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    Process Water Recycling Secures Tomorrows Earnings - Brochure

    Do you have waste water in your production which cannot be disposed of into the public sewer system? How do you manage this waste water? Often this waste water is disposed of with specialised waste management companies. This is a straightforward procedure not disturbing the day to day business in the production. However; here big saving possibilities are hidden. When processing this water ...

    By H2O GmbH

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    DESMI FineFog™ - Fixed Water Based Fire Fighting System for Local Application - Brochure

    The DESMI Fixed Fire-Fighting system is developed to suppress or extinguish fire at an early stage before releasing the total flooding system as required by SOLAS Ch.II-2/Reg. for ships constructed on and after 1st July 2002. The FineFogTM water mist has a highly suffocating and cooling effect and with the DESMI FineFogTM you can therefore protect the inflammable objects ...

    By DESMI A/S

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    Water Supply Systems and Evaluation Methods Volume I - Brochure

    Acknowledgment This project was performed by the Society of Fire Protection Engineers (SFPE) and was supported by the Department of Homeland Security’s Science and Technology Directorate and the U.S. Fire Administration (USFA). SFPE is an engineering association for advancing the science and practice of fire protection engineering. Water supply is an important subject to the fire service, ...

    By Superior Tank Co., Inc.

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    Water Supply Systems and Evaluation Methods Volume II- Brochure

    Acknowledgement This project was carried out by the Society of Fire Protection Engineers (SFPE) and was supported by the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS’s) Science and Technology Directorate and the United States Fire Administration (USFA). SFPE is an engineering association for advancing the science and practice of fire protection engineering. Water supply is an important ...

    By Superior Tank Co., Inc.

  • Aqua Dam Water Controlling Water- Brochure

    AQUA DAM is a revolutionary concept that saves valuable timeand labour, and best of all - it really works. Stream diversions,flood control dams, silt barriers, and temporary water storage area few applications of AQUA DAM, an exciting new method ofcontrolling water - with water. Not only is AQUA DAM easy to use,it delivers impressive results at a fraction of the cost ofsandbagging, sheet piling ...

    By Layfield Group Limited

  • Water Stewardship Services Brochure

    Water is vital to almost every business. Decreasing availability, declining quality and growing demand present significant operational implications worldwide. Leading companies evaluate future water needs, risks and opportunities against water availability, and use this information to develop and implement proactive water stewardship ...

    By Antea Group - USA

  • Water Management Program Services- Brochure

    WATER MANAGEMENTWAT E R R E D U C T I O N F O R I N C R E A S E D E F F I C I E N C YA Commitment to SustainabilityFlush water for process equipment is often viewed as an intrinsic process element required for reliable equipment operation. The business consequences of excessive flush water usage range from adverse environmental impact to hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost efficiency per ...

    By A.W. Chesterton Co.

  • Conder - Oil/Water Separators Datasheet

    The Premier Tech aqua range of Conder Bypass Separators are used when it is deemed an acceptable risk to not provide full treatment for high flows, for example where only small spillages occur and the risk of spillage is small. They are designed to treat the first 10% of flow generated by rainfall (6.5mm/hr), and separate Hydrocarbons from this initial flow where the Hydrocarbon content is at its ...

    By Premier Tech Aqua (UK)

  • Navigating Muddy Waters: Securing Investment Returns under Carbon and Water Constraints

    Navigating Muddy Waters:Securing Investment Returnsunder Carbon and WaterConstraints©STORM FOLKE WULF / WWF - CANON Navigating Muddy Waters: Securing Investment Returns under Carbon and Water Constraints page iiAuthorsMalango Mughogho, Sustainable Business Programme Manager, WWF South Africa Graham Sinclair, Principal, SinCo, USA and South AfricaLaura Tyrer, Communications Officer, WWF South ...

    By Trucost Plc

  • H2prO HD Water Management Service Brochure

    The H2prO HD water management service uses environmentally preferred chemistry to treat produced and flowback water in tanks, reserve pits, impoundments, and ponds. This is achieved with a smaller environmental footprint, and with lower power costs and manpower needs than with alternative solutions. Based on proven chlorine dioxide (ClO2) technology, our H2prO HD service neutralizes ...

    By Baker Hughes

  • Underground Storm Water Management System- Brochure

    S a n D i e g o S e a t t l e V a n c o u v e r E d m o n t o n C a l g a r y T o r o n t oThe Atlantis® D-Raintank® (Matrix®) is a modular underground tank system that provides a highly efficient method to manage storm water. The modular design can be used in post development conditions to detain storm water for quantity control, allow for rainwater harvesting, and provide an ...

    By Layfield Group Limited

  • Water Management Brochure (PDF 38 KB)

    watermanagementYou don’t need to drown in data any longer. Managing all of your water requirementsis overwhelming. Between monitoring,inspections, completing DischargeMonitoring Reports (DMRs), and renewingpermits, you need to aggregate waterdata for other important reports, such asForm R and compliance action andsustainability reports. And, you need toensure compliance with the obligationsof ...

    By Enviance, Inc.

  • FlowGuard - Model FWT - Enigma Water Management System - Brochure

    FWT Enigma water management system is designed to deal with the various problems a water system faces. It is designed for waste water, heating systems, chilling systems and drinking water. The FWT Enigma system reduces the problems associated to pipe work and equipment fouling that result in higher energy costs. Correct treatment minimalizes maintenance and the replacement of damaged ...

    By Flow Water Technologies Ltd

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    Environmental Applications Brouchure

    Keeping the water in our lakes, rivers, and streams clean requires monitoring of water quality at many points as it gradually makes its way from its source to our oceans. Over the years ever increasing environmental concerns and regulations have heightened the need for increased diligence and tighter restrictions on wastewater quality. Control of water pollution was once concerned mainly with ...

    By Myron L Company

  • Environmental Engineering Services

    30 Shrewsbury Street | Holden, MA 01520-1843 | p 508.829.6000 | www.aldenlab.comAlden has a team of experienced engineers and scientists that is widely recognized for helping our clients solve flow, operational, design, and environmental problems at cooling water intake structures, hydroelectric stations, and other water resource projects. Services include:Design developmentLaboratory and ...

  • Wasser Berlin International 2017 Brochure

    Messe Berlin GmbH · Messedamm 22 · 14055 Berlin · Germany Telephone +49(0)30/3038-0 · Fax +49(0)30/3038-2325 www.messe-berlin.com · E-mail central@messe-berlin.de p.t.o. 7.13/FC2 WASSER WASSER BERLIN INTERNATIONAL International Trade Fair & Congress - Water and Wastewater Facts & Figures (reference year 2013) Total area (m2) 36,000 Net area (m²) 15,413 Total no. of exhibitors 603 No. ...

    By Messe Berlin GmbH

  • WaBack - Non-Return Valve Brochure

    WaBack is a tried and tested solution to a wide range of flooding problems. The chamber has been on the market since the late 80’S and has been installed in many European countries.Long term use studies reveal that WaBack requires no more maintenancethan an ordinary inspection manhole. WaBack acts as a normal inspection manhole during periods of normal operation. The unique construction ...

    By Wapro AB

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    Total System Services – Columbus, Georgia

    03/05/2007 03:15 PMProject Profiles - Record DetailPage 1 of 2http://…=new&-op=eq&product=Slopetame2&-lop=or&-max=20&-recid=15&-find=Total System Services – Columbus, GeorgiaClick on an image below toenlarge the viewView looking north towardrailroad bridge. Slopetame2was installed from theconcrete walkway down theslope. The rings, grid ...

    By Invisible Structures, Inc.

  • Electromedia - Model III - High Suspended Solids Filtration - Brochure

    High suspended solids are high concentrations of particulate matter that can cause increased sedimentation and siltation in streams or rivers. High suspended solids can come from many sources including natural erosion, runoff, agricultural practices, domestic and industrial wastewater discharge and ...

    By Filtronics, Incorporated

  • Civil Engineering Design Brochure

    Please contact Triad to ask about other services which may not be listedTRIAD Listens, Designs & Deliverswww.triadeng.com CIVIL ENGINEERING DESIGNTriad has a team of professional personnel which provides civil engineering design services in a variety of markets including land planning, site development of residential subdivisions, commercial development, education and healthcare facilities, ...

    By Triad Engineering, Inc.

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