Flood Monitoring Videos

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    Flood Modeling Case Studies

    By XP Solutions

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    Connecting 1D and 2D Domains Video

    In previous 2D Modeling webinars, users have requested more details about the ways 1D and 2D domains can be connected in an integrated 1D/2D Flood ...

    By XP Solutions

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    XPSWMM Tutorial Creating a 1D 2D Model from Scratch Video

    This highly requested webinar by Anthony Kuch, MSc, will appeal to those who want to see how a new 1D/2D flood model is built. You will learn: Minimum data requirements for 2D model How to prepare your data Role of model templates to streamline the workflow How to import different data sets and background layers How to run and verify the 1D model ...

    By XP Solutions

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    Benefits of 2D Flood Modelling Webinar Video

    Find out about the main differences between 1D and 2D flood modelling. In this webinar we highlighted the benefits of 2D modelling using XPSWMM and explain why and when the 2D modelling approach is ...

    By XP Solutions

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    Using CAD and GIS Data to Model Flood Risks Webinar Video

    In this webinar we showed how to use XPSWMM to quickly & easily utilise all of your existing data. We covered how to build a flood model using available data, such as Lidar, CAD, LandXML, MDX, CSV and ...

    By XP Solutions

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    STORM Guardian - Video

    STORM Guardian is an early warning system that mitigates the risk to lives and property from the increasing incidence of high intensity rainfall and flash flooding. It provides SMS text or email alerts as well as real-time data accessible via a dedicated website 24/7, 365 days a ...

    By Casella

  • Geoplast Water Solutions - English - Video

    Water storage systems and waste water treatment systems. Geoplast always finds solutions which respect the environment and restore the hydrological balance. Our products are not only a flood prevention measure, but as they facilitate water infiltration in the subsoil, are also useful to refill the aquifers, which are one of the main water supply sources men usually ...

    By Geoplast US Corp.

  • RENEXPO┬« Water Management: Water management and flood protection

    RENEXPO® Water Management professional conference in the field of water management in Belgrade Franz Georg Unger from the Office of the City of Vienna for water management and flood protection, that the most important thing the capital of Austria gained is the experience gained by timely engagement in flood defences . He underlined that "More than two centuries we are dealing with flood ...

    By REECO GmbH

  • Flood Prevention in India with an IMS Model 7012 HP Versi-Dredge Video

    A Model 7012 HP Versi-Dredge cuts a river channel in India to prevent flooding of a village during the rainy ...

  • Model 7012 HP Versi-Dredge performs flood prevention in the Philippines Video

    A Model 7012 HP Versi-Dredge performs flood prevention, maintenance dredging in the ...

  • Detectronic Sewer Network Monitoring overview Video

    Detectronic - Working in partnership with water companies to reduce flooding and prevent pollution. Smart network monitoring puts you an AMP ahead - are you in the ...

    By Detectronic Ltd

  • Detectronic Limited. Intelligent flow monitoring to prevent flooding and reduce pollution Video

    Sewer Network Monitoring Systems, tailored to meet the needs of the World's water utility companies, flow survey companies and consulting engineers. The most cost-effective and reliable sewerage network moitoring system in use ...

    By Detectronic Ltd

  • Detectronic integrated Smart Network Monitoring reduces flooding and helps prevents pollution Video

    Detectronic’s Operations and Data Centre monitors your sewer network around the clock, with our telemetered systems gathering flow and level data from both our own and third party, monitoring equipment. It screens alarms in near real-time and intelligently analyses new and historical data to detect and predict potentially damaging flooding and pollution incidents, before they cause a ...

    By Detectronic Ltd

  • Detectronic Raingauge in action Video

    This is the rain gauge clip from the main Detectronic 7 minute video which can be viewed on the company's website. The rain gauge is an integral part of the Detectronic Data Monitoring sewer monitoring process, which reduces the potential for flooding and prevents pollution. Please call Detectronic for more ...

    By Detectronic Ltd

  • BCPA1 Advanced Text Notification Device Overview - Video

    On-the-go lifestyle? Frequent power outages? Vacation home? Flooding is the number one most common natural disaster in the USA. Have your plumbing professional install a Blue Angel Advanced Text Notification and receive a text message alert if high water or a power outage is detected. Advanced Text Notification allows the home owner to take action before flooding occurs, avoiding expensive clean ...

    By Blue Angel Pump

  • 2010 SonTek/YSI Discharge Measurement Training- Video

    Here's a brief glimpse in to one of our more recent training events held at the Avi Resort & Casino, in Laughlin, Nevada. The three day session comprised of classroom training in morning, and hands-on field training in the afternoon. Participants learned how to use and analyze data collected with the SonTek/YSI RiverSurveyor S5/M9, multi-frequency acoustic Doppler profiler. The data collected is ...

    By SonTek - A Xylem Brand

  • Citizen`s Service wasserstand.info Video

    Mircotronics uses the know-how of GSM based data transfer for industrial applications also for the citizen's service "wasserstand.info". The citizen's service gives emergency personnel additional lead time and warns citizens via SMS in case of emergency. The early flood warning system is applicable for all bodies of ...

  • KESSEL Backwater Pump - Pumpfix F Komfort Video

    Used widely as a flood protection measure, the system successfully pumps against backwater flow - wastewater is never allowed to build up, even in the presence of backwater. So whether protecting individual drainage fixtures such as sinks, showers and bath tubs or integrating a backwater / anti-flood valve or pump into a floor drain, we can advise and supply the best system to suit your ...

    By Source One Environmental Ltd

  • BSM55 Sump Minder Advanced Notification Battery Back Up Sump Pump System - Video

    This 12 volt back up sump system is both powerful and smart. The DC backup sump pump kicks on when there is a power failure or a problem with the primary AC pump and moves up to 55 GPM. The microprocessor controlled unit continually checks for electrical power and the status of the 12V battery. If there is a problem with either, the autodialer function will call the telephone numbers you've ...

    By Blue Angel Pump

  • Wetlands Supporting Livelihoods In Malawi And Zambia Video

    A film by Wetlands International that shows the importance of wise use of dambos (seasonally flooded grasslands) in Central Southern Africa, for the communities that live around them. In the last two decades, periodic droughts in Zambia and Malawi have rapidly increased, causing alarming seasonal food and fresh water shortages resulting in increased health and economic vulnerability during the ...

    By Wetlands International

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