Fixed Bed Water Treatment

Equipment & Solutions

  • Tubular Block Media For Submerged Fixed Bed Systems
    Showcase Product

    Tubular Block Media For Submerged Fixed Bed Systems

    By Raschig USA Inc.

    Modular media consisting of extruded HDPE. tubes which are heat welded into rugged blocks. Vertical tube orientation resists plugging of biomass. Improved treatment efficiency due to. 3-dimensional openness of media ...

  • Fixed Bed Biofilm Reactor
    Showcase Product

    Fixed Bed Biofilm Reactor

    By Victor Marine Ltd

    Victor Marine’s FBBR Series (Fixed Bed Biofilm Reactor) Biological Sewage Treatment Plant has been developed using the extremely well proven and compact fixed biofilm technology. The system has been approved to ...

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Companies & Suppliers

  • AQUA-bioCarbon GmbH

    AQUA-bioCarbon GmbH

    The main products of AQUA-biocarbon GmbH are: biological waste water treatments active coke fixed bed bioreactor ( ACFBB ) constructed wetlands ...

  • medorex e.K.

    medorex e.K.

    `Medorex` is a small innovative company in Germany. The foremost aim of medorex team is the development of economically simple and user-friendly ...