology needed is a product that is more effective ...

    By Nochar Inc. based in Indianapolis, INDIANA (USA). from Fire Safety Products Product line

  • Minifog - Model XP - Marine High Pressure Water Mist System

    The special conditions at sea mean that safety is an incredibly important issue for ships. The aim is to prevent any danger to make sure everything runs smoothly on board. And the key safety issue for passenger ships is of course the people on board. Ships are subject to a whole range of fire risks, which means fire protection on board has to be ...

    By Aksis Yangın Söndürme Sistemleri Ltd. Şti. based in Tuzla / İstanbul, TURKEY.

  • Cristanini - Model WJ.FE 300 - Fire Fighting Systems

    WJFE 300 MODULAR is a revolutionary system for drilling  and fire first attack in enclosed spaces. It uses a patented lance with specific system of abrasive and water mixing, placed on the lance itself, which is the result of the most intelligent and sophisticated engineering. WJFE 300 MODULAR is an efficient instrument for drilling/cutting ...

    By Cristanini S.p.A. based in Rivoli Veronese, ITALY. from Fire Fighting Systems Product line

  • DESMI FineFog - Fixed Water Based Fire Fighting System for Local Application

    The DESMI fixed fire fighting system is developed to suppress or extinguish fire at an early stage before releasing the total flooding system as required by SOLAS Ch.II-2/Reg. for ships constructed on and after 1st July 2002. The FineFog water mist has a highly suffocating and cooling effect and with the DESMI FineFog you can ...

    By DESMI A/S based in Noerresundby, DENMARK. from Marine & Offshore Product line

  • Soil-Therm - Model Micro-THERM - Gas-Fired Thermal Oxidizer Systems

    The Micro-THERM is the smallest, most powerful remediation oxidizer system on the market. The footprint is a mere 4 ft by 3.5 ft, which includes everything from the water knockout, knockout pump, control panel, SVE blower, and our patented Jet-THERM ultra low NOx burner. The Micro-THERM is quiet, energy efficient, and has a flow range of 50 - 300 ...

    By Soil-Therm Equipment, Inc. based in Agoura Hills, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Gas-Fired Thermal Systems Product line

  • Model ARSX/ARSH Series - Air Release Valves

    This type of air release valve is adopted to expel 2VOL% deliquescent air in water supply system, and is suitable to be installed at high building, pipeline in plant, small scale pump station and fire-fighting system to protect or improve efficiency of water transportation and save energy.

    By Shanghai Karon Valves Machinery Co. Ltd. based in Shanghai, CHINA. from Air Release Valves Product line

  • Foam/Chemical Fire Suppression System

    American Fire Protection Group provides a turnkey solution for foam/chemical fire suppression systems. This type of fire sprinkler system controls burning flammable liquids and natural gas using a mixture of foam and water. The foam-water mixture cools the fuel surface significantly. It also forms a blanket that prevents oxygen from getting to the ...

    By American Fire Protection Group, Inc.(AFPG) based in Edina, MINNESOTA (USA).

  • Evaporation System

    EVAPORATION system is designed to efficiently evaporate waste waters and remove the settled solids buildup from the evaporator tank bottom. A submerged burner tube fires below the solution level, which achieves 95%+ energy efficiency. The hot gas contact with the liquid creates almost instantaneous vapor while the combustion gasses rapidly mix ...

    By Environmental Recycling Alternatives, Inc. based in High Point, NORTH CAROLINA (USA).

  • Rotfire - Model D 30 - Single Motor Systems

    The system is designed for  rapid intervantion, narrow street  fire fighting application and the places where diffucult to Access. The system consist of water –foam tanks, seperate diesel engine which ensures easy approach to fire efficiently. No need for outer power to operate.  The system can be mobile type and also can be ...

    By Rotfire based in Çiğli İzmir, TURKEY. from High Pressure Firefighting Systems- Single Motor Systems Product line

  • Model Wetrex Series - Wet Dust Collector

    Airex is working on creating the next generation of wet dust collector. Our experienced team of engineers have created a unit that is unsurpassed in quality and offers the highest efficiency rates in the industry. The unique core and polypropylene impinger puts us way ahead of our competitors for maintenance and ease of operation. Because our ...

    By Airex Industries Inc based in Laval, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Wet Dust Collector Product line

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