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Flocculation equipment for Water and Wastewater

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    AdEdge - Model ADIN - Chemical Feed Systems

    With certain water parameters, an essential aspect of effective treatment is adequate pretreatment of the raw water before reaching the primary treatment system and or post treatment for applications such as potable water. This is a guiding principle behind our integrated treatment solutions.

    By Adedge Water Technologies, LLC based in Buford, GEORGIA (US) (USA). from AdEdge Treatment Products Product line

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    Toro Equipment - Model PAPE Series - Emulsified Polyelectrolyte Preparation Plant

    The Emulsified Polyelectrolyte Preparation Plant (PAPE) of Toro Equipment is an automatic and compact equipment where takes place the maturation-dosage of liquid polymers.

    By Toro Equipment S.L. based in La Cistérniga, SPAIN. from Dosage Equipments Product line

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    Toro Equipment - Lime Silo

    Toro Equipment provides silos for storage of calcium carbonate or other powdered products that are used in water treatment plants to dose  in depurative treatments such as flocculation, correction of the pH and the sludge dewatering.

    By Toro Equipment S.L. based in La Cistérniga, SPAIN. from Dosage Equipments Product line

  • Model MEWTP - Municipal Ecological Water Treatment Plant System

    MEWTP is furnished with a complete ecological water treatment plant with variable water treatment capacity based on customer usage require-ments.

    By JOSAB International AB based in Stockholm, SWEDEN.

  • Model DCI 0.5-18 - Complete Ecological Water Purification System

    DCI 0.5-18 is furnished with a complete ecological water purification system with variable water treatment capacity based on customer usage requirements. The capacity configuration varies from 0.5 m3/h to 18 m3/h in production of purified water from polluted sweat water source.

    By JOSAB International AB based in Stockholm, SWEDEN.

  • Mena Water - Safe Drinking Water Plant

    MENA-Water drinking water plant Alsoqya is a cost effective packaged plant that meets WHO and other international treated water standards. It is easy to operate, consumes less energy and can be delivered in short notice. Alsoqya is a containerized plant that combines all the necessary components for coagulation, flocculation, clarification, ...

    By Mena Water based in Kandel, GERMANY. from Package Solution Product line

  • Lateral Flow - Decant Panels

    Lateral Flow Decant panels offer the ability to remove liquids from a slurry, as the name implies, laterally.  This ability provides for dewatering and thickening to a greater extent than that achieved via mere supernatant removal from the top of a basin.The panels are constructed typically from the stainless Wedgewater media, and can ...

    By Gravity Flow Systems Southwest, Inc. based in Dripping Springs, TEXAS (USA).

  • Sediment Control Equipment

    For control of sediment movement from building sites, Landloch supplies two separate options for the flocculation of suspended sediment in sedimentation ponds. Developed from work with Sunshine Coast Regional Council and using recent New Zealand advances, rainfall activated dosing systems available from Landloch include: Eco-doser unit using ...

    By Landloch Pty Ltd based in Toowoomba, AUSTRALIA.

  • MRI - Flocculation Systems

    Flocculation is the gentle mixing designed to accelerate the rate of particle collision, which causes the agglomeration of electrolytically destabilized colloidal particles into settleable sizes. MRI combines turbine, horizontal, and hydraulic flocculators for maximum pretreatment control. With increasingly stringent regulations and adoption of ...

    By Meurer Research, Inc. (MRI) based in Golden, COLORADO (USA). from Flocculators Product line

  • Himoloc - Model ZW Series - Amphoteric Flocculants

    These are amphoteric flocculants that combine cationic and anionic charge in the same polymeric structure. Their strongpoint is an amazing stability in extreme conditions; their amphoteric nature provides them a great facility in dissolution. Although these products have been recently developed, they are already successfully used in sludge ...

    By Derypol, S.A. based in Barcelona, SPAIN. from Water Treatment Product line

  • Megacell - Model MCH - Horizontal Dissolved Air Flotation Clarifier (DAF)

    Sophisticated, patented technology and use of “U” shaped elements provide maximum flowrate per surface area and flowrate per unit of capital investment.

    By KWI International Environmental Treatment GmbH based in Ferlach, AUSTRIA.

  • Himoloc - Model DR Series - Cationic Flocculants

    Cationic flocculants, effective in a wide range of pH, can work alone or in combination with other standard products used in water treatments. Although its use is very common in all kind of water purification and sludge dewatering applications, Himoloc DR Series are especially useful in treatments of effluents where the separation must be made by ...

    By Derypol, S.A. based in Barcelona, SPAIN. from Water Treatment Product line


    Since coming to market with BCT-CLN, there was a quest to discover and release an all-natural catalyst to use with it. Now, with BCT-CLR, we are able to bring an all-natural flocculent to the market which out-performs synthetic products in most applications.

    By BioConversion Technology based in Ellijay, GEORGIA (US) (USA). from Mined Earth Products Product line

  • Derypol - Model HA89 - Anionic Agent

    Properties: Coagulant with a high anionic charge and an exceptionally low particle size that interacts effectively with cationic and anionic flocculants. Combined with cationic or amphoteric flocculants it generates a Dual System able to improve retention and drainage. It can be dosed directly without previous dilution, or diluted in water for any ...

    By Derypol, S.A. based in Barcelona, SPAIN. from Paper Product line

  • Superpulsator - Clarifier

    The Superpulsator® Clarifier is a solids contact, sludge blanket clarifier capable of removing color, turbidity, and organic material. It precisely integrates the functions of chemical addition, coagulation, flocculation, and solids separation that are required for reliable, consistent clarification. A homogeneous sludge blanket creates ...

    By Degremont Technologies - a subsidiary of Suez Environnement based in Dübendorf, SWITZERLAND. from Infilco Degremont Line Product line

  • Single-Screw Motor Driven Dosing Pump

    The single-screw motor driven pump allows the flocculant dosage on the basis of the necessary flow rate.

    By Fraccaroli & Balzan s.p.a. based in Pescantina, ITALY. from Flocculant Stations Product line

  • Model FT-Series - Flocculation Tubes

    ETS FT-Series Flocculation (Floc) Tubes are hydraulic flocculators that use the energy of the wastewater flow to mix the wastewater with chemicals, encouraging coagulation and flocculation. Floc tubes are commonly used prior to dissolved air flotation (DAF) systems. The ETS floc tube is constructed from PVC or CPVC pipe, with each unit having pipe ...

    By Environmental Treatment Systems, Inc. based in Acworth, GEORGIA (US) (USA). from Wastewater Systems Product line

  • MAGNAFLOC LT - Potable Water Treatment

    MAGNAFLOC LT range of organic coagulants and high molecular weight flocculants used for treating drinking water and in the dewatering of waterworks sludge.  They can be used to replace inorganic coagulants either partially or totally.  They have been approved for drinking water use by the environmental protection agencies of UK and ...

    By CCP Gransden based in Ballygowan, NORTHERN IRELAND. from Flocculation Product line

  • VANEX - Model VX-PAZA - Belt Thickeners

    Belt thickeners are the plants for continuous thickening of different kinds of sludge. A free liquid compound – filtrate is released from sludge being thicken during a technological process of thickening which can be further processed. A recommended layout of VX-PAZA thickener within an overall technological connection scheme.

    By VANEX spol. s r.o. based in Liptovsky Hradok, SLOVAKIA. from Thickeners Product line

  • Agitators

    Coagulation agitators, flocculation agitators, neutralisation agitators, floating agitators.

    By TASK bvba Environmental Engineering based in Heist-op-den-Berg, BELGIUM. from Equipments Product line

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