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Flocculation Equipment

  • Tehnika plast J.B. d.o.o - Pipe Flocculators

    Tehnika plast J.B. d.o.o produce Pipe Flocculators according to the client's request. We are producing equipment for wastewater treatment over 10 years. For all information be free to contact us

    By Tehnika plast J.B. d.o.o. based in Belgrade, SERBIA.

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    EnviroFloc - Flocculants

    EnviroFloc flocculants from Ovivo are available in a large range of both powder and liquid emulsion polymer formulations, including EnviroFloc 3000, 4000 and 5000 formation.

    By Ovivo (Formerly Eimco Water Technologies) based in Salt Lake City, UTAH (USA). from Chemicals Product line

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    Gilufloc - Aluminum Compounds - Inorganic Flocculants and Fixatives

    Polyaluminiumchlorides have been successfully applied since neutral paper making became a standard in industry.

    By Kurita based in Ludwigshafen, GERMANY. from Paper Solutions Technologies Product line

  • Horizontal Paddle Flocculators

    Thru the use of state of the art computer programs, E & I Corporation is able to arrange the most effective configuration of Flocculator(s) to suit your needs. From paddle reel to turbine type, single stage to multi stage, the E & I Corporation Flocculator provides for the most efficient floc formation. Based on years of experience, the ...

    By E & I Corporation based in Westerville, OHIO (USA).

  • Model DAC - N,N-Dimethylaminoethyl Acrylate Methyl Chloride Quaternary

    General: DAC is a highly water-soluble acrylate monomer offering high cationic charge and excellent flocculation and coagulation properties.

    By Anhui Jucheng Fine Chemicals Co., ltd based in Huaibei, CHINA.

  • Model FAS Series - Double Layer Filters

    FAS multilayer filters can retain physical impurities, sand and mud, suspended substances in water, the iron in an oxidised form, which cause water turbidity. If turbidity is also caused by a modest quantity of fine colloidal substances (almost always present in surface watercourses) FAS filters offer excellent performance if used after an 'in ...

    By WTEC srl based in Trani (BT), ITALY. from Filtration Product line

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    Labufloc - Retention Additives & Flocculants

    Our LABUFLOC polymers are additives for the improvement of retention and drainage. Furthermore organic, inorganic and combined products for fiber recovery and sludge dewatering are available.

    By Kurita based in Ludwigshafen, GERMANY. from Paper Solutions Technologies Product line

  • Model RPF - Pipe Flocculators

    The RPF flocculator is characterised by the plug flow principle. The retention time is almost uniform and the mixing energy in the cross-section of the pipe is constant. In this way, all particles in the flocculator are subjected to a completely equal mixing energy.The flocculator features dosing points, followed by a mixing compartment that ...

    By Redox Water Technology B.V. based in Winterswijk, NETHERLANDS.

  • Model FT-Series - Flocculation Tubes

    ETS FT-Series Flocculation (Floc) Tubes are hydraulic flocculators that use the energy of the wastewater flow to mix the wastewater with chemicals, encouraging coagulation and flocculation. Floc tubes are commonly used prior to dissolved air flotation (DAF) systems. The ETS floc tube is constructed from PVC or CPVC pipe, with each unit having pipe ...

    By Environmental Treatment Systems, Inc. based in Acworth, GEORGIA (US) (USA). from Wastewater Systems Product line

  • WST - Coagulants and Flocculants

    WST coagulants and flocculants are formulated to assist in the solids/liquid separation of suspended particles in solution.  Such particles are characteristically very small and the suspended stability of such particles (colloidal complex) is due to both their small size and to the electrical charge between particles.  Conditioning a ...

    By Water Specialists Technologies LLC (WST) based in Sanford, FLORIDA (USA).

  • Physical / Chemical Wastewater Treatment Systems Overall System

    IWWS engineers its waste treatment systems to meet the specific requirements of each industry and customer. Following, are common components of an IWWS waste treatment system. The first component of an IWWS system is your plant process. Your operations, processes conducted, sources of wastewater, space constraints, utilities availability, ...

    By Industrial Waste Water Services, LLC based in Clarkesville, LOUISIANA (USA).

  • Aluminum Sulfate

    Aluminum Sulfate (Alum) is a widely-used and versatile industrial chemical, playing an important role in the production of many essentials seen and used every day in the home and industry. Most of the alum produced today is used in the pulp & paper industry as well as water and wastewater treatment. It is inexpensive and effective for a broad ...

    By Chemtrade based in Toronto, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Water and Wastewater Treatment Product line

  • Aluminum Chlorohydrate (ACH)

    Aluminum chlorohydrate is a specific member of a family of prehydrolyzed inorganic coagulants. ACH has an aluminum oxide (Al2O3) assay of 23-24% and a typical basicity of 83%. Aluminum chlorohydrate (ACH) is one of the workhorses in Chemtrade’s product line and is used widely in a variety of industries to meet multiple application goals. ...

    By Chemtrade based in Toronto, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Water and Wastewater Treatment Product line

  • Himoloc - Model DR Series - Cationic Flocculants

    Cationic flocculants, effective in a wide range of pH, can work alone or in combination with other standard products used in water treatments. Although its use is very common in all kind of water purification and sludge dewatering applications, Himoloc DR Series are especially useful in treatments of effluents where the separation must be made by ...

    By Derypol, S.A. based in Barcelona, SPAIN. from Water Treatment Product line

  • Trufloc - Organic, Water and Oil Based Flocculants

    Wastewater Treatment Polymers. Trufloc is a range of high efficiency aqueous and oil based poly-electrolytes, specifically designed for solid-liquid separation processes within the industrial and municipal wastewater fields. Trufloc is suitable for the treatment of industrial water supplies, urban sewage, wastewater from food and drink ...

    By Atana Limited based in Coalville, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Flocculants

    polyacrylamide (polyelectrolyte), cationic, anionic and nonionic.the application of polyacrylamide is as below:1) Wastewater treatment, both municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants.Municipal Wastewater TreatmentOur products is used in all solid-liquid settlement, separation and sludge dewatering processes (centrifuge, belt press)in ...

  • IMAX - Flocculator

    The IMAX is a powered flocculation treatment device that imparts a unique shearing action to pre-filter slurries and thickener feeds while injecting a very dilute flocculent to the slurry. The result is dramatically improved filtering and settling rates due to very efficient flocculation of the slurry.

    By Peterson Filters Corporation based in Salt Lake City, UTAH (USA).

  • Model F Series - Flocculators

    Flocculators, per their namesake, are designed to provide the mixing action and retention time required to adequately coagulate and flocculate solids in wastewater. FRC takes floc tube design very seriously, as they have a dramatic effect on the separation efficiency of solids in a Dissolved Air Flotation System.

    By FRC Systems International, LLC based in Cumming, GEORGIA (US) (USA).

  • Industrial Waste Water Recycling Plant

    Our industrial wastewater units, collect wastewater thanks to one or several pumping units that we set up in your workplace, along with a piping network and a storage tank placed upstream of our treatment unit. Our wastewater storage tanks have capacities from 500 to 3000L.

    By NISKAE Inc. based in Lachine, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Water Treatment Units Product line

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    PWTech - Model FLOCCSEP - Sewage Treatment System

    The FLOCCSEP process represents a totally new way of managing sewage, resulting in maximum cost savings in conventional equipment and greatly minimized environmental contamination.

    By Process Wastewater Technologies LLC based in Rosedale, NORTH CAROLINA (USA). from CSO/SSO Products Product line

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